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About Us


One of the core missions of the College is to ensure a coordinated and effective educational experience for students. Recognizing the synergistic relationships between curricular, co-curricular and assessment initiatives, the College at the University of Rochester has created the Office of Educational Effectiveness to work collaboratively with faculty, administrators and staff to develop goals and assessment protocols. College Committees for Educational Effectiveness have also been established to ensure a forum in which programs and initiatives from across the College are represented in decision-making with regular input from students, our primary stakeholders. Program and student learning outcomes are identified, assessment metrics are designed and implemented, and assessment data is used to support continual improvement of programs and initiatives aligning with the university motto, “Meliora – ever better”.

The Office of Educational Effectiveness is committed to:

  • Sharing best practices in assessment across the College
  • Supporting accreditation efforts and serving as resource to both curricular and co-curricular programs
  • Representing the College as member of the University Committee on Educational Effectiveness Assessment (UCEE)
  • Convening the College Committees for Educational Effectiveness (CCEEs) and the College Advisory Committee for Educational Effectiveness (CACEE) to develop assessment plans collaboratively and ensure assessment data is used to inform decisions at all levels
  • Working with programs and Dean's committees in design and implementation of assessment plans and tools
  • Maintaining a central repository for department and program reviews
  • Coordinating surveys that involve the College populations
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff to develop evaluation plans related to grant proposals related to the scholarship of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Designing, implementing and reporting on studies of key education and assessment issues.

For additional information or support, please contact:

Josephine Seddon
Director of Educational Effectiveness
(585) 275-4378