Imagine Your Legacy

Empowering Exceptional Students

A University of Rochester education is a life-changing experience. It fosters an appreciation for lifelong learning and discovery and prepares students for success, regardless of their endeavors.

Joe and Peggy Wilson demonstrated their belief in a Rochester education by funding current-use scholarships and establishing endowed scholarships. These resources offer the opportunities to make an almost immediate or enduring impact and share in the lives of young people who will shape our world. Read more…

Perpetuating Faculty Excellence

The University’s mission to make the world “ever better” begins with its faculty members, who serve as experts in their fields and sources of inspiration and knowledge for students.

Those who create an endowed professorship align themselves with forward-thinking benefactors like Joe and Peggy Wilson. The impact of their gifts will be felt for the life of the University and their name, or a person being honored, will be perpetually linked to excellence in teaching and research. 
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Addressing Critical Priorities

The spirit of discovery has always been fundamental to the mission of a great research university. Because of forward-thinking leaders and benefactors like Joe and Peggy Wilson, Rochester has long been a wellspring for research that has the potential to change lives.

Groundbreaking discoveries, and their impact, take time. Endowed support for innovative programs and research allows Rochester’s scholars and scientists to pursue studies that fuel progress as the University tackles today’s grand challenges. Read more…

Ensuring Medicine of the Highest Order

The contributions of individuals like George Eastman and Joe and Peggy Wilson were reflections of their bold visions for the University, which ultimately launched it onto the world’s stage with its contributions in the arts, sciences, engineering, and medicine.

How UR Medicine and its impact on global health are transformed over the next several decades will be dictated by the commitment and compassion of today’s alumni, parents, and friends. Their aspirations for the University will determine its future leadership in health care. Read more…