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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Resources

What is my Student ID number?

Your Student ID (also known as your University ID) is an eight-digit number used to identify you as a University of Rochester student. Your Student ID number can be found by logging into Student Access (accessible through the student portal at For more information please visit the University IT website. Your ID number entitles you to benefits and services around campus; it is recommended you memorize your number or keep your ID card with you at all times.

Do I need an ID card?

Yes. Once you have registered, you will need to obtain a University of Rochester OneCard. The University of Rochester OneCard identifies you as a University of Rochester student or faculty member and offers access to online accounts at a variety of different locations on campus including libraries, dining centers, bookstores, laundries, copiers, and vending machines. Students, faculty, and staff can also use their cards for door access at the Goergen Athletic Center.

The card is your official University of Rochester identification card.

To begin using your OneCard to make purchases, you must have an account. The University of Rochester URos Account is a general purpose stored-value account that allows OneCard users to purchase a wide variety of goods and services on campus. You must deposit money in your URos Account before you can use it to make purchases.

For more information or to set up your URos Account visit the University of Rochester ID office located in the Customer Service Center in Susan B. Anthony Halls. For more information, visit the OneCard webpage.

When I register, do I get an email address? Do I need one?

In general, UR email addresses are not available for our visiting students. The email address you provided on your registration form is recorded in your student account and will be used if needed. You do not need a University email address to access any University resources.

What is a NetID? Where can I get one?

Your NetID is the key to a variety of online services available to you at the University of Rochester, including access to the University’s wireless network. You are assigned a NetID when you first created a student account. In order to use your NetID, it must first be initialized. To do this, visit the NetID web page.

Can I use my laptop on campus?

Yes. Wireless access is available across all University campuses in academic buildings, residence halls, medical departments, and other spaces. In total, the wireless network provides about 5.5 million square feet of coverage. Instructions for connecting to the University’s wireless network can be found on the IT website.

What other services are available to me?

The IT Center

Located on the ground floor of Rush Rhees Library. For summer hours please contact the IT Center.

Audio and video equipment is available to the University community for overnight loan including digital still cameras, digital video cameras (mini-DV format), audiocassette tape recorders, and audio microphones. Laptop computers are available for three-day loan to the University community.

The Post Office

Located in Todd Union, the Campus Post Office is a privately run station of the United States Postal Service. The USPS contracts the University to sell postage and money orders, as well as handle special service mail such as Express, Certified, Registered, and Insured.

Interfaith Chapel

The Interfaith Chapel is both a place for people to worship in their particular faith tradition and a place where the people of different faith traditions, or no religious tradition at all, may encounter one another in various ways by sharing in dialogue, worship and interfaith education. Our multi-faith community and our interfaith engagements contribute significantly to the rich diversity that is the University of Rochester experience.  For more information, visit the Interfaith Chapel website.