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In October, alumni of the men's and women's soccer teams returned for a reunion game--and to pose for this "team" photo. Seated (left to right): Shalagh Sullivan Murdock '94, Tracey Bartholomew '94, Martha Winter McKenna '90, '95W (Mas), Assistant Coach Betsy Balling, Megan Hanushek '92, Jean Maksymiak '94, Christine Piciulo Scalzo '86, Molly Hayes '84, Megan MacKenzie '84, Donna Sharp Hritz '85, Tom Schmidt '91, and Kelly Gorman '91. Middle row: Diane Perna '89, Laura Gelina Triou '90, Mary O'Donovan Dix '89, Lisa Caraccilo Anderson '90, Penny Waderich Feuer '90, Cherise Galasso '92, Dave Ehrlich '87, Carl DiMaggio '93, Cheryl Cole '86, '87W (Mas), Scott Lawlor '88, '95S (MBA), Bob Becker '85, Chris Boehning '87, '89 (Mas), and Matt Szymanski '89. Top row: Assistant Coach Jill McCabe '89, Darlene Elia Buenzow '88, Dave Vaccaro '88, Mary Knoll '88, Larry Reynolds '77, Dave Hollis '69, John Braund '53, '61W (Mas), Arlen Snyder '59, '78M (Res), Pete Sciandra '89, Mark Bianchi '89, Tim Healy '89, '91S (MBA), Mike Koster '85, Women's Soccer Coach Terry Gurnett '77, Jack Blake '88, and Men's Soccer Coach Mike Pilger.


Donald H. Brown Jr. (see '91). . . . Jonathan Cohen writes, "I am pleased to announce my engagement to Elyse Wolrich. In August 1996 we bought a house in Canton, Mass. I will receive my M.B.A. from Northeastern University in August 1997." . . . Patricia Dunn is an orthodontist in private practice and lives in suburban Philadelphia. . . . Richard Eades married Jo Ann Leone in August 1995. In April 1996, he was promoted to manager of domestic consumer long distance competitive analysis with AT&T. . . . Julie Bentley Getz '96 (PhD) (see '89). . . . Glenn Goldstein and Ellen Milligan '92 were engaged in April 1996. Glenn is the compliance and disposal manager at Allstate GeoTek Environmental Services Company in New Jersey. The wedding is planned for August 30, 1997. . . . Karen Clary Gross (see '89). . . . Navy Lt. Stephen Grove received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal in October in recognition of outstanding achievement. He recently returned from a six-month deployment to the western Pacific and Indian oceans with Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 139, embarked aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson . . . . Jason Korosec (see '93). . . . Barbara Lawrence writes, "I am an assistant ice hockey coach at beginner hockey clinics in Buffalo. I also play hockey at Skate & Shoot and I help John McFall at Leisure Rink, so I'm busy all year." . . . Thabiti (Earl) Lewis '91 (Mas) is an adjunct English instructor at St. Louis Community College and Harris Stowe State College. He also writes a column for The St. Louis American and spent six months as a radio talk show host in St. Louis. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in English at St. Louis University and expects a collection of essays called Through the Danger Zone, Beyond Survival: Essays of Conflicts and Culture to be published in 1997. . . . Luke Liem is enrolled in the M.B.A. program at Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. . . . Susan Morton sends word via e-mail, "I just started my third year of teaching high school psychology and history in a New Jersey public high school.". . . Walter Polashenski, Jr. (see '91). . . . Tony Schunk reports he lives in Canada, works in Dunkirk, N.Y., as a construction labor cost analyst, and is the proud father of two sons, Spencer, 5, and Kiefer, 1. . . . Michelle Smith writes, "I bought a house with my fiance in Providence, R.I. We will be married on September 27, 1997. Our telephone number is (401) 453-3964 and we would love to hear from anybody. Rachel Lewis, I lost your number in the move, and Leslie Firtell, I lost your address. Please call me!"


Julie Barrie writes "from Washington to give the Review a quick update. I am still living in Georgetown and practicing law at Patton Boggs, L.L.P., which is a quick walk from where I live. Pamela Delp Polashenski married Walter Polashenski, Jr. '90, '93M (MD), now chief resident at Rochester General, in 1993. They have adorable twin girls, Anastasia and Maya Polashenski. Pam is working at the University and finishing her master's degree. Laura Green is currently in Slovakia in the Peace Corps, teaching English and economics." She sends greetings and love to Pam, Lauren, Will Madland, Jennifer Sherry '92, '93W (Mas), and Colleen Farrell '92. . . . Laura Cowing Brown is married to Donald H. Brown Jr. '90. The couple lives in Rochester. . . . Elizabeth Freedman is interested in hearing from alumni in the field of public health. Her e-mail address is . . . Al Klein reports that he moved back home to St. Louis, Mo., after working for Xerox Corporation in Rochester for five years. Klein completed his master's in computer science at R.I.T. and is now working as a computer consultant. . . . Andrew Kustas reports he has accepted a position as New England sales representative for Glengate Apparel. He and his fiancee, Michelle Ward, will be moving to Wolfesboro, N.H., this summer. . . . Celeste Glasgow Melton (see '93). . . . Eric Moses (see '92). . . . Jason Nortillo (see '92). . . . Brian Ossias (see '89). . . . Lawrence Rosenbloom married Melissa Katz on Aug. 11, 1996, in New York City. Rosenbloom writes, "In attendance were fellow 1991 alumni Joe Varlaro, Scott Vogler, Rick Willis and Lisa Rouff (now married), Darrell Henze and Renee Gailucci Henze, Mary Tweedie, and Heather Reinertsen Sommers. Warmest regards to all my fellow classmates. I'll be graduating from Cardozo Law School in June 1997, and working in New York City after graduation." . . . Dave Schlosser (see '92). . . . Howard Silverman (see '92). . . . Sandra Stahlman completed an apprenticeship program at the Chimpanzee and Human Communications Institute in Ellensburg, Wash., with Dr. Roger Fouts and Deborah Fouts. The program involved acquiring chimpanzee care and enrichment skills as well as participating in non-invasive language studies with a family of five chimpanzees who communicate using American Sign Language. . . . Jeff Syrek (see '92).


5TH REUNION, OCTOBER 17-18, 1997

Nicole Black graduated from Albany Law School in 1995 and is now working in Rochester as an assistant public defender for the Monroe County Public Defender's Office. Black writes that Alicia Linares '95M (Mas) is enrolled in the neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver. . . . Deborah Bordynski married Gregory Vangellow '94S (MBA) on May 26, 1996, in Syracuse. Deborah is a dental sales account manager for Procter & Gamble and Gregory is a relationship manager/commercial banking at M&T Bank. They live in Rochester. . . . Tamara Bryant received her master's degree in speech/language pathology from Syracuse University in December 1995. She now lives in Overland Park, Kans., and is working with preschoolers in a county speech clinic. "The big news is that I will be getting married to Rich McMillin on April 19, 1997," she writes. "I also want to say that I miss the Rec Room Crew of '92!" Send her e-mail at . . . Peter Chu '93S (MBA) (see '93). . . . Colleen Farrell (see '91). . . . Kit Goldstein writes, "I've moved to Chapel Hill, N.C., and so far it is great! I'd love to hear from you. E-mail me at" . . . Kristen Hansen is serving one year as an associate liaison in Moscow, Russia, as part of the Central and East European Law Initiative, a public service project of the American Bar Association. Hanson is a graduate of Georgetown Law School. . . . Lori Kessler '93W (Mas) lives in Redondo Beach, Calif., and teaches first grade in South Central Los Angeles. She is also working on a master's degree in counseling. . . . Eric Lambert graduated from Cornell Law School in 1995 and is now working for a small company in Westchester, N.Y. E-mail him at . . . Ann Barron Laughlin is currently on a national tour with the Troika Organization, performing the musical Grease. . . . Navy Lt. Laura E. McGill was named Operations Watch Officer of the Year for 1996 and received a letter of commendation while serving at Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Wash. . . . Ellen Milligan became engaged to Glenn Goldstein '90 in April 1996. Ellen is a third-year law student at Fordham. The wedding is planned for August 30, 1997. . . . Loretta Santilli and Daniel Lang report they are "celebrating the birth of their first child, Alyssandra Mimi Lang, born on Friday the 13th of September 1996." Santilli is bicycle helmet project coordinator for the New York State Department of Health. . . . Jennifer Sherry (see '91). . . . Zita Sidas reports she is still working at ABC as a systems engineer. One of the biggest productions she worked on was the 1996 primaries and election. The election data came from the SANDBOX (Sports and News Database) that she and the computer systems engineers built in time for the primaries. This year, she was invited to the technical Emmys awards program in New York City. She also sends in lots of news about fellow alumni: Jason Nortillo '91 and Julie McCormick were married on April 20, 1996, in Short Hills, N.J. Members of the wedding party included Eric Moses '91, Usha Shastry, Sidas, and Howard Silverman '91. The following alums were guests: Katy Bayard '94, Kim Callahan '93, Laura Kogan '93, Dave Schlosser '91, Jeff Syrek '91, Jerry Tischner '93, and Anna Zacher '94. The Nortillos have relocated from Hong Kong to Taiwan, where they both work for DEC. Christine Hilow has moved from Hermosa Beach to the Strand on Manhattan Beach, Calif. She still works at Xerox and is working on her M.S. in computer engineering at the University of Southern California. Last summer Hilow took a trip out to Boston for a mini-reunion with Usha Shastry, Elizabeth Cogliano, Paul Benning, John Wortman, Jr., Helen Hight, Sidas, and Jessica Hudon '94. Christine has also spent some vacation time in Maui and has run in her second L.A. marathon. Although Helen Hight still works for Mobil, she moved from Boston to Pennsylvania last summer. Gail Bennett has been splitting her time between Northern California and North Carolina. She is working as a management consultant. Laurieann Ponticello Tebben and her husband, Andy, have a little girl, Kieran, who celebrated her first birthday on Sept. 8, 1996. Sue Kieffer married Chip Knee in 1994. They moved to Texas this past August. Sue completed a public relations certificate program at R.I.T. and plans to put it together with her social psychology and go into public relations in Houston. Kim Callahan '93 now works for Chandler Chicco Agency in New York City, working in public relations. Last summer, Sidas says that she spent time with Kim and Tracie Jordan '93 at a summer house on the Jersey shore in Manasquan, N.J. . . . Jeff Weisberg '94 (Mas) is president of OpNet Inc., an Internet technology firm in the Philadelphia area. Weisberg was recently honored by the ACLU for involvement in the fight against online censorship. E-mail him at . . . Joel Wojciechowski and his wife, Kimberly, have moved to Philadelphia, where Joel is working as senior trader and portfolio manager for the Clark Capital Management Group. He writes that he would like to congratulate his Phi Kappa Tau brother Bryant Lim on his graduation from Villanova School of Law and on his subsequent passing of the bar examination.


4TH REUNION, OCTOBER 17­18, 1997

In the fall, Marine 1st Lt. George S. Benson participated in naval exercises in South America while serving aboard USS La Moure County. Between exercises, Benson and fellow marines volunteered to renovate an education center for homeless children in Uruguay. . . . Vadim Braslavsky is completing a law degree at University of California at Berkeley. . . . Navy Lt. j.g. Robert Burns graduated last fall from the Navy's Basic Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Fla. . . . Kim Callahan (see '92). . . . Eric Cohen writes he is "living and working in Massachusetts.". . . Michelle Ann Dones married Angel Luis Hilera on Nov. 24, 1995. Their son, Marcos Gabriel Hilera, was born on Sept. 11, 1996. . . . Tracie Jordan is a human resources analyst with Andersen Consulting (also see '92). . . . Laura Kogan (see '92). . . . Navy Lt. j.g. Gil Manalo and Navy Lt. j.g. Shawn Hooker have both been promoted to lieutenant in the Civil Engineer Corps. Manalo is an instructor at the Civil Engineer Corps Officer School in Port Hueneme, Calif., and Hooker is a member of the 2nd Naval Construction Brigade Staff in Little Creek, Va. Prior to their current assignments, they were serving with the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74, traveling to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, South Korea, and Japan. . . . Heather Mantel writes, "I am a recruiter in the mid-Atlantic region for a major information technology services organization. I've lived in the Washington, D.C., area for a few years. If anyone is looking to relocate to this area, I'd be happy to answer any questions pertaining to housing, employment, or social scenes. My e-mail address is" . . . Anne Sullivan Reuter sends word, "I married Michael Reuter '94 on August 17, 1996. The wedding party included Celeste Glasgow Melton '91, Michael Baca '94, Robert Gilmore '94, and Chris Lamason '95. We also want to thank all of our classmates who joined us on August 17, 1996. We had a blast. We hope you did, too!". . . Ian Schere lives in San Diego, where he is completing a doctoral program in clinical psychology. . . .
Daniel Shimmyo sends in this photo from his 1996 Labor Day Corn Roast. He writes, "My roommates Dan Rood and Keith Rubin were there and I met Jason Korosec '90 when he noticed my UR sweatshirt. We all agreed to have a picture taken and to send it to Rochester Review. Someone else saw the camera and jumped into the picture, but I can't recall her name." Also, Cathy Coniaris mailed in an article on Shimmyo that appeared in the November '96 issue of Electronic Musician, which says, in part, "Boy, is Dan Shimmyo a great guitar player. He sizzles through his own compositions and buzzes through Bach's Inventions No. 8 and No. 13 in ways the composer never imagined. But Shimmyo is also a great drummer, a great bass player, and a great keyboardist. So for his debut album, Metamorphosis, he simply played all the instruments himself." . . Jerry Tischner (see '92). . . . Sandor Zapolin and Bonnie Kaufmann '95 were married on Oct. 26, 1996, in Morristown, N.J. The 25 alumni among the guests were Howard Kaufmann '67 (father of the bride), Scott Kaplan '95, Jamye Marcus (Class of '98), John Favale '95, Michelle Salob '95, Jerry Tichner, Jenna Brandwein '95, Jose Garcia, Tara Schoen '95, Cathy Coniaris, Dwayne Samuels, Karen Rilke, Dan Friedland, Dmitri Hoffmeyer, Erik Schlanger, Laura Kogan, Andy Wulf, Mark Bernard, Megan Collins, Rori Scheinert '95, Daron Forman, Justin Collins '94, Peter Chu '92, '93S (MBA), Marci Oxman '95, and Latha Srinivasan '95. The groom is an attorney in Boston and the bride is a research associate at Brigham & Women's Hospital. They live in Woburn, Mass.


3RD REUNION, OCTOBER 17­18, 1997

Christina Arena married Michael J. Clarcq on Aug. 2, 1996, at Colgate Rochester Divinity School. . . . Michael Baca (see '93). . . . Elizabeth Barnes (see '96). . . . Katie Bayard (see '92). . . . Heather Benway writes that she has a one-year fellowship in Washington, D.C., working for NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in the Office of Global Programs. She'll be relocating to Silver Spring, Md. . . . Justin Collins (see '93). . . . Robert Gilmore (see '93). . . . Jessica Hudon (see '92). . . . Michael Posner completed his master's in statistics at Carnegie Mellon and is now working in Boston as a biostatistician on studies on hemophilia and quality control for AIDS laboratories. . . . Migdali Ramos is a law student at the University of Puerto Rico and expects to graduate in May 1997. . . . Michael Reuter (see '93). . . . Pamela Simon is engaged to marry Robert Adelman '95 in July 1997. Simon is a manager for Keystone Care Corporation in Media, Pa., and Adelman is a second-year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania. . . . Dennis Tucker is co-chair of the Exhibit Committee of the Upstate New York Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society. "Interested cartoonists and illustrators should contact me," he writes. . . . Jessica Wolff is a law student at Boston College. . . . Anna Zacher (see '92).


2ND REUNION, OCTOBER 17­18, 1997

Robert Adelman (see '94). . . . Jill Baboff '96W (Mas) and Bruce Heller are engaged to be married in July 1997. . . . Jennifer Best is in the Ph.D. program in biological and biomedical sciences at Harvard. . . . Jenna Brandwein (see '93). . . . Brian Dale writes that he is starting an online magazine and is looking for writers and artists from the University. His e-mail address is . . . John Favale (see '93). . . . Christine Hathaway Hamerstone writes, "I have moved to Washington, D.C., and love it. I am now working for Network MCI. Does anyone want to change long distance?" . . . Amy Horton is studying law at The Dickinson School of Law in Pennsylvania. . . .
Christopher Jalbert married Beth Anne Jalbert '95N on June 16, 1996. Alumni present included Joseph Blatt (usher), Ben Ojala, Monica Comerford '95N, Helen Martinez '95N (maid of honor), William Cleary, Lauren Herko '96, Eric Feinberg (usher), and Deb Klein. . . . Scott Kaplan (see '93). . . . Bonnie Kaufmann (see '93). . . . Chris Lamason (see '93). . . . Lisa Leombrone is a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. She is engaged to marry Lt. Paul Hoffman in October 1997. . . . Sharon Niehaus is a marketing coordinator for Sage Publications, a publisher of scholarly books and journals in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Niehaus is taking classes toward a Webmaster Certificate from the University of California at Santa Barbara. . . . Marci Oxman (see '93). . . . Scott "Shorts" Rasche is an electrical engineer with Ameritech in Chicago. "I'm designing cable TV systems. Cable Guy!" Rasche writes. . . . Jennifer Romano (see Meliorist). . . . Janice Ruffini is in a master's program in health behavior and health education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ruffini writes, "I am adjusting to living south of the Mason-Dixon Line. There are some things I miss about New York (liberal politicians) and some things I don't (the weather). If any of my old Rochester friends read this, please e-mail me at" . . . Michelle Salob (see '93). . . . Rori Scheinert (see '93). . . . Tara Schoen (see '93). . . . Josh Shapiro reports he has taken a job with Congressman Peter Deutsch as his policy advisor and is getting married in May to Lori Ferrara. . . . Latha Srinivasan is a second-year law student at Case Western Reserve School of Law (also see '93).


1ST REUNION, OCTOBER 17­18, 1997

Sean Patrick Burgess is the technology editor for SIGNAL, a magazine based in Fairfax, Va. . . . Joseph Casion is a first-year law student at Syracuse University. . . . Jason Cramer is a manufacturing research associate at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Rensselaer, N.Y. He writes, "I manufacture a drug called BDNF, which was developed to treat ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). BDNF is currently pending FDA approval in the U.S. and is in clinical trials in Japan." . . . Russell Drazin is a law student at the National Law Center of George Washington University. . . . Alexander Helderman (see '67). . . . Lauren Herko (see '95). . . . Rebecca Hoffman is working on a Ph.D. in population dynamics, with a concentration in reproductive health and family planning, at Johns Hopkins. . . . Bret Laskarzewski married Elizabeth Barnes '94 on June 22, 1996. The couple live in Rochester, where Bret works at the University's Computing Center as a Macintosh consultant and analyst programmer and Elizabeth is a substitute music teacher looking for full-time employment. . . . Christiane Oliver is working on a master's in counseling at Teacher's College of Columbia University. . . . Dino Papachristopoulos is studying toward a master's in accounting and finance at the London School of Economics. . . . Marine 2nd Lt. Chester Reese graduated last fall from the Basic School at Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, Va. . . . Neeraj Shah is working at Fleet Services Corp. in Rochester. . . . Gennosuke Takahashi is working for Texas Instruments Japan, Ltd.

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