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Winter 2002
Vol. 64, No. 2

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Remembering September 11

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Remembering September 11

Editor's note
As this issue of Rochester Review went to press, we knew of six alumni who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Our condolences to their families and others who were touched by the tragedy.

We know this list may be incomplete. If there are others from the alumni community who were not included, please let us know by calling (585) 275-4119, or e-mail



The heroism of Jeremy Glick '93 became a rallying point for Americans during the dark days following September 11.

Within hours of the report that United Flight 93 had crashed in rural Pennsylvania came news that at least four passengers had spoken with family and friends by phone and were planning to overtake the hijackers.

Glick, a national collegiate judo champion at Rochester and past president of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, was one of the volunteers.

"We both decided that this is what he had to do," says his wife, Lyzbeth, who spoke with Jeremy for several minutes during the ordeal. "He said, 'I love you, stay on the phone. I'll be right back.'"

Moments later, Flight 93 crashed, killing all 45 people on board, including Rochester alumna Jean Hoadley Peterson '69N who was traveling with her husband, Donald Peterson.

Glick, a sales executive for an e-commerce consulting company, boarded Flight 93 for what he thought would be a routine business trip to California, leaving Lyzbeth and their 3-month-old daughter, Emerson, at their Hewitt, New Jersey, home.

Not long after takeoff, Glick knew that he would not return home, but he also knew that if he did not try to stop the hijacking of the Newark-to-San Francisco-bound airliner, others would likely not return to their loved ones either.

"It was clear what he should do," says Lyzbeth.

On campus, many remembered Glick as a dedicated student, a committed athlete, and a caring member of the University community.

"Jeremy was a bright young man, with good common sense, a great sense of humor, and a deft touch for working well with everybody," said longtime dean of students Paul Burgett, now vice president and University general secretary, who worked with Glick often as the president of the Alpha Delts. "He was highly regarded by those who knew him."



Memorial funds

Several funds for the children and families of the alumni killed in the attacks have been established.
A list of funds and how to donate to them has been posted on the magazine's Web site here.

Zhe (Zack) Zeng '95, '98S (MBA) could have stayed safely in the offices of the Bank of New York following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Blocks away from the World Trade Center, he was in no danger. But Zeng, a trained emergency medical technician who volunteered for the Brighton ambulance service while a student at Rochester, went to see if he could help those who were not safe.

He was last seen in grainy video footage leaning over a prostrate body in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

"It didn't surprise anyone who knew him," his supervisor, Peggy Farrell, told The New York Times. "He was a completely selfless person-he was just someone who would automatically volunteer his assistance. To me it was a truly heroic display."



A member of the Phi Upsilon fraternity, Dolan was a broker for Carr Futures in the World Trade Center.

"One of the things I remember when I look back at Brendan is that he would not only help you get into the business world but guide you and protect you," classmate Lee Taylor '86 told the Newark New Jersey) Star-Ledger. "He seemed to be an icon to many of us."

Dolan is survived by his wife, Stacey, and daughters, Sarah, 4, and Samantha, 2.



Iskenderian was the head of global risk management for the bond-trading company Cantor Fitzgerald at the World Trade Center. A member of Sigma Chi fraternity at Rochester, he had worked for the company for 10 years.

"He was a very loving, kind man and a wonderful father," said his wife, Sheri. The Iskenderians would have celebrated their 18th anniversary in December.
He is survived by four children: Meryl, 11, Kara, 8, and twins, Alex and Jason, 4.



A passenger on United Flight 93, which crashed in rural Pennsylvania, Peterson was traveling with her husband, Donald. After receiving a nursing degree from Rochester, Peterson earned a master's degree in education from Columbia University. She is survived by six children.

"She did everything in a very quiet way, never expecting anything in return," her daughter, Jennifer Price, told the Star-Ledger. "She was a devoted mother, and after we grew up she devoted her life to helping other people's children."



An equity research analyst, Smith worked for Sandler O'Neill & Partners, an investment banking firm on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower. He is survived by his wife, Ellen Bakalian, and two daughters, Margaret, 3, and Charlotte, 1.

Smith and Bakalian met while scuba diving in 1996 and married in 1997. Avid travelers and adventurers, the family went on annual skiing vacations and traveled to Scotland, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

"As my father said, we did more living in four years than most people do in 20 years," Bakalian said. "That's true, but it's also very sad because we had so much more to do."



Army Major Kip Taylor, the husband of Nancy Melvin Taylor '86N, died at the Pentagon. Nancy Taylor, who was 8 months pregnant with the couple's second child at the time of the attack, gave birth to a baby boy, John Luke, on October 25.

Kip Taylor was promoted posthumously to the rank of lieutenant colonel and awarded the Legion of Merit and Purple Heart. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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