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Selected National Scholarships and Fellowships

Current and Rising Seniors, Recent Alumni, Graduate Students

The fellowship and scholarship programs described below are open to graduating seniors, recent graduates, and early graduate students. This is a selective list. The federal government, foreign governments, and private philanthropic organizations sponsor these award programs; they provide funding based on academic merit and other criteria to support advanced study or research in the U.S. and abroad after completion of the bachelor‘s degree. See the individual programs‘ official websites for complete information on eligibility requirements, application procedures, application forms, and exact filing deadlines. Many sites also include profiles of past winners.

Some of these programs are officially coordinated at UR by the Fellowships Office (Dewey 4-209B, 276-5869) and are overseen by the Director of Fellowships, Belinda Redden (fellowships@rochester.edu); others are handled by the Center for Study Abroad (2-147 Dewey Hall, 275-7532, abroad@mail.rochester.edu). Many programs do not require any formal University involvement, but students are encouraged to seek advisement from the relevant office for these competitions as well.

Programs marked with an asterisk (*) require institutional endorsement of candidates. In these cases, prospective applicants need to first complete the campus Fellowships Preliminary Questionnaire (FPQ), not a specific fellowship application, by the specified spring or fall deadline in order to be considered for University nomination.

A faculty committee selects nominees based on a complete, polished draft of the official fellowship application. The nomination process may also include a campus interview. The campus application deadlines for programs requiring University nomination are much earlier than national deadlines. See the online fellowships calendar for further details.

Please be advised that before we nominate you or endorse your candidacy for a fellowship competition, we will perform a conduct and academic honesty check to confirm that you are in good disciplinary and academic standing. Click here for the release/waiver form; please sign and return to the Fellowships Office.

Please note that the campus application process begins in the junior spring for some senior-year competitions with early fall deadlines, e.g., Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell.

Students interested in any of the fellowships below are encouraged to consult the Director of Fellowships in the Fellowships Office (4-209B Dewey, 276-5869) as early as possible.

The Leonore Annenberg Teaching Fellowship

PLEASE NOTE: This program has been discontinued; see the Foundation's announcement HERE.

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David L. Boren/NSEP (National Security Education Program) Graduate International Fellowship


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* Churchill Scholarship


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* Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award

PLEASE NOTE: This program has been discontinued; see the Foundation's announcement HERE.

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Critical Language Scholarship Program


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DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst / German Academic Exchange Service)


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* †Davis Projects for Peace


Department of Energy Science Graduate Fellowship


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Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship


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* Fulbright U.S. Student Program


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* James C. Gaither (formerly Carnegie) Junior Fellows Program

N.B. In honor of former Carnegie Endowment Chairman of the Board James C. Gaither, the Carnegie Junior Fellows Program will henceforth be known formally as the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program.


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Gates Cambridge Scholarship


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† Glamour's Top Ten College Women Competition


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Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship


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Humane Studies Fellowship


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Humanity in Action Foundation Fellowship


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Samuel Huntington Public Service Award


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Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship


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*The Language Flagship Fellowship

PLEASE NOTE: This program has been discontinued; see the Foundation's announcement HERE.

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James Madison Memorial Junior Fellowship


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* Marshall Scholarship


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Math for America Newton Fellowship Program


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* George J. Mitchell Scholarship

www.us-irelandalliance.org/content/3/en/George Mitchell Scholarship Program | US-Ireland Alliance.html

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National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)


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National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowship in the Physical Sciences


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National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship


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New York Women in Communications, Inc. (NYWICI) Foundation Scholarship


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Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship Program


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* Rhodes Scholarship


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* Saint Andrew's Society of New York Graduate Scholarship


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* Schwarzman Scholars Program


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Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship


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Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans


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Whitaker International Fellowship Program


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The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship


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Additional Information

Please check our website periodically for announcements and updates regarding campus application procedures and deadlines. Look ahead to post graduate awards >

Don't forget to register to take the required graduate admission test(s) early enough so that your scores will be ready by fellowship and graduate-school application deadlines:

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* For seniors, recipients of bachelor's degrees, and currently enrolled first- and second-year graduate students for up to two years of graduate study at a U.S. institution. Must be no more than 30 years old and a permanent resident, naturalized citizen, or child of a parent who is a naturalized citizen.

* 2-year fellowship covering up to $20,000 in graduate tuition and fees, and up to $25,000/year maintenance allowance.

* Selection based on academic achievement and evidence of at least two of the following criteria: creativity, accomplishment, and commitment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in any endeavors. Appropriate graduate aptitude test results (i.e., GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT) required. See scholar profiles online.

* Application includes two essays and also requires two letters of recommendation.

* Prospective candidates are encouraged to seek advisement from the Fellowships Office and should complete the Fellowships Preliminary Questionnaire by August 1st of the year of application. Candidates should also plan to submit a draft of the Soros application essays by early September for feedback

* Application available online; national deadline is usually November 1st.

* 30 Soros Fellows are named each spring.