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Portrait of Josh JacobsJosh Jacobs is the Associate Director of Marketing & Events for Executive & Professional Programs at Simon Business School, and is Co-Chair of the Emerging Leaders Executive Board. Josh started his career in higher education in undergraduate college admissions in the Buffalo area in 2010, where he gained experience managing large scale admissions and making sure the experience of the prospective student was a positive one. He leveraged the skills he learned in that role into a position at the Simon Business School as their Event Manager for Executive & Professional Programs. Transitioning from working with undergraduate to graduate students was daunting for Josh at first, but ultimately very rewarding. Josh has always had a knack for marketing and was able to grow his knowledge and skills under his current supervisor, which led to promotions and growth in the department. Josh has been with the University of Rochester and in his current department for over five years. Josh likes to keep his skills as a leader and professional fresh by reading and learning everything he can. What Josh loves most about his role at Rochester is his ability to be creative and take on new challenges each day, whether that is designing and planning the location for  a billboard or creating and implementing a virtual student orientation. Josh also loves that his position allows him to connect and build relationships with students, whether they are prospective, current, or alumni, because he has learned so much from our students over the years.

In his free time, Josh is passionate about the city of Rochester and making it a better place. In the evenings you can find Josh volunteering as Marketing Director for the Swillburg Neighborhood or planning events for the Strong National Museum of Play, Play Makers Leadership Council for which he is the Vice Chair.  Josh believes that giving back to one’s community is a social responsibility we all have, and that if everyone donated one of their talents to support their community, it would help foster stronger communities and the spirit of being a good neighbor.

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