Wilson Day 2013

large crowd of students walking University of Rochester freshmen leave campus to participate in Wilson Day activities.

back of Wilson Day t-shirt A student takes a break in his new Wilson Day T-shirt.

students tidying gravesite Students help with some landscaping around historic Mt. Hope Cemetery.

students dragging a tarp full of leaves Freshmen haul away debris during Wilson Day activities at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

students listening to a lecture in a cemetery Professor Emil Homerin stands behind the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony as students walk past.

group of students walking Freshmen walk and talk through Mr. Hope Cemetery.

students doing excercises Freshmen participate in a workshop before helping out at Rochester Parkour.

student vaulting over a table Sunny Hutson ’17 practices a vault at Rochester Parkour.

student picking up litter Maggie Curtis ’17 helps make Monroe Ave. beautiful during a “clean sweep” in the city.