Surf and Sun.

Going off of Charlotte’s most recent post, I’ll start this off with a confession. I can’t swim. Never learned how and never went out of my way to be taught. I’m more of a sinker than a swimmer. I like to joke that I’m too dense to swim, but it is really more stubborn than anything at this point.

But I do love to go to the beach. It’s actually one of my favorite activities – grab some friends, a towel, maybe some music or some games, and it’s off to the sun and the sand. Call me up and say that you’re heading to the beach with Can Jam or Ladder Golf and there isn’t much that would prevent me. Although you won’t find me out in the water.

Now, when I think Rochester I’ll admit I don’t think beaches. It isn’t exactly Florida. That said, we are near a wonderful beach on Lake Ontario. It has softball courts, volleyball courts, a great pier, and quite a bit of sand. It’s a ton of fun.

That said, if you’re not a fan of beaches but still want to cool down the next hot summer day, Seabreeze water park is another option. As a kid, I always loved being up and about exploring the world and Seabreeze is certainly worth exploring. Now a days, I’m more content with a slower pace and the lazy river has become a best friend.

In Which A Rite of Passage Is Passaged. Or Rited. Or Something.

Alright, confession time: I don’t know how to drive. I’m (almost) 20, I’ve moved halfway across the country, I can juggle and play water polo and even teach you how to dougie, but driving is notably absent from my skill set.

Shocked? Well, so was my friend Sarah, who immediately offered up her services as driving instructor. I gave an unequivocal no, and explained my dislike of driving: It’s scary, and the mindset that everyone must drive has serious environmental consequences. It also involves lots of tests, which is kind of obnoxious considering I deal with enough of those already. Plus I’m way too broke for a car.

But there’s this thing about Sarah, where she pretty much gets her way (and she had an excellent point that none of those reasons are good enough to justify not learning, in case I ever do need to drive a friend to a hospital or airport, or end up in a situation where driving is necessary to my independence). She had decided that I needed to learn how to drive, and so I did.


Kudos to Sarah for being very patient, even when she learned that I needed to start at the very basics– the “how do I start this thing?” kind of basics. Kudos to Sarah for being calm, while I, on the other hand, felt like hyperventilating. And kudos to Sarah for being an excellent teacher, too, so much so that I ended up driving on a road (a real road!) and stopping at a red light (a real traffic light!) before going through an intersection (a real intersection!) by the end of our first lesson.

Sarah explains parking through the back of her vehicle.
Sarah explains parking through the back of her vehicle.

Sarah is also teaching two others how to drive, and it’s been quite the bonding experience– nothing makes friends like having to trust them with your life as they merge onto the highway for the first time. We also usually stop for dinner after our lessons, which adds to the bonding time and helps us see new parts of the city.

So, altogether, am I glad I agreed to learn? Not that I had much choice, but yes. I’m pretty sure I was stressed enough during our first lesson to shave a couple of years off my lifespan, but there was something nice about asking her what my next turn was and having her reply, “You’re the driver. You tell me.” I think maybe, just maybe, I could get used to that.

A Letchworth Getaway: worth it!

While the city of Rochester offers its residents plenty to do each weekend, a couple of friends and I decided that  we wanted to get away this past weekend and make peace with our inner-Chris McCandlesses (any Into The Wild fans!?)  And we did just that!

Two days and one night spent camping and hiking at Letchworth State Park was the perfect reward for our long weeks stacked with classes, internships, and studying. We embarked early Saturday morning, after a pit stop at Wegman’s, of course, and spent the entirety of our day exploring the falls and enjoying the sun.

According the park personnel that we encountered in our days at Letchworth, “Inspiration Point” was the view not to miss. Although we cheated and drove closer than most before “hiking” there, the view of the higher falls this angle gave us was just as spectacular as we’d hoped.

Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point

It was hard to imagine that we were less than an hour away from U of R’s campus while nestled away in our campsite this weekend, especially after noticing how many stars we could actually see once night fell.  We’ll definitely be back this summer, even if it’s just for the day!

Friends setting off Into The Wild
Friends setting off Into The Wild