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Past Presidents

On July 1, 1853, Martin Brewer Anderson became the first president of the University of Rochester, a post he held for 35 years. In the years since, other visionary leaders and scholars have shaped Rochester’s mission to learn, discover, heal, create, and make the world ever better.

Portrait of Dennis O’Brien

Dennis O’Brien

1984-1994 (PRESIDENT)

Portrait of Robert Sproull

Robert Sproull


Portrait of W. Allen Wallis

W. Allen Wallis


Portrait of Cornelis de Kiewiet

Cornelis de Kiewiet

1951-1961 (PRESIDENT)

Portrait of Alan Valentine

Alan Valentine

1935-1950 (PRESIDENT)

Portrait of Benjamin Rush Rhees

Benjamin Rush Rhees

1900-1935 (PRESIDENT)

Portrait of David Jayne Hill

David Jayne Hill

1889-1896 (PRESIDENT)

Portrait of Martin Brewer Anderson

Martin Brewer Anderson

1853-1888 (PRESIDENT)

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