Wilson Day by the map Wilson Day by the map

This year, freshmen will be bonding and plying their skills at 91 locations throughout the Rochester region.

students hauling leaves Wilson Day 2013

Photos from this year's Wilson Day events throughout the Rochester community.

instagram photo of students at work #whereswilson: Share your story

Tweets, pics, Vines, and Instagrams from students and organizations participating in Wilson Day.

Freshmen, Meet Rochester Freshmen, meet Rochester

The Wilson Day community service initiative marks 25 years. (from Fall Buzz)

Wilson Day video Video: Celebrating 25 Years of Community Service

Wilson Day serves as one of the principle community builders during Freshman Orientation.


Wilson Day T-shirts through the years Wilson Day t-shirts through the years

Take a look at signature t-shirts from years past.

students working in a zoo enclosure Wilson Days past

Pictures from previous Wilson Day events.