Certificate programs to advance educator careers

Advanced Certificates at the Warner School of Education

The Warner School of Education offers professionals the opportunity to build skills and specialized knowledge through advanced certificate programs that typically include about three courses. These advanced certificate programs do not lead to licensure or certification by New York State, but rather denote a professional specialization and support your professional learning and organization.

Teacher Leadership

Teacher leaders play an increasingly important role in supporting school and district initiatives, yet many enter the position with little to no support or training.  The work of teacher leaders calls for a specialized set of understandings and skills designed to deepen teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, as well as an understanding of adult learning and leadership, while e developing practical skills in mentoring, coaching, designing and evaluating professional development, data analysis, and leading educational change.

Leadership in Disability and Inclusive Practices

Offered by the Center for Disability and Education, this leadership program prepares participants to better serve all students in their schools and act as agents of change to systems or policies that inform the implementation of inclusive practices.  It is ideal for school administrators, school counselors, teacher leaders, or those in the field of human development as a potential pathway to K-12  school leadership. It may also be of interest to those wanting to deepen their knowledge and skillset to better meet the needs of students with disabilities within educational settings.

Health Professions Education

The advanced certificate in health professions education is an innovative, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional program – a collaboration of the University of Rochester Schools of Education, Nursing, and Medicine & Dentistry – designed to healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to leverage their clinical experience and perspectives and to gain education skills, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.  The program is designed to leveraging research and best practices at the intersection of health and education to significantly influence the future of healthcare.

Online Teaching

Even before COVID-19 transformed teaching and learning, the demand for online courses was growing exponentially.  Now educators are eager to learn more about how to create courses and meaningful learning opportunities online or to enhance courses, particularly in higher education, to take advantage of new learning opportunities afforded through technology.  This advanced certificate program is designed to prepare teachers, specialized staff, and instructional leaders who can ensure quality delivery of online and digitally-rich instruction.

Digitally-Rich Teaching and Instructional Technology

K-12 schools around the world are incorporating tablets and other devices into the classroom to transform teaching practices and deliver more engaging, interactive learning.  The advanced certificate in digitally-rich teaching and instructional technology is geared toward K-12 teachers, instructional technology professionals, and school leaders who are enriching their teaching through digitally-rich practices.

Program Evaluation

As schools, colleges and universities, not-for-profit organizations, government entities, even private and public companies, seek to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their projects, policies, and programs, the need for program evaluation specialists continues to increase. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired in our program evaluation program can be applied to a wide range of educational, social services, and business contexts.