You are part of an alumni network of more than 21,200 alumni, parents, and friends in Rochester. The Rochester Network is made up of volunteers from across the University, helping to engage fellow alumni through a variety of events. They also help to connect the network to one another and campus through outreach to classmates, potential students, and fellow alumni. Come out and join us at an event, connect with us onlinevolunteer, and help make the Rochester Network ever better.




Rochester Network Leadership Co-Chair

Dick Rice '65, P'10 

Rochester Network Leadership Cabinet

Andrea Barrett '05, '11W (MS)

Nancy Bond '78

Kara Bosco '91, '93 (MS), '98S (MBA)

Francis Clement ’97

Patrick Coleman ’10

Dan Gaudion '71, P’07

Eboni Henderson ’06

Emily Hessney ’12, ’15W (MS)

Amanda Mari ’09S (MBA)

Sharon McConeghy ’87S (MBA), P'17

Brittany Morhac ’08, '14W (MS)

Kathleen Plum ’73, ’76N (MS), ’93N (PhD)

Meghan Schubmehl ’05

Matthew Spielmann ’09

Kayleigh Stampfler ’08

Nicole St. James ’12

Staff Contacts


Stephanie Case
(585) 276-3859
 Megan Thompson
(585) 273-2333