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Winter 2002
Vol. 64, No. 2

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Rochester Review--University of Rochester magazine

The Review welcomes letters from readers and will print as many of them as space permits. Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity. Unsigned letters cannot be used, but names of the writers may be withheld on request.

Adams Exhibition Curator: 'Thanks'

Viewing the Adams exhibition during Meliora Weekend.

In creating the exhibition Ansel Adams and the University of Rochester: Negotiating for Art [Summer-Fall 2001], the only thing that topped reading through Ansel Adams's personal letters was being able to speak and hear from alumni pictured in the photographs.

I am extremely grateful for the willingness of alumni to share their stories about life at the University in the '50s, their knowledge about the campaign to merge campuses, and their details about Adams's photographic techniques.

Not only did their personal accounts add another dimension to my research, but as a current student I also appreciated hearing what the University was like nearly 50 years ago. I also want to thank all the alumni who helped identify the images that were online and those who went page by page through the Creative Change booklet with me to help identify people.

The response to the exhibition-more than 1,000 people have viewed it since it opened just before Meliora Weekend-exceeded my own expectations, and I am thrilled to see that my efforts were worthwhile.

Nearly all of the people in the photographs have been identified, but if there are any alumni who want more information or who think they can identify remaining images, feel free to contact me by e-mail at

Bella Muccari '02

We, too, heard from alumni who knew the identities of the students in the photographs printed on page 6 of the Summer-Fall 2001 issue. The helmeted football player is the late Robert Vonder Heide '53. Standing on the balcony of Rush Rhees Library is Peter Jensen '53 and Mary Goodenough, who was an employee at the library.

In a further update on Muccari's project on Adams and the University, Muccari received a 2001 Barth-Crapsey Undergraduate Research Fellowship last fall, which allowed her to travel to Arizona to conduct research in Adams's archives-Editor.



Schilling Remembered

I was saddened to learn of the death of Professor Bernard Schilling [Summer-Fall 2001]. I had the privilege of being accepted into what we then called "freshman preceptorials" in the fall of 1970. What a welcome relief from the other large "intro" courses on my schedule, but what a reading load!

As I remember it, we had one week to read The Red and the Black, and I remember having a mini-support group with someone else in the seminar to ensure that we read our 100 pages every day. And then there were his sherry and cookie breaks (the drinking age was still 18) during the seminar, after which discussion dropped off precipitously. His end-of-seminar party at his home was notorious for the lethal punch and the gracious welcome of his wife, Susan.

He gave another lovely party at his house for the graduating seniors whom he had mentored, and they were by no means all English or comparative literature majors.

I had a continuing correspondence with Professor Schilling for a number of years after graduating and visited Susan and him several times. He relished my interest in music and was willing to spend time with a political science and history major, fostering clear, concise, and grammatical writing that was evidence of clear and rational thinking and argument.

I use what he taught me every day at work. For me, he embodied the best of the Rochester academic experience.

Susan Lauscher '74
Arlington, Virginia



Call Us at (585)

Close readers of Rochester Review and other publications from the University will notice that the phone number now includes 585 for the area code instead of the familiar 716.

The official switch took place November 15, beginning an 18-month transition to the new long-distance prefix for Rochester and the surrounding area.




September 11 Sonnet

Black smoke billows from a World Trade Center tower.
Aghast, we watch a plane plunge into its twin.
We gasp as the towers collapse in a deadly shower:
A burning Pentagon-a dreadful din!

Flight 93 aims at Washington.
Men of courage foil the terrorist plot.
They bring the plane to ground-the scheme undone:
The field they plowed-a heroes' sacred spot.

Anguished grief grips the horrified land.
To allay the pain, prayer sessions arise.
Blood is given; benefit broadcasts are planned.
Security tightens; militia mobilize.


Wilbur Harold Wright '40
Geneseo, New York

Wright notes: "This poem is dedicated to the memory of the brave action of Jeremy Glick '93 who courageously attacked the terrorists and prevented Flight 93 from hitting Washington, D.C., targets."

Wright read the poem at the Slater Society Luncheon during Meliora Weekend 2001 on campus. For more on how the terrorist attacks affected the University community, click here-Editor.


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