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David Sloan Wilson was featured in an article in the International Herald Tribune (Paris, France) in September. Wilson is one of the leading proponents of the revival of the idea of group selection, the theory that evolution is shaped by competition among groups of animals as well as among individuals. Wilson, professor of biology at SUNY Binghamton, is co-author of a book on selection theory to be published by Harvard University Press this year.


25TH REUNION, JUNE 6­8, 1997

Ann Adams reports that in July she began in a new position as superintendent of the Hermon-DeKalb Central Schools in DeKalb Junction, N.Y. . . . Susan Bass Levin (see Alumni Gazette). . . . Collecting Abraham Lincoln, to be published in June, is the 10th book by Stuart Schneider. The book looks at Lincoln memorabilia from a historical and collectible point of view.


The U.S. Department of Commerce awarded its Gold Medal to George Darcy for "outstanding work in reforming federal regulatory system for living marine resource management." Darcy, who is fishery management officer for the Office of Fisheries Conservation and Management, received the award from Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., in December. . . . Michael Fixler writes to announce the birth of his son, David, on Aug. 8, 1996. . . . Dennis Helsel received a Meritorious Service Award in December from the U.S. Geological Service, Water Resources Division. The award, given for significant contribution to the earth sciences, is the second highest honor given by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Helsel is supervisory hydrologist in Reston, Va. . . . Myra Hirschberg married Tom Calwell on June 23, 1996, in Paris, Ontario, Canada. . . . Dan Katz and his wife, Peggy, announce the birth of their fifth child, Matthew Douglas, on July 24, 1996.


In 1996, the University of Massachusetts Press published The Changing Landscape of Labor, featuring the photography of Michael Jacobson-Hardy. The book features photographs Jacobson-Hardy took of New England factories and factory workers along with essays and commentary by three historians. An exhibition of Jacobson-Hardy's factory photos was on display for six weeks in spring 1996 at the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center and then traveled to New York City. He is married to Ruth Jacobson-Hardy '75, a social worker. They have two children, Leah and Hannah. . . . Kathleen McMorran Murray was the subject of a "Pulse of Democracy Profile" in the Hartford (Conn.) Courant last fall. The article said Murray "comes as close as possible to the ancient Greek ideal of a 'good citizen.'" Murray is chief operating officer of Aetna Business Services, head of the board of Asylum Hill Congregational Church, president of the World Affairs Council, and a member of the executive board of the Hartford Symphony. She also volunteers by serving food in a Hartford soup kitchen and works with a business group that lends expertise to the work of Hartford City Hall.


Ruth Jacobson-Hardy (see '74). . . . Debra Kantor married Eugene Boullie in July 1994 in Westbrook, Maine. In September 1996, Kantor was named a development programmer with Computer Center Software in Falmouth, Maine. . . . John McCabe, professor and chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse, received the John G. Wiegenstein Leadership Award for outstanding contributions to the American College of Emergency Physicians in September.


Robin Becker is vice president of Wintriss Engineering in San Diego, an electronics company specializing in machine vision and instrumentation. Becker reports that 1996 marked his 25th season of basketball officiating and last March he refereed the California state high school championships. He is also a long-time volunteer at the San Diego Railroad Museum in Campo, Calif., and appears in the children's video "Train Song." . . . As chief curator for the Cincinnati Art Museum, Stephen Bonadies oversaw the installation and planning of the exhibition "Mistress of the House, Mistress of Heaven: Women in Ancient Egypt," which ran from October through January and featured an audio tour recorded by Madame Jehan Sadat, widow of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Bonadies has been with the museum for 15 years. . . . Robert Evangelisti is safety, health, environmental senior manager with S.C. Johnson Wax in Racine, Wis. He recently completed teaching a course on environmental auditing at the University of Wisconsin. . . . Bicycle frame builder Tom Kellogg was featured in the September 1996 issue of Bicycle Guide. The article called Kellogg's business, Spectrum Cycles, "one of the most revered custom frame shops in the country." . . . Emily Ann Klotz writes, "After attending graduate school in history, I entered law school and graduated in 1981. I married Michael Long in 1991 and my husband and I have our own law practice with offices in New York and New Jersey, advocating on behalf of the elderly. On Dec. 27, 1995, we had triplet boys, Maxwell Ian, Alexander Raul, and Jacob Benjamin Long."



Hilary Weiner Burg writes, "I have been living in the San Francisco area for the past three years with my husband, Scott Burg, and our 9-year-old son, Ben. I have recently retired from a 15-year career as a corporate law librarian." . . . Rose Lewis writes to "joyfully announce the adoption of Alexandra Mae-Ming Lewis, born in Xianning, China." Lewis returned from China with Alexandra on Nov. 20, 1996. . . . Peter Pizzutelli '81S (MBA) in September joined Western New York Computing Systems in Rochester as a commercial accounts manager for Sun products.


Alisa Proietti Guralnick reports that she is "living in Southern California, married with two children, and working for a state-of-the-art telecommunications design firm." . . . Rich King (see '80). . . . Denis O'Leary has been named "Chief of the Year" for 1996 by Information Week. O'Leary, chief information officer for Chase Manhattan Bank, oversaw the information technology portion of the merger of Chase and Chemical Banking in 1996. . . . Michael Shapiro writes that he and his wife, Chaye, are "thrilled to announce the birth of Daniel's brother, Isaac Kandel Shapot, on Nov. 7, 1996." . . . After five years as head of creative services at Columbia Records, Steve Sussmann has been promoted to director of advertising/account management for Columbia's parent company, Sony Music Entertainment. Sussmann lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. . . . Erica Zeidenberg writes, "I am now director of marketing communications for GNP Computers, a company making servers for the telecommunications market. I live in Northern California and the company is in Southern California, so I commute once a week. I have three children, ages 7, 5, and 2, so life is busy here in quiet Moraga, Calif."


Brian Davison has been named leader of the Biochemical Engineering Group of the Chemical Technology Division of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. . . . In November, Marine Midland Bank announced that Andrew Fornarola '85S (MBA), senior vice president, had been appointed business manager for community reinvestment management. Fornarola has been with Marine Midland since 1989. . . . Jodi Mattes Fox writes that she and her husband, Randy, are living in Nashville with their daughter, Jaclyn, 8, and son, Michael, 5. . . . Mark Gabrellian (see '84). . . . Stu Janis reports that his duo, Greenwood Tree, released their fourth recording in August 1996. The CD, Windy and Warm, features traditional music of the British Isles, the United States, and Canada performed on hammered dulcimer and guitar. . . . Harry Kestler '86 (PhD) (see Alumni Gazette). . . . Valerie Leeds reports that she has left her position as curator of the Orlando Museum of Art and is working on her doctorate in art history at City University of New York. . . . Lt. Col. Christopher E. O'Connor received his master's in organizational management from George Washington University in 1996 and moved to Hawaii with his wife, Debbie, and children, Brian and Katie. O'Connor serves in the U.S. Marine Corps. . . . Patricia Semmel Poteat writes to report that she and her husband, Walter Poteat, have a daughter, Kristen Nicole, born on Oct. 8, 1996. Poteat also reports that James Amborski and his wife, Wendy, have a daughter, Erin Elise, born Oct. 6, 1996. . . . Marie Schmitz writes, "Hi! I'm currently working at Erie Community College here in Buffalo. I look forward to hearing from classmates."

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