University of Rochester
Rochester Summer Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Summer Classes

How do I register?

Step 1: Select your courses.

  • Course Schedule and Course Descriptions are available online at
  • Need help? Email the Office of Summer and Part-time Studies at
  • -OR- Make an appointment with the Office of Summer and Part-time Studies (585) 275-2345 or the College Center for Advising Services (585) 275-2354.

Step 2: Fill out Registration and Financial Statement forms.

These forms are available at the College Center for Advising Services, 312 Lattimore Hall or you can download them from our website.

  • Course numbers, titles, and credits are found in the online Course Schedule (refer to Step 1).
  • The Financial Statement form must be signed or your registration will not be processed.
  • The deadline for course registration is the first day of class for each summer session.

*If this is your first time registering at the UR, leave the ‘Student ID Number’ blank. You’ll have one of those soon. (See ‘Student Identification and Parking.’)

Step 3: Register (by mail or in person).

  • Registration opens April 9th.
  • Register by mail at least 15 business days prior to the start of your class. Enclose full tuition payment and mail registration and financial statement forms to the Registrar’s Office. You may register in person on or before the first day of your class by taking your completed forms and full tuition payment to: Bursar’s Office, 330 Meliora Hall Hours: M, T, R, F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, W 9:30 am - 4:30pm. When you turn in your financial statement and payment, the bursar will stamp your registration form. Take your stamped form to the Registrar’s Office, 127 Lattimore Hall, to finalize the registration.

Please Note: After the first day of your class, ask your instructor to sign the registration form before you submit it.

Step 4: Confirm your registration.

  • Call the Registrar’s Office at (585) 275-8131. Ask for your student ID number and a student UR ACCESS plus PIN. You will then be able to confirm your registration, check your schedule, classroom, professors, and more information online at: Click on ‘UR Access Plus’ to select student access.
  • The University will not send you a copy of your schedule or a confirmation of your registration. You are responsible for confirming registration before the start of your class.

Step 5: Obtain an ID card.

  • Once registered, go to the ID Office, 1st Floor Customer Service Office, Susan B. Anthony Hall.
  • For Summer Hours, visit: or call (585) 275-3975.

Step 6: Obtain a parking sticker.

  • Visit the Parking Office, 109 Fauver Stadium.
  • Please have your license plate number, car registration, and student ID card with you.
  • For Summer Hours, visit or call (585) 275-3983.

How long will it take to process my registration?
Registration forms are processed through the Bursar's Office and the Registrar's Office. If you register by mail, you can expect your registration to be processed in about a week. If you register in person by taking your form to the Bursar's Office AND the Registrar's Office, you can expect your registration to be processed in about 2 business days.

Please Note: The time it will take to process your registration is not guaranteed, only estimated.

What are the deadlines for making registration changes?
The deadline for dropping a course, adding a new course, or changing a course from audit to credit or from credit to audit is before the sixth scheduled class meeting. Courses dropped before the sixth scheduled class meeting will be deleted entirely from the official record. The deadline for withdrawing from a course is the 75% point of the session. Withdrawn courses will appear on the official record noted with a “W.“

2013 Sessions

Deadline for Withdrawal

1st 4-week Session May 20 – June 17

June 10, 2013

2nd 4-week Session July 8 – August 2

July 26, 2013

1st 6-week Session May 20 – June 28

June 20, 2013

2nd 6-week Session July 1 – August 9

July 31, 2013

12-week Session May 20 – August 9

July 23, 2013

Please Note: If you are dropping or withdrawing from a course, please be aware of the dates and deadlines associated with these actions. Tuition Refund amounts are determined by date. See 'How do I drop a course?' for details.

How do I add a course?
To add a course before the 6th scheduled class meeting, you should:

  1. Fill out the registration and financial forms, available in Lattimore 312 or you can download them from our website.
  2. Ask your professor to sign the form.
  3. Take the form to the Bursar’s office with full payment. They will stamp your form.
  4. Take the stamped, signed registration form to the Registrar’s Office, 127 Lattimore Hall.

Adding a course after the sixth scheduled class meeting requires a petition for an exception to The College policy. Please submit your petition, including reasons, in the form of a letter addressed to The Ad Hoc Administrative Committee of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. Mail your petition to:

The Office of Summer and Part-time Studies
University of Rochester
312 Lattimore Hall
P.O. Box 270358
Rochester, NY 14627-0358

How do I drop a course?
Fill out an official Drop/Add form and submit it to the Academic Services counter, 312 Lattimore Hall. Drop/Add forms are available there. The date the form is submitted is the effective date of the registration change.

Please Note: Official withdrawal from a course is the responsibility of the student. Be sure to file a withdrawal request (as noted above). Notice to instructors, telephone calls to offices on campus, or failure to attend classes cannot be considered official notice of intent to withdraw. The amount of tuition refunded is determined by the official date of withdrawal, so be sure to get these forms in as soon as possible!

What is the refund policy for summer courses?
For noncredit and audited courses, tuition refunds are not given once classes start. For credit courses, refunds are adjusted according to the schedule below:

Prior to the first day of classes:................................... 100% reduction
During the first 10% of the session:............................. 90% reduction
Between the 10% and 25% point of the session:........... 50% reduction
Between the 25% and 50% point of the session:........... 25% reduction
After the 50% point of the session:.............................. 0% reduction

Please Note: The University Bursar's Office Refund Schedule is available on our website under 'Resources'. Click on 'Tuition Information', then 'Tuition Refund Schedules'.

Is the Satisfactory/Fail Option available to students taking summer courses?
No. The S/F Option may be used by matriculated students, but only for courses taken during the fall or spring semesters.

Student Identification and Parking

What is my Student ID number?
Your unique 8-digit student ID number is generated the first time you register for a course. Your ID number entitles you to benefits and services around campus; it is recommended you memorize your number or keep your ID card with you at all times.

Do I need an ID card?
Yes. Once you have registered, you will need to obtain a student ID card. The University provides identification cards for all registered students. This card will also serve as your library card and allow you to utilize the services of the Multi Media Center. Please visit the ID Office on the first floor of Susan B. Anthony Hall to obtain your student ID. For hours and additional information, please visit or call (585) 275-3975.

When I register, do I get an email address? Do I need one?
In general, UR email addresses are not available for our part-time students. The email address you provided on your registration form is recorded in your student account and will be used if needed. You do not need a University email address to access any University resources.

What is a NetID? Where can I get one?
Getting a NetID is fast and EASY! Your NetID is the key to a variety of online services available to you at the University of Rochester, including access to the University’s wireless network. Sign up online to get your NetID and create your password. Visit and click ‘Get it Here’.

Where do I park?
Parking permits are required to park on the River Campus between 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. To obtain your parking permit, bring your vehicle registration, license plate number, and student ID card to the Parking Office, 15 Fauver Stadium. Prices vary based on the time of day, lot of choice, and frequency of use. More information on parking permits and hours of operation may be found at or by contacting the Parking Office at (585) 275-3983.

Student Services and Facilities

What are my options for dining on campus this summer?
Please contact Dining Services at 585-275-0171 or at for information regarding summer dining options.

Can I use the athletic facilities?
Summer students are welcome to use the Goergen Athletic Center for an extra fee. For more information please visit or call (585)-275-6277.

Where can I purchase textbooks and other supplies?
The Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the River Campus, located in the Frederick Douglass Building, sells textbooks and materials for your classes. For more information, including hours of operation and online ordering options, please visit

What does the library offer?
The River Campus Libraries offer a world-class research collection – including books, journals, and databases – a wide array of digital media, and a host of services designed to support the needs of students, faculty, and researchers in the 21st century. Rush Rhees Library primarily serves academic departments in the humanities and social sciences and is home to a number of special libraries and collections, including Art/Music Library and the Multimedia Center; the Business and Government Information Library; Rare Books and Special Collections; and the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, which specializes in medieval studies. Carlson Science & Engineering Library, located in the heart of the science and technology quad, supports the needs of faculty and students in the science and engineering disciplines. A separate library in Bausch & Lomb Hall is dedicated to physics, optics and astronomy. For more information, including hours of operation, please visit

Can I use my laptop on campus?
Yes. Many areas on campus are wireless. To access the network, simply log in using your NetID.

What other services are available to me?

The Multi Media Center (MMC) and Educational Technology Center
Current students, faculty, and staff with a current UR ID are eligible to borrow DVDs and videocassettes. The Multimedia Center collection includes DVDs, videocassettes, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs and mixed media materials, i.e. books with an accompanying CD-ROM, video or audiocassette. The Multimedia Center is located in Room G122, ground floor of the Rush Rhees Library. The Educational Technology Center, located in the back of the MMC, loans digital cameras, mini-DV cameras, and super 8 video cameras to current UR students with proper ID. Call 273-1718 to find out their availability.

The IT Center
Located on the ground floor of Rush Rhees Library, it is open from 12pm Sunday until 9pm Friday and 10am-9pm Saturday during the academic year. For Summer Hours please contact the IT Center.
Phone: (585) 275-2000

Audio and video equipment is available to the University community for overnight loan including digital still cameras, digital video cameras (mini-DV format), audiocassette tape recorders, and audio microphones. Laptop computers are available for 3-day loan to the University community.

The Post Office
Located in Todd Union, the Campus Post Office is a privately run station of the United States Postal Service. The USPS contracts the University to sell postage and money orders, as well as handle special service mail such as Express, Certified, Registered, and Insured.

Interfaith Chapel
The Interfaith Chapel is where people come to celebrate their faiths and beliefs. The Chapel is busy with study groups, prayer sessions, and services for a variety of communities. A schedule is available from the Chapel Office by calling (585) 275-4321.

Admissions Information

If I am a non-matriculated student and want to matriculate into a degree program at the University of Rochester, where do I begin?
If you are considering pursuing a degree with the University, call the Admissions Office at (585) 275-3221 and speak with an Admissions Counselor.

Please Note: No more than six courses (24 credit hours) may be transferred to a College degree program by students whose first experience at the UR is as a non-matriculated student.

Special Information for Employees

Benefits Eligibility for UR Employees
To determine what, if any, tuition benefits you are eligible for, please contact the Benefits Office at (585) 275-2084.

What forms do I need?
The Tuition Benefit Waiver is available for download from our website. Please read the information carefully. Fill out the form and have your supervisor sign it, and include it with the regular University Registration and Financial Statement form, also available on our website.

If I decide this course isn’t for me, do I simply stop attending?
You have the option to drop or withdraw from your course by completing the appropriate form with the College Center for Advising Services in Lattimore 312. Please be aware of the dates and deadlines associated with these actions. They are specified on the academic calendar at Also, it is important that you are fully aware of the conditions that accompany your tuition benefit waiver.

In all instances, tuition benefits are contingent upon successful completion of the course and continuation of eligibility for tuition benefits based on employment status with the University. If these criteria are not met, the employee will be responsible for payment of the course and any related fees, i.e., late fees. The approved waiver is only for the courses listed. Any change in courses listed (add/drop/withdrawal), will result in the employee being responsible for payment of the course as stated in the University Bursar’s Office Refund Schedule.

These are spelled out on the first page of the Tuition Benefit Waiver. The University Bursar’s Office Refund Schedule is available for download from the Bursar's website.