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Supplier Qualification

Supplier Registration and Qualification is an ongoing activity for the University of Rochester. Registration and Qualification help the University of Rochester to locate suppliers for needed goods and services in our continued efforts to support our patients, students, and staff.

University of Rochester Supplier Qualification

How to Register and Qualify

Supplier Qualification for the University of Rochester is by invitation only.  The Procurement Department will invite a supplier to register with the University of Rochester after receiving an internal request from a University of Rochester department and verifying that we do not already have a qualified supplier that can fulfill the needs of the department.

If you receive an invitation to register with the University of Rochester, you can view all of our Insurance Requirements and our Terms and Conditions further down on this page.

If you have not received an invitation to register with the University of Rochester but would still like to be held in consideration for future work, please fill out the Potential Collaboration Opportunity Form at the bottom of the page.

Access to the University of Rochester Campus

Supplier access to Strong Memorial Hospital is outlined in Policy 12.01.1 Vendor Representatives. Vendor representatives may not be present in Strong Memorial Hospital unless they have an appointment. All vendor representatives must be credentialed with Symplr if they wish to do business with the hospital.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact Symplr to be credentialed prior to scheduling an appointment with any Hospital practitioner or staff member. Vendor representatives must contact Symplr (281-863-9500) to complete the credentialing application prior to coming to the Hospital premises. After the credentialing process has been completed with Symplr, vendor representatives will be issued a Symplr badge that clearly displays their name and company affiliation. This badge must be worn at all times while the representative is on the Hospital premises. This includes both the hospital facility and off-site facilities such as the Purchasing offices at Celebration Drive.

The vendor representative must report to the information desk in the Hospital’s main lobby and produce their Symplr badge. The vendor representative must swipe the Symplr badge into the Symplr station before entering and when leaving the Hospital property.

Insurance Information

Supplier must maintain during the term of any PO the following insurance coverage in at least the amounts below specified.  In addition, Supplier must provide to the University’s Corporate Purchasing Department a Certificate of Insurance showing such coverage and the requirements set forth after subsection 10(e) below before commencement of work or shipment of goods unless greater coverage amounts are determined to be required by the University’s Corporate Purchasing Department:

a. Commercial General Liability insurance written on occurrence basis with the following limits:

General Aggregate Limit $2,000,000
Products/Completed Operations $1,000,000 aggregate
Personal Injury and Adv. Injury Limit $1,000,000 ea. person/organization
Bodily Injury & Property Damage Limit $1,000,000 each occurrence
Fire Damage $50,000 (any one fire)
Medical Expense $5,000 (any one person)

(Pollution Liability Endorsement of $1,000,000 per occurrence is also required in the event hazardous materials are to be involved.)

No exclusions for: Product/Completed Operations; Contractual Liability; Independent Contractors; Personal & Advertising Injury.

b. Automobile Liability: Any Auto Owned, Hired and Non-Owned

(Pollution Liability of $1,000,000 each accident will also be needed in the event hazardous materials are to be involved.)

Combined Single Limit for

Bodily Injury & Property Damage                                    $1,000,000 ea. accident/aggregate

c. Excess “Umbrella” Liability                                      $3,000,000 ea. occurrence/aggregate
The umbrella coverage shall be no more restrictive than underlying coverage.

d. Workers’ Comp. & Employers Liability Statutory Coverage as required by law

e. If Supplier accesses, receives, creates, transmits, or stores electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) for the University or any of its Affiliates, Network Security and Privacy Liability insurance in an amount not less than $5,000,000 occurrence/aggregate with deductible/retention of not more than $150,000, unless otherwise approved by University, covering Supplier and its subcontractors engaged in such activities for network and privacy risks including coverage for unauthorized access, failure of security, breach of privacy perils, wrongful disclosure of information, as well as event management costs and regulatory defense. Such insurance shall be maintained in force at all times during the term such service is being provided.

Supplier’s Certificate of Insurance provided to University’s Corporate Purchasing Department must, in addition to confirming coverage amount, must substantiate that Supplier’s liability policies, except for professional liability, workers compensation and employers liability, (i) name the University or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the University, as an additional insured and cover all of Supplier’s projects at all locations owned or operated by the University or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the University, (ii) waive any claim of subrogation against the University or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the University, and their respective board of trustees, directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers, and (iii) be primary and non-contributory to any other insurance carried by, or available to, the UniversityThe foregoing insurance and limits of coverage in no way l limit Supplier’s liability, or the right of the University or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the University, to require that Supplier provide other insurance or greater coverage amounts. Each policy of insurance required by this Section 10 and Section 11 below shall be issued by a company or companies with an A- Best rating or better and licensed to do business in New York State. Supplier will provide written notification to University or the entity issuing the PO, if the issuer is other than the University, at least thirty (30) days prior to termination or restrictive amendment of the above referenced polices, subject to Supplier having notice from its carrier. In addition, Supplier shall give notice to University not later than five (5) business days of Supplier’s liability reaching or exceeding Supplier’s aggregate coverage or knowledge that carriers rating has been decreased. In which event, University shall have no obligation to continue to acquire goods or utilize services from Supplier.

Additional Documents

These are the standard University of Rochester Terms and Conditions.  When submitting for review, please provide the full Terms and Conditions document.  This is a requirement set by the University of Rochester Risk Management Department to ensure that no changes are made to the document with the University of Rochester’s consent.

Click Here for the Terms and Conditions.

You may be asked to sign the University of Rochester Sensitive Data Addendum if you will need or have access to any Protected Information or Sensitive Information in the course of your work with the University of Rochester.

Click Here for the Sensitive Data Addendum.

Payment Information

Payment Methods

The University of Rochester offers SUA payments to suppliers who choose to participate in this program.  This is a virtual card payment process via J.P. Morgan’s Single Use Account platform.  The main benefits of this program are:

  • Immediate payment terms
  • Reduced manual check processing

If you are interested in this program, please click on the link below for more information.

JP Morgan Single Use Account Information

The University of Rochester offers AMEX BIP payments to suppliers who choose to participate in this program.  This is an electronic payment method that also drives efficiency and savings by reducing paper checks and increases control over the payment process and payment terms.  If you are interested in this program, please click on the link below.

American Express Buyer Initiated Payments

The University of Rochester offers ACH as a payment option, which is preferred over Check payments to avoid delays that may be experienced with mail.  Payment Terms are generally 30 to 45 days.  If you are interested in this option, please fill out the form linked below and email for more information.

University of Rochester ACH Form

The University of Rochester offers wire transfers for suppliers who are located outside of the United States of America, to ensure that delays are not experienced with check payments and to accommodate suppliers who cannot deposit checks in U.S. Dollars.

Billing Information

Payment Terms for suppliers who have completed the Supplier Qualification process are agreed upon at when the contract between the University of Rochester and the Supplier is prepared.  Payment Terms for non-qualified suppliers vary, but our most common terms are Net 45.

Please Note: The University of Rochester and each of its’ Affiliates have their own independent Accounts Payable Departments.  Please note the Bill-To Address on the Purchase Orders you receive to ensure you are sending your invoices to the correct office.

University of Rochester

Accounts Payable accepts invoices via mail or email, however our preferred method is email.

The University of Rochester Accounts Payable email address is:


If you choose to email invoices, please meet the requirements listed below to ensure that your invoice is paid promptly:

  • The University of Rochester Purchase Order number must be noted on the invoice and in the email’s subject line
  • All invoices must be in PDF format
  • Each PDF file must contain only 1 invoice

The University of Rochester Accounts Payable mailing address is:

University of Rochester

Accounts Payable

PO Box 278958

Rochester, NY 14627-8958

Highland Hospital

Accounts Payable Contact Information:


The Highland Hospital Mailing Address is:

Highland Hospital of Rochester

1000 South Ave

Box #1

Rochester, NY 14620

Potential Collaboration Opportunity

If you have not been invited to work with the University of Rochester, but you would like to get your name out to us for future consideration, please fill out the form found here.  Please note completing this form does not guarantee that you will become a qualified supplier for the University of Rochester.

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