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Meet Kim Hally-Hettrick

Portrait of Kim Hally-HettrickKim Hally-Hettrick is an Administrator with Patient Access in Ambulatory Care at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In this role, she helps to support the work of all URMC Outpatient offices across the region. She’s been working at the University for 16 years, holding numerous positions, including Secretary, Office Manager, Administrator, Billing Manager, and Flowcast Analyst.

Kim’s current position keeps her on the move, saying, “every day is a new experience.” In just one week, she’ll travel to clinics across the region, talk with staff on the phone regarding medical records, table at job fairs to attract the best new talent, and more. “I tell everyone to call my cell phone because I’m never sure when I’ll be in my office. It’s great to have so many different things to accomplish.”

When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, Kim is keen on seeing those around her grow and advance. “Helping others learn new things they can use to move forward is awesome. I have no reason to keep the knowledge I have to myself. Sharing it and helping others helps me thrive.” This selfless approach to leadership has made her a cornerstone of her current team.

Although she didn’t end up as a marine biologist as she thought as a kid, many of Kim’s hobbies are aquatic, including rafting and scuba diving. She’s always searching for an adrenaline rush… she even enjoys bungee jumping. Kim’s motto fits her exciting hobbies: “Adventure all the way.”

We look forward to having her adventurous spirit on the E-Board of Emerging Leaders!

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