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Blanket Purchase Order Conversion Solutions

All Purchase Orders should be transitioned to Procure to Pay (P2P) prior to the expiration if there is no multi-year contract or agreement connected to the purchase order. 

If a multi-year agreement is connected to a current Purchase Order expiring after 2022, the Purchase Order will remain active and no action is required.  Upon the Purchase Order expiration, the renewal should be processed in P2P.

Blanket Orders for goods are not allowable in Procure to Pay (P2P).  Goods must be ordered as needed.   

For assitance is determining the appropriate solution for conversion of your blanket orders, please refere to the Blanket Purchase Orders Solution guide. 

Blanket Order Solution Quick Reference Guides.

These solutions are numbered to correspond witht the suggestions in the Blanket Purchase Order Solutions Guide.

Additional Solutions are available in the Buying and Paying Guide.

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