Member Listing

We gratefully acknowledge those who have established life-income plans or included the University as beneficiary of their estate. Founding Members have ensured a legacy now and for the future.

Honor Name
Anonymous (44)
Richard T. Aab
Dr. Mark J. Ablowitz `67 and Enid Ablowitz
Dr. George N. Abraham
Dr. David Abrams `71E, `76E (MM), `80E (DMA)
Edward J. Ackley `53, `64S (MS) and Agnes V. Ackley `54*
Jacqueline Stemmler Adams `67, `80 (MS), P`82, P`84, P`93 and Dr. James T. Adams P`82, P`84, P`93*
Jane L. Adler `82E, `84E (MM)
Susan B. Ain `78E and Aron Ain
Dr. Michael Alessandri `85
Dr. Peter Alexander `65E
John S. Alterman
Alfred C. Aman Jr. `67 and Carol J. Greenhouse
Cory M. Amron `74
David Anderson
Jeffrey G. Anderson `79S (MBA)
Lois A. Anderson
Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr.
Norma J. Andzer and Arnold L. Andzer*
Pamela Angeloff and Carl Angeloff `53*
Helen L. Aponte `66N and Stephen Aponte
Kenneth L. Appletree `65 and Julia G. Appletree
Dr. James V. Aquavella and Catherine Aquavella*
Patrick Aquilina
Ethel J. Armeling `49E, `50E (MM)
Dr. William G. Armiger `78M (Res)
Bettie F. Armstrong and Michael F. Armstrong `63*
Dr. Harold T. Arneson `68M (MD) and Martha A. Arneson
Everett Samuel Ascher `57 and Mary Ascher*
Marilyn Ashman `62W and Jeremy B. Ashman `62, `64 (MS)
Dr. Mariane Bafile `85D (Den), `87D (Den)
Dr. Dorothy F. Bainton `60M (Res) and Dr. Cedric R. Bainton `58M (MD)
Douglas P. Baird `50
Nathaniel P. Baldwin `61, P`98
Margaret Ballinger
Dr. Arthur S. Banner `65, `68M (MD) and Dr. Barbara F. Banner `68M (MD)
Bobbe M. Barnes `67
Albert Barr `56
Dr. Jean Barr
Alan R. Batkin `66, P`90, P`94 and Jane E. Batkin P`90, P`94
Robert C. Batson `67
Dr. Stuart B. Bauer `68M (MD) and Lee A. Bauer
Joan Beal `84E and Jeff Beal `85E
Dr. Douglas J. Beck `75 (MA), `79 (PhD) and Constance Beck
Dr. Edwin D. Becker `52
Joel S. Beckman `76 and Shari L. Beckman `77
Jeanne M. Beecher and Walter J. Beecher*
Dr. Janet M. Begun `75, `78 (MA), `80 (PhD)
Matthew G. Bell
Dr. John M. Bennett and Carol R. Bennett
Josephine K. Bennington `62E (MA) and Dr. James L. Bennington
Russell Benzin and Dr. Mary Neilans
Dr. Richard Berg `64
Dr. Gary S. Berger `68M (MD) and Barbara M. Berger
Dr. Bradford C. Berk `81M (MD), `81M (PhD) and Dr. Coral L. Surgeon `84M (Res)
Helen H. Berkeley
Marc A. Berlow `88S (MBA)
Edith M. Bernard P`93, P`95
Meredith G. Bernstein `68
Barbara A. Betlem Ringuette `64 and Lee T. Ringuette
Helen Beveridge and William F. Beveridge `51, P`86*
Sanjai Bhagat `80S (MBA), P`16, P`18, P`22 and Leena G. Bhagat P`16, P`18, P`22
Dr. Philip A. Bialer `74
M. Geraldine Biddle Moore and James C. Moore*
Donald L. Bilgore and Ellen S. Bilgore
Crownie Billik and Dr. Martin Billik `55*
William E. Bishop Jr. and Sandra J. Bishop*
Rita A. Black `72 and David J. Franus
Joseph W. Blackburn `71E and Eileen E. Buholtz `73E
Dr. H. Marshall Blann and Carolyn F. Parrish
Laurence H. Bloch `75, P`13 and Cindy C. Bloch P`13
Susan Bloch `64 and Dr. A. Leonard Bloch `50*
Dr. Richard D. Blondell `78M (MD) and Marjorie Blondell `83N (MS)
Eric E. Bloom `72 (MS)
Leslie Blumberg `84S (MBA) and Susan F. Blumberg*
Robert Boni `79 and Diane R. Boni `84
Nancy J. Bonner and Dr. John F. Bonner Jr. `40M (MS), `48M (PhD)*
Dr. Stephen W. Borrus `69 and Dorit L. Borrus
Dr. David Botta `87M (MD) and Dr. Mary K. Wilde
Lisa M. Bower and Donald P. Bower
Dr. John D. Bowman `75M (MD) and Hazel Bowman
Nancy N. Boyer `75N ( )
Merriman Boylan `68
Paul S. Boylan `63, P`90, P`95 and Loretta Boylan P`90*
Dr. Prudence K. Bradley `84 (MS), `88 (PhD)
Dr. Christine Branche `83
Paul A. Brands `66S (MBA) and Susan Brands
Betty Z. Breslau and Dr. Roger C. Breslau `65M (Res)*
Kathleen Bride and J. Gaven Hurley
Carol A. Brink `56N (DPL), `62N
Dr. Elizabeth A. Brinkman `56
Dr. Linda Brodell `81M (MD), P`10, P`11, P`16, P`20 and Dr. Robert T. Brodell `79M (MD), `81M (Res), P`10, P`11, P`16, P`20
Dr. James D. Brodell Sr. `83M (Res), P`20 and Ann P. Brodell P`20
Joae Brooks Walker `50, `54M (MD)
C. William Brown `61, P`88 and Judith H. Brown `61, P`88
Dr. Deborah A. Brown `77E, `79E (MM)
Dr. Karen H. Brown `61, `72 (PhD), P`92
Robert W. Bruml `76, P`08
Thelma Buckingham and Dr. Robert C. Buckingham `53M (MD)*
Michael F. Buckley
CPT Patricia M. Bull `74N
Mary Ellen Burris `68W (EdM)
Dr. William G. Bush `67 and Suzanne L. Bush
Dr. David H. Bushell `68, P`00
Alan J. Bushnell and Kim E. Goppert
R. Gary Butler `91S (MBA) and Karen J. Butler
William L. Cahn `68E and Ruth P. Cahn `68E
Catharina M. Caldwell `66E
Dr. Robert L. Caldwell `61M (MD), `69M (Res) and Dr. Elethea H. Caldwell `73M (Res)
Dr. William R. Calnon `79D (Den), P`09, P`15
Catherine Cameron
Dr. David C. Campbell `71M (MD) and Ines G. Campbell
Larry B. Campbell `62E and Cynthia Campbell
Dr. Theresa J. Canada `76, `89W (EdD)
John J. Canning `63
Dr. Richard J. Cantor `79D (Den), `82D (Den)
Jacques Carbonneau
Donna Karsh Carlson `81
William M. Carpenter P`12, P`15 and Mary C. Carpenter P`12, P`15
Kenneth D. Carper `79E (MM) and Carol J. Carper
Myra Carrier `56, P`90, P`91, P`95 and Dr. Robert H. Carrier `58M (MD), `66M (Res), P`90, P`91, P`95*
Dr. Ronald L. Carter Sr. `59E, `10E (HNR)
Stuart H. Carter `82E (MM)
Dr. Frank S. Caruso `61M (MS), `63M (PhD)
Dr. Wayne F. Cascio `74 (PhD)
Margaret M. Cassick*
Joyce Castle `66E (MM)
Jack G. Caton `73D (MS), `73D (Den) and Harriet K. Caton
Dan Champlin and Dr. Kellene Champlin*
Mark H. Chaplin and John Strawway
Roberta A. Chapman and Robert D. Chapman*
Dr. Harriet R. Chase `54E (MM)
Judy Chase
Ann Chaudron
Dr. Theresa L. Chen `74M (PhD) and Dr. Robert J. Chen `70 (MS), `73 (PhD)*
Dr. Lawrence N. Chessin `58 and Rita R. Chessin
Dr. Wendy S. Chiado `81
James A. Chin Sr. P`93 and Barbara A. Chin*
Dr. Richard A. Chizzonite `78M (PhD) and Dr. Lynna M. Lesko `74M (PhD), `77M (MD)
Dr. Thomas D. Chmielewski `70
Dr. Donald M. Christie Jr. `64, `68M (MD)
Dr. Karen A. Christoff `71 and Dr. Thomas W. Lombardo `73
Mabel C. Chu and Yungdeh R. Chu
Lou Cinelli
Dr. Constance F. Citro `63, P`93
Dr. Hugh Clark `67M (Res)
Sandra L. Clark and Dr. Davis W. Clark `57, `67M (MD), `72M (Res)*
Dennis Clements `72M (MD) and Martha Ann Keels
David L. Cleveland `71 and Dr. Ella L. Cleveland `71W, `72W (MA)
Mary T. Close P`84 and Richard N. Close `43, P`84*
Dr. Larry J. Cohen `66 and Jane Z. Cohen `67
Dr. Herbert E. Cohn `60
Dr. Ronald J. Cole `62M (MD) and Charlotte S. Cole*
Dr. Joseph J. Colella Jr. `62, `66M (MD), P`85 and Mena M. Colella `62E
Jane E. Coleman and Kenneth L. Coleman
Dr. Theresa M. Coletti `73 (MA), `75 (PhD)
Marilyn J. Collings `78
Mary K. Collins `84N, `86N (MS) and J. Christine Wilson
Edwin I. Colodny `48 and Nancy Colodny
Dr. Luigi Colombo `81 (PhD) and Sumico Colombo `69W (EdM)
Dana R. Consler
Mary R. Contrino and Frank Contrino*
Rev. Brian C. Cool `06W (MS), `21W (EdD)
Dr. Alan K. Cooper `66
Corinne M. Coplan `58
Catherine A. Corey `61, `62N and Jack C. Corey Jr. `60*
Dr. Mary E. Costanza `68M (MD)
Gregory A. Cox `71E
Kevin G. Crane and Madonna M. Crane
Dr. David W. Crellin `61, `65W (MA), `68W (EdD) and Barbara M. Crellin `63W
Patricia S. Criticos
Bruce L. Crockett `66 and Marla Crockett
Dr. Cynthia A. Crosby `60
Mary G. Crowe
Dr. Neil H. Cullen `64 and Elizabeth Weingart Cullen `66
Joseph M. Culotta `46, `59 (MS), P`89 and Mary Jane J. Culotta*
Janice Cummings `48 and Harvey J. Cummings*
Andrea Cunningham and Joseph F. Cunningham `67 (MA)*
Patrick Cunningham
Dr. Alan E. Curle and Dr. Andrew London
Jerry Curnutt and Nancy L. Curnutt*
Jane W. Curtis and Dr. G. Graydon Curtis `58*
Patricia Cusack `57 and Dr. William E. Cusack Jr. `52*
Robert D. Cushing `58
Darlene Cushman and Steven R. Cushman
Jeanine S. Cushman `63W and John C. Cushman III*
Robert N. Dardano Jr. `77
Joseph N. Darweesh `61 and Judith Darweesh `63
Paresh J. Davda `74S (MBA)
Margaret B. Davidson and Dr. Philip Davidson*
Dr. Roberta Dayer `57 and Dr. Roger S. Dayer
Dr. John S. Deacon `70M (MD)
Judith Dean Rose and William W. Rose
Linda T. Deck `80
Jean L. DeHaven and Dr. Kenneth E. DeHaven*
Dr. Paul J. Desjardins `76D (Den) and Catherine F. Desjardins
Sherwood I. Deutsch
Alice Ten Broeck Diamond `71 and Dr. Douglas B. Diamond `71
Dr. David A. Diamond `78M (MD), P`09
Richard J. DiMarzo
Noel Dingman `55 and Dr. C. Wesley Dingman `59M (MD)
Dr. Douglas F. Dompkowski `95D (Den)
George C. Doomany Jr. `76 and Norman P. Goldblatt
Charles A. Dowd Jr. `69S (MBA)
Michele V. Dryer
Dr. Sam Dugan `64M (MD) and Diane B. Dugan
Jo Anne H. Duke `52, `53N
Carol J. Duquette `85, `03S (MBA), P`18, P`22
Dr. Frederick Dushay `61M (Res)
B. Andrew Dutcher `72
Dr. Concetta M. Duval `57, `73W (MA), `78W (EdD)
Dr. Charles P. Duvall `62M (MD), `64M (Res) and Nancy A. Duvall*
Dr. Ann E. Dwyer
Robin L. Eaton `73E
Dr. Charles Eil `68 and Adele G. Eil
Mr. Andrew Eiseman '79 and Brian Baa
Anna M. Eisenberg `77N (MS), P`85 and Dr. David Eisenberg `56M (Res), P`85*
Dr. Richard S. Eisenberg and Marcia Eisenberg
Ms. Martha Kirchenbauer Ellison `66E, `68E (MM)
Linda A. Engel `71
Peter C. Engle `67, `68S (MBA)
Dr. Richard P. English `65
Dr. Andrew E. Epstein `77M (MD)
Ruth Epstein P`94 and Dr. Marvin A. Epstein `48M (MD), P`94*
Dr. Carlo Ercoli `19S (MBA), `96D (Den), `97D (Den), `98D (Den), `12D (Den) and Katia Azevedo
Jean L. Esselink `66E and Bernard Esselink
Dr. C. McCollister Evarts `57M (MD), `64M (Res) and Nancy L. Evarts `54N (DPL)*
Donald H. Evory and Jean Evory `49, `50N, `60W (MS)*
Dr. Eric D. Ewazen `76E
Dr. Kenneth E. Fahrenholtz `60 (PhD) and Susan R. Fahrenholtz `60 (MS)
Mario P. Falcao `71E (MM)
Dr. Stephen A. Falk and Mrs. Marcia K. Falk
Sherman Farnham Jr. `72S (MBA) and Anne M. Farnham
Lynn Farrar and Neil Farrar
Dr. Alice Faryna `53, `57M (MD)
Dr. Thomas R. Fashinell `68M (MD) and Kathleen Fashinell
John D. Fassett `48 and Betty J. Fassett*
Dr. William W. Feaster `76M (MD) and Sandra J. Feaster
Dr. Bertram E. Feingold `68M (MD), `70M (Res), `75M (Res) and Betty A. Feingold
Robert W. Feinstein `72
Cary M. Feldman `71, P`01 and Nancy J. Feldman `73, P`01
Nancy D. Fenno and Dr. Richard F. Fenno Jr. `06 (HNR)*
Dr. Bernard T. Ferrari `70, `74M (MD) and Linda Ferrari
Ronald H. Fielding `73 (MA), `76S (MBA), `18S (HNR), P`14
Dr. Milton J. Finegold `59M (MD) and Dr. Jan Goddard-Finegold*
Dr. Carl G. Fischer Jr. `64M (MD) and Joyce D. Fischer
Elizabeth B. Fisher `50, `70W (MA) and Donald C. Fisher `45, P`76*
Neil H. Fisher `69
Dr. Robert H. Fisher `76, `80D (Den)
John R. Fisk `62 and Carolyn M. Fisk
Marilyn S. Fiske `67, `67N
Susan A. Flow `81N
Paul M. Fogel `71, `72 (MS)
Thomas J. Foley and Deborah Foley
Dr. John H. Ford Jr. `01M (Res)
Dr. Loretta C. Ford `00N (HNR) and William J. Ford*
Dr. Ernest H. Forman `64 and Mary Ann S. Forman
Allison L. Formicola and Peter D. Formicola*
Aaron Forrest
Patricia A. Forrester `12N
Jonathan D. Foster `59
Dr. Thomas H. Foster `88 (MA), `90 (PhD)
Dr. Charles W. Francis `79M (Flw), P`04 and Dr. Anne B. Francis P`04
Barbara L. Frank and Bernard A. Frank*
Caren G. Frankel `76 and Dr. Jory G. Magidson `74
Heidi Friederich
Roger B. Friedlander `56 and Carolyn T. Friedlander '68 (PNP) `68N (MSN)
David Friedman `68 (MS) and Linda Friedman `70 (PhD)
Henry C. Fuchs `60E and Jo Ann Fuchs
Patrick Fulford and Barbara A. Fulford
Dr. James D. Gallant `73, P`05, P`10
JoAnne Galloway and The Honorable Harold L. Galloway `56*
The Ganatra Family
Rose C. Gangarosa and Dr. Eugene J. Gangarosa `50, `55M (MS), `54M (MD)*
Jean Gannett and Dixon Gannett*
Winifred J. Ganshaw `67
Jerry A. Gardner Jr. `58, `65 (MA), P`96
Michael Garfinkel `58
Kathy Garmezy `71
Victoria C. Garzione
Vernon G. Gaskell `47 and Minnie M. Gaskell*
Georgia L. Gates and Dr. Crawford Gates `54E (PhD)*
Dr. Lynn A. Gatto `12W (PhD) and Richard Gatto
Robert J. Gebel `56
Margaret W. Geiger `72 and Steven P. Geiger `72
Steven R. Gerlach `83
Joanne K. Gianniny and Robert V. Gianniny*
Dr. Bernard R. Gifford `68M (MS), `72M (PhD), P`17 and Guadalupe Valdes
Joyce T. Gilbert `58
Dr. Roger M. Gilbert `80M (MD)
Dr. Steven G. Gilbert `73, `83M (MS), `86M (PhD)
Ms. Linda Gillim `60
Alan Ginkel and Christine Ginkel
Myra Ginsburg and Alan Carmasin `67*
Marcia K. Gitelman `60, P`85
Gerald L. Gitner `68S (MBA) and Deanne G. Gitner*
Sally A. Goddard `58
Robert B. Goergen `60 and Pamela M. Goergen
Vivien Goh `69E
Dr. Michael A. Goldman `76 and Dr. Sally G. Pasion
Dr. Stanley A. Goldman `57, `61M (MD) and Frances T. Goldman
Dr. Lowell A. Goldsmith `02M (MPH) and Carol Goldsmith
Mark E. Goldstein `78 and Jill A. Goldstein `79N
Ursula Gonsenhauser
Charles T. Goodhue and Margaret Goodhue
Joseph W. Goodman
Dr. James E. Goral `71, `75M (MS), `76M (MD)
Robert M. Gordon Jr. `62
Elizabeth M. Gorevic `70E, P`96
Steven Graham and Diana Graham
Ernest F. Grant
Dr. Gerald N. Graser `75D (MS), `72D (Den) and Nancy A. Graser
Mary Jane Gray*
Grant L. Greapentrog `59
Francis R. Grebe `54
Laney L. Greenberg `79
Gwen M. Greene `65 and John D. Greene*
Gregory S. H. Ogawa MD `89M (MD), P`23 and Diane Harrison Ogawa JD P`23
Alan R. Gregory `60E
Dr. Agnes E. Griffith
Jean W. Griffith `49
Norma G. Griffith `51, `52N, `58 (EdM)
Dr. Robert C. Griggs `70M (Res), `71M (Res)
Dr. Paul F. Griner `59M (MD), `65M (Res) and Margaret L. Griner
Dr. Steven Grinspoon `88M (MD) and Winifred S. Grinspoon
Chip Groat `62 and Bobbie Groat
Dr. Simone Gronsky Brenner `67W (MA), `75W (EdD)
Amelia Grosberg and Stephen M. Grosberg `56*
Dr. Charles M. Gross `75M (Flw) and Kathy K. Gross
Charles Grossman
Dr. Eric Grossman `01M (Res) and Elizabeth L. Schorr
Dr. Richard Guido `87M (MD) and Dr. Susan K. Guido `85M (MD)
Mary B. Gulick and Dr. Robert P. Gulick `57M (MD)*
Dr. Atul K. Gupta `87
Virendra K. Gupta `80S (MBA), P`87, P`90, P`91 and Uma R. Gupta P`87, P`90, P`91
Dr. P. William Haake `70M (Res) and Catherine Haake
Dr. Gerald D. Hagin `70 and Carol Hagin
Edmund A. Hajim `58 and Barbara E. Hajim
Marian R. Halperin `46
Robert E. Halstead `71 and Rosemarie Bezak
Dr. David L. Hamilton `70 and Dr. MaryAnn R. Hamilton `70W, `00E (DMA)
Dr. David L. Hamilton `70 and Dr. MaryAnn R. Hamilton `70W, `00E (DMA)
George W. Hamlin IV P`00E and Mary Hamlin P`00E
Dr. Margaret A. Hanegraaf `88E (MM) and Dr. Gregory F. Jacobs
Joseph R. Hanna and Linda H. Hanna
Laurina Mignardi Harper `56, `58 (MS) and John T. Harper `48, `50 (EdM)*
Dr. Michael J. Harris `76
Sharon Harrison and James B. Harrison*
Phyllis R. Hasbrouck `60, `61N
Dr. Charles C. Heck Jr. `65M (MD), `72M (Res)
Jane R. Heffron `71 and Kevin L. Heffron
Dr. David A. Heller `83E (MM), `86E (DMA)
Margaret B. Heminway
Ellen B. Hemming and Daniel W. Hemming `55*
Dr. Arthur S. Hengerer
Gilbert A. Henner Jr. `65
Dr. Monica J. Henoch `76, `88M (Res)
RADM Gretchen S. Herbert `84 and Dr. Roger G. Herbert Jr.
David S. Herpich
Barbara E. Herr `82 (MS)
Dr. H. Raul Herrera `74M (Res) and Charlotte M. Herrera
Lawrence S. Hershoff `73S (MBA) and Eleanor W. Mulford
Dr. Samantha B. Hickman P`22, P`23 and Andrew J. Hickman P`22, P`23
Dr. David R. Higgins `80, `82 (MS), `87 (PhD) and Dr. David J. Miles
Alan F. Hilfiker `60 and Carol S. Hilfiker `60W*
Dr. W. Dulany Hill `68D (Den)
Dr. Diane G. Hillman `70
Victoria G. Hines P`18
Dr. Bette G. Hirsch `64 and Joseph Hirsch
Dr. Laurence J. Hirsch `74 and Mary E. Hirsch
Dr. Immanuel K. Ho `84, `88M (MD)
Dr. Richard M. Hodes `82M (MD)
Bernard Hoffer `57E, `58E (MM) and Leni L. Hoffer*
Joan Hoffman `55 and J. Nelson Hoffman `55*
Dr. Marvin J. Hoffman `45, `50M (Res), P`77 and Nancy Yanes Hoffman `50, `68 (MA), P`77*
William B. Hogan and Geraldine R. Hogan*
Barbara B. Holder and John Holder
Sandra J. Holloway
Dr. Neil D. Hollyfield `78D (Den) and Nancy S. Hollyfield
Louise Holmes `59N (DPL)
Nancy A. Holowka
Dr. Joseph G. Holt Jr. `82E
Dr. Gerald R. Holzwasser `61M (Flw) and Edith G. Holzwasser
Kevin S. Honeycutt `85E
George R. Hood `69
Calvin Hooker and Constance Lewis-Hooker
Jane Hopkins
Marjorie T. Horner and Dr. Frederick A. Horner `47M (MD)*
Eric D. Horodas `75, P`05 and Linda Horodas
Cecelia M. Horwitz and Dr. Floyd C. Tucker
Dr. Lansing C. Hoskins `54M (MD)
Carol P. Howansky and Carroll A. Howansky `54*
Dr. Warren B. Howe `62, `71H (Res) and Hedwig N. Howe
Dr. Elaine C. Hubbard
Margaret Hubbard P`12
Mary Lou Huff and Jerry Huff*
Joanne Hume-Nigro and Ronald J. Nigro
Dr. Laura M. Humphrey `69, `70 (MA), `81 (PhD) and Raymond M. Humphrey*
Donna L. Huntington and Dr. Robert W. Huntington III `64M (MD)*
Frank A. Interlichia P`12, P`14 and Linda E. Interlichia P`12, P`14*
Do Not List `79E (PhD)
Horace D. Jackson
Dr. Laurence S. Jacobs `65M (MD) and Dr. Katherine M. Jacobs `64M (MD)
Raphael G. Jacobs `57
Harvey H. Jacobson `82S (MBA) and Angela Jacobson
Sue A. Jacobson `75
Dr. Glenn A. Janus `62 and Bridget M. Janus
Joseph G. Jaspers `71
Nicholas Jenkins `81, `89S (MBA)
Dr. Allan D. Jensen `65 and Claire Jensen
Helen S. Johnston and Darrell L. Johnston `53E (MM)*
Michael E. Jones `76 and Diane Jones
Peter P. Jones `82S (MBA)
Dr. Shirley A. Joseph `68M (PhD)
Dr. Richard A. Josephson `77, P`06, P`11 and Lori C. Josephson `78, P`06, P`11
Dr. Ralph F. Jozefowicz `82M (Res), `85M (Res), `86M (Flw)
Michael F. Kaminski and Jill E. Kaminski
Dr. Stuart L. Kaplan `59, P`88, P`95 and Judith W. Kaplan P`88, P`95
William A. Kaplin `64 and Barbara A. Kaplin
Dr. Leon N. Kapp `72M (PhD) and Hiroko Kapp
Carol D. Karp `74, P`11 and Victor Glushko P`11
Dennis M. Karr `67
Dr. Stephen L. Kates `89M (Res) and Amy Kates
Dr. Walter M. Katz `70 (MA), `71 (PhD)
Marilyn W. Kayser
Rosemary S. Kean `68N
Robert J. Keegan `72S (MBA), `10S (HNR) and Marilyn D. Keegan
Stephen M. Kelley and Susan S. Kelley
Frances B. Kende and Andrew S. Kende*
Margaret Kennell P`74, P`82 and Dr. John H. Kennell `44, `46M (MD), P`74, P`82*
Dr. Alan J. Kent `76
Dr. Judith B. Kerman `67
Erik H. Kibelsbeck `92E
Richard E. Killmer and Sidney W. Killmer*
Linda W. King and Donald V. King `64E, `65E (MM)*
Molly King and Dr. Robert B. King `46M (MD)*
Robert S. Kirschenbaum `70 and Ellen F. Kirschenbaum
Beth A. Kleiman `80
Dr. Gail Klein-Haft `63M (MD)
Dr. David N. Kluge `54M (MD) and Beverly J. Kluge
Mark E. Kluge and Wendy L. Kluge
Ronald B. Knight `61
Gary P. Knoblach `79S (MBA)
Charles P. Kochakian
Mary M. Koegel and Robert B. Koegel
Christopher C. Kohler and Michele S. Kohler `65*
James R. Korinek `76
Dr. Martin W. Korn `66M (Res), P`88 and Phyllis S. Korn
Dr. James W. Kosnik `79E (DMA)
Dr. Alan J. Kozak `65, `69M (MD), `72M (Res)
Stephen D. Kramer `68
Dr. George A. Kraus `72
John F. Kraushaar and Barbara Kraushaar
Dr. J. Mitchell Kreher `85D (Den), `87D (Den)
Dr. Nicole Krein `75M (Flw) and Gerald Lyons*
Joel H. Krenis `77 (MA)
Marianne M. Kroon and Tom Kroon
Ann M. Kubarek `84
Joseph P. Kubarek `79 and Sharon M. Porcellio `79
Diana R. Kurty
Mr. Martin Lacoff `71S (MBA) and Cheryl Lacoff
Dr. John J. LaFerla `77M (Res) and Susan D. LaFerla `85 (MA)
Evans Y. Lam `83, `84S (MBA) and Susanna Y. Lam
Dr. Joseph N. Lambert `59 and Mr. Harold B. Schleifer
Dr. Lynn B. Lamkin `85E (DMA)
Roger G. Lang `64 and Gloria J. Lang
Louis G. Lange III `70, P`07
Elizabeth K. Lansdale `47 and Bruce M. Lansdale `46*
Leonard M. Lanzi `84 and Russell Nelson
Marcia A. Lapham `69
Molly S. Larson `67N
Deborah Last and Jay Last `51, `11 (HNR)*
Robert N. Latella and Christine S. Latella
Dr. Diane R. Lauver `78N (MS), `87N (PhD)
Jane B. Lavery and John Newhall
Daniel G. Lazarek `91S (MBA) and Natalie C. Lazarek
Barbara Lazor and John Lazor `51*
R. Wayne LeChase and Beverly A. LeChase
Valerie A. Leeds `79
Mary Louise Nortz Leene `50 and Robert H. Leene `50*
Arlene Leenhouts P`78, P`85 and Norman P. Leenhouts `56, P`78, P`85*
Richard LeFrois and Phyllis J. LeFrois
Ned M. Leginsky `77
Richard A. Leibner `59 and Carole Cooper Leibner
Leight Foundation
Dr. Elizabeth Leight `89 and Nathan D. Leight
Dr. Norman A. Leister `58 (PhD) and Jean Leister Papieski
Robert C. Leiter and Sally J. Leiter*
Dr. Melanie L. Lenard `65
Peter Lennie and Frances Lennie
James B. Leonard `85
Dr. Jeffrey A. Leppo `69 and Dr. Marjorie Safran `70
Dr. Austin R. Leve `49, `53M (MD), `58M (Res) and Doris Leve `51E, `54W (EdM)
Dr. Alexander A. Levitan `63M (MD), P`96 and Lucy Levitan P`96
Dr. Paul C. Levy `86M (Res), `89M (Flw), P`08, P`11, P`14, P`18, P`22 and Robin A. Levy P`08, P`11, P`14, P`18, P`22
Carol Ann Lewis Yeaple `61, `65W (MA)
Dr. J. Cary Lewis `72E (DMA) and Dorothy H. Lewis `69E (MM)
Pamela McQuilkin Lewis `62 and T. C. Lewis `60*
Dr. James Chen-Min Li
Rita Licata
Donald H. Liebich `64 and Marcia Liebich
Amy C. Lill
Dr. Eric T. Lincke `54, `57M (MD) and Constance M. Lincke `57, `58 (MA)*
Dr. Arthur E. Lindner `54M (MD)
Sylvia F. Linke `75
Gail A. Lione `71
Dr. Arnold L. Lisio `56, `61M (MD) and Dr. Anne Moore Lisio
Jerold B. Lisson `64 (MS)
Dr. Julia Lobotsky `46M (MS)
James F. Loftus Jr. `75
Dr. Anne-Marie M. Logan
Dr. Wende W. Logan-Young `66M (Res) and William J. Young III*
Dr. Frank W. LoGerfo `66M (MD) and Judith M. LoGerfo
Janet C. Loughry and Dr. Richard W. Loughry `60M (MD)*
Leslie M. Loysen `60 and Sharon R. Loysen
Dr. Gerald Lucovsky `56, `58 (MA)
Dr. Elsa Verderber(Ludewig-Verdeh) `58E (MM), `64E (DMA) and Dr. Walter Verderber
Dr. Charles H. Luedtke `88E (DMA)
Dr. Norman L. Luka `69M (MD), `76M (Res), `77M (Res) and Kristina Taylor Luka
Dr. David T. Lyons `74 and Rebecca B. Lyons `74
Irene Lytwyn
Barbara A. Macey `81N, `87N (MS)
Dr. James T. MacGregor `71M (PhD) and Dr. Judith A. MacGregor
Dr. Herbert I. Machleder `62M (MD), P`01E and Karin K. Machleder P`01E
Joseph P. Mack `55
Dr. Ann MacKenzie `63
Nancy M. MacWhinney `53N and Dr. James B. MacWhinney Jr. `54M (MD)*
Richard M. Magere `72 and Kathleen M. Magere
Elaine L. Magidson `66W
Kevin L. Maier `78
Nigel Maister
Suzanne B. Malpocher `76W (MA) and Raymond V. Malpocher `73 (MS), `77S (MBA)*
Michelle K. Mann and Stephen L. Atterbury
Dr. Ahmed H. Mansour `00D (Den), `02D (Den), `06D (Den) and Dr. Lilliana Barillas
Dr. Kishore B. Marathe `71 (MA), `71 (PhD)
Urai Marchenese and Dr. Karl J. Marchenese `74M (MD), `79M (Res)*
Dr. Mark D. Marshall `79 and Dr. Helen O. Leung
Dr. James T. Martin `77
Dr. Joseph B. Martin `71M (PhD), `96M (HNR), P`92
Susan M. Martin
Dr. William B. Martin P`94E and Dr. Yvonne C. Martin P`94E
Dr. Julia Martinez-Santos
Dr. Nancy Maruyama
Dr. Dean C. Marvin `73 and Laura Marvin
Dr. John H. Mather `64 and Roberta Mather
Richard N. Matties `63 and Marianne Matties
Melva Max and Dr. Theodore C. Max `54M (MD), `61M (Res)*
Anne B. Mayer `59E (MM)
James W. Mayer `82
Dr. Paul J. Mayer `69M (MD) and Elizabeth F. Mayer
Theresa B. Mazzullo
Kevin J. McCabe `66S (MBA)
Dr. Rebecca A. McCord `76E (MM), `85E (DMA)
Annabeth McCorkle and Henry V. McCorkle Jr. `52E*
Jean H. McCreary `77 and Gregory A. Franklin
Dr. Patrick P. McCreless `81E (PhD) and Linda F. McCreless
Dr. Thomas K. McInerny and Beverly McInerny
Dr. Jim S. McKelvey `65 and Carol R. McKelvey
Dr. Stephen A. McLeod-Bryant `80, `84M (MD)
Dr. Keith A. McNabb `82E (DMA) and Julia McNabb
Dr. Neal A. McNabb `54M (MD) and Ann McNabb `51*
David D. McNair `56 and Marcia H. McNair `56*
Jean A. Meier
Dr. Dean F. Melville `70, `73M (MD), `76M (Res)
Laurie H. Merz `86E
Martin E. Messinger `49, P`82 and Joan Messinger P`82*
Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz `80D (MS), `75D (Den) and Shula Meyerowitz
Dr. Andrew W. Meyers `70 and Lee Meyers
Dr. Joseph M. Miano
Charles W. Miersch `70S (MBA) and Jill Pranger
Arthur R. Miller `56, `08 (HNR)
Dr. Harry C. Miller `61M (Res) and Kari L. Miller
Dr. Herbert R. Miller `62, `64W (MA)
Theodore L. Miller `62, `76 (MS)
Mr. Donald M. Millinger `76 and Mr. Gary Clinton `73
Dr. Drew M. Mittelman `68, P`05 and Maureen T. Adduci P`05
Deanne Molinari `58
Mary Ann Monley and William D. Rice
Charles Moon
Dr. Anne S. Moore `70, `74M (MD)
Philip M. Morace `81
Wayne R. Morrison `80
Jack W. Morrissey `70S (MBA)
Dr. James A. Muir `60 and Karen K. Muir
Richard I. Mulvey
Dr. Charles R. Munnerlyn `69 (PhD) and Judith G. Munnerlyn
Dr. Craig B. Murchison `65 and Dr. Pamela W. Murchison
Cynthia A. Murray `58E, `59E (MA)
Kathleen A. Murray `74
DR Stuart B Mushlin `69
Dr. Beverly A. Myers `57
Dr. David J. Nagel `85M (MD)
Dr. Roger P. Napier `64 (PhD)
Dr. Philip S. Nash `73 and George A. Schutt `72, `88S (MBA)*
Dr. Mary Natvig `81E, `82E (MA), `91E (PhD)
George C. Nebel `60 and Nancy L. Nebel `60
Andrew H. Neilly Jr. `47 and Janet D. Neilly
Dr. Richard B. Nelson `84E (PhD) and Dr. Beth P. Nelson `82E (MM), `88E (DMA)*
Pamela M. Ness and Paul Marc Ness
Sheila L. Netti `82 and Steven J. Netti
Seiko Newman and Dr. Robert G. Newman `63M (MD)*
Lester D. Nichols `56 and Joyce E. Nichols `56*
Ellen Niemi `60E and Stan L. Niemi
Elizabeth M. Nolan `78N (MS)
Dr. Moya L. Nordlund `77E, `80E (MA) and Dr. Thomas Nordlund
Judith M. Norman `58
Dr. John A. Norris `68 and Kathleen M. Norris `68W
Stuart E. Norris `55 and Carol Norris `54*
Francis A. Novak III
David Nowatka
G. Dennis O'Brien P`93 and Judith A. O'Brien P`93
Suzanne Jagel O'Brien `59
Wilmer P. O'Connell `61 and Mary Lou O'Connell*
David R. Ocorr `51
Henry P. Offermann and Stafford Lyons
Erin A. O'Hara O'Connor `87, P`16 and Michael O'Connor
Dr. Amy E. Oksa `84, `88M (MD) and Leslie Ross
Denis J. O'Leary `78
Ralph E. Olney III and Beverly E. Olney*
Mildred T. Onken `47, `48 (MA) and George M. Onken*
Susannah S. Onwood `67E
Joyce Osborn `54E, P`81E
Harold D. Osborne P`92 and Diane Osborne P`92
Robert M. Osieski `77, `78S (MBA)
Dr. Mark R. Osman `63
Dr. Charles H. Packman `73M (Res) and Dr. Dana M. Packman `85W (EdD)*
Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro `76W (MS), `97W (EdD)
Dr. Larry G. Palmer `61E (MM), `63E (DMA)
Lydia Palmer
Michael W. Palumbos `93 and Victoria Palumbos
James A. Panzetta and Cynthia D. Panzetta
Ronald J. Paprocki `69, `86S (MBA) and Cathleen L. Paprocki
Dr. Barnett R. Parker `72S (MS), `76S (PhD) and Linda Margolin
Virginia B. Parker `61 and Dr. Frederick B. Parker Jr. `58, `62M (MD)*
Dr. Robert Parrino `91S (MS), `92S (PhD) and Emily Parrino
Karen D. Parysek `82
John G. Paton `59E (MM)
William M. Patterson `80E (MM)
Judith Pearson `58 and Dr. C. Arthur Pearson `60M (MD)*
Dorothy R. Pecoraro `69W (MA)
Dr. Jane V. Perr `80M (MD)
Wende Persons `79W (MSE)
Dr. Thomas J. Perun `63 (PhD)
Cathy J. Peters `81N (MS), `00N (PMC)
Judith E. Peters `62, P`89 and Dr. Donald H. Peters `62, P`89*
Dr. Dale L. Phelps and Dr. Charles Phelps P`94
Nancy M. Phillips
John R. Piccirilli and Dawn Piccirilli
Joyce T. Pickering `61
Dr. Robert S. Pinals `56M (MD)
Dr. David J. Pinkow `66E and Louise Pinkow `66E (MM)
Noah Pizmony-Levy Drezner `00
Dr. Kathleen C. Plum `73, `76N (MS), `93N (PhD) and Robert T. Plum*
Dr. Lee D. Pollan
Dr. Marvin Pomerantz `59M (MD) and Margaret Pomerantz
Kimberly P. Poppa and Richard A. Poppa
Natalie Potter `56
Robert J Potter `57 (MA), `60 (PhD)
Tom R. Potter III `03
Dr. James S. Powers `77M (MD) and Martha E. Wettemann
Dr. Howard R. Pratt II `60, `62 (MS), `66 (PhD)
Dr. Theresa Pace Pretlow `66M (PhD) and Dr. Thomas G. Pretlow II `64M (MD)
Francis L. Price `74, `75S (MBA), P`14 and Nita L. Price P`14
Cynthia Proano
Dr. Peter M. Prowda `66
Dr. J. Edward Puzas `74M (MS), `77M (PhD)
Dr. Jeffrey A. Raffel `66 and Joanne T. Raffel `66
Francis H. Rasmus Jr.
Dr. Nancy G. Rathbun-Ramsey `85 and Milton Ramsey
Joan E. Reals `55E, P`91
Dr. Keith S. Reas `84E (DMA) and Dr. Tomás C. Hernández
Dr. Michael A. Recny `79 and Catherine R. Sullivan
Carol R. Reed and Barbara Phelan
Ronald M. Rettner and Karen Rettner
Nancy K. Rice `58
Dr. David A. Rich `78
Richard and Barbara Coleman Charitable Trust
Arthur M. Richardson and Jane F. Richardson
Dr. Susan Bleyler S. Richardson `58, P`90
Joseph B. Richmond `74E, `76E (MM)
Dr. Stephen L. Richter P`11, P`15 and Dr. Diane S. Richter P`11, P`15
Dr. Ramon L. Ricker `73E (DMA) and Judith S. Ricker `76E, `81E (MM), `91S (MBA)
L. Gerald Rigby `67
Ronald E. Rigby `70 and Dr. Cynthia R. Rigby `70
Donald Rivoli
Sally Roberts and Dr. Carlyle J. Roberts Jr. `54M (PhD)*
Dr. Matthew R. Robinson `97 and Dr. Melissa Summers
Helen Rogers `52, `53N
Stephen E. Rogers `90S (MBA)
Dr. Lucy B. Rorke-Adams
Mark L. Rose `64
Judith F. Rosenberg `68E, `70E (MM)
Rabbi Seymour J. Rosenbloom `66 and Cindy Rosenbloom
Elise Rosenfeld `60W, P`92 and Dr. Stephen I. Rosenfeld `59, `63M (MD), P`92*
Dr. Randy N. Rosier `77M (MS), `78M (MD), `79M (PhD) and Michael A. Robertson
Dr. Donald C. Ross `55
Terri F. Ross `55 and Herbert F. Ross*
Jerald J. Rotenberg `52 and Clare E. Rotenberg
Dr. Karl S. Roth `62
Rosemary Ann Roth RN `75, `79N (MS)
Dr. Daniel J. Rubin `56
Dr. Peter E. Rubin `67M (MD)
Dr. Judith Lehman Ruderman `64, `66W (MA)
Steven A. Ruether and Brenda J. Stapleson-Ruether
Judith E. Ruiz `77
Dr. Ellen G. Rusling `66W, `79W (MA), P`03, P`06 and Thomas Rusling P`03, P`06
David A. Russo `75 and Valerie A. Torrens `75
Wallace R. Rust
Andrea B. Ryan `77N
Cynthia Ryan and Dwight F. Ryan `65S (MBA)*
Joan D. Ryan
Richard A. Ryder MD `56, P`83 and Kay Hatton Ryder `57, P`83
Dr. Daniel Sabbah `74, `78 (MS), `82 (PhD), P`09 and Karen D. Carlson P`09
Dr. George B. Sabine
Dr. Olle Jane Z. Sahler `70M (MD), `77M (Flw) and Dr. Carl P. Sahler Jr. `70M (MD), `76M (Res)
Dr. Ronald S. Sambursky `92D (Den)
Dr. Jonathan M. Samet `70M (MD) and Constance Brines
Kathleen Sandberg and Dr. Craig Sandberg
Dr. John C. Santos `65M (MD)
Edwin G. Saphar Jr. and Gabriel R. Saphar
Robert U. Sattin `70 and Rhonda W. Sattin `71
Dr. Robert A. Scala `56M (MS), `58M (PhD), P`80 and Janet C. Scala `55N, P`80*
Robert A. Scharmer P`16
Linda Scheible and Karl Scheible `04S (MBA)*
Dr. Neil R. Scheier `88M (Res)
Maureen E. Schild `71
Dr. Frederick J. Schindler `57
Dan M. Schlieben `64E
Louise M. Schloerb and Dr. Paul R. Schloerb `44M (MD)*
Fredrick Schmidtmann
Dr. Charles M. Schoenfeld `60
Robert A. Schonbrunn `63
Dr. Nina F. Schor and Dr. Robert H. Schor
Mark F. Schork
Peter S. Schott and Mary Jane Tasciotti
Andrew Schreer `73 and Kelleen Schreer*
Patricia L. Schreib*
Timothy O. Schum `60
Richard A. Schwartz `63, `66 (MS) and Vicki Proschel Schwartz `62
Dr. Heidi B. Schwarz `83M (MD), `89M (Res), P`11
Dr. Karl Q. Schwarz `83M (MD), `86M (Res), `89M (Flw), P`11
Dr. Paul M. Schyve `66, `70M (MD), `74M (Res)
Dr. Steven S. Searl `80M (Res) and Marjorie B. Searl
Dr. George B. Segel P`90, P`94, P`01 and Barbara G. Segel P`90, P`94, P`01
Lisa A. Seischab `90E
John M. Seitman and Joan K. Irion
Joel Seligman
Karen P. Selwyn `67 and Dr. Philip A. Selwyn `65*
Dr. Lynn G. Seppala `74 (PhD) and Joan Seppala
Dr. Joseph M. Serletti `82M (MD), `88M (Res) and Dr. Bonnie L. Serletti `90M (MD), `94M (Res)
Dr. Rene Sevigny Jr. `55, `58 (MS), `60 (MS), `62 (PhD) and Iris T. Sevigny*
Dr. Maria L. Sevilla Wee `70 (MS) and Dr. Victorio T. Wee `69 (MS), `74M (PhD)
Dr. David Shander `61M (MD) and Karen Shander
Dr. Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting `89 and Dr. Gilman Whiting
George H. Shaw III `67 and Paula F. Shaw
Charles E. Shepard `60 and Carol E. Shepard `61*
Stephen W. Shepard `78S (MBA) and Barbara Shepard
Dr. Floyd A. Short `58M (MD)
David C. Shuler `76E
Michael A. Sides `70E
Sandra Sidoti
Mark R. Siewert and Marcia P. Siewert
Dr. Carl E. Silver `56 and Gail F. Silver
Barbara A. Simms
Dr. Gilbert Simon `62M (MD), P`83
Betty-Carol G. Singer `62E and Lawson F. Singer*
Mary Ann Singer `57
Dr. James W. Sinko `69 (PhD)
Elinor T. Skinner `56, P`84
Thomas R. Sloan `65, `67 (MS) and Linda E. Sloan `67
Sara Smith Mason
Edgar A. Smith `72 and Andy Lopata Smith `72
J. Michael Smith and Alice K. Smith
Lewis Smith `73M (MD), `76M (Res) and Ellen Jarrow Smith `71
Nancy A. Smith
Philip M. Smith `74E
Dr. Samuel G. Smith `62M (MD), P`85 and Robin M. Smith P`85
Dr. Robert J. Sokol `63, `66M (MD) and Roberta S. Sokol `64, `65W (MA)
Dr. Hannah J. Solky `68M (Res), `79M (Res), P`94, P`96, P`96, P`99, P`99
Binette R. Solomon `71
Edward M. Solomon `60
Mark E. Solomons `67 and Jill Kent*
Elizabeth Sonnenschein `61, `62N and Dr. Hugo F. Sonnenschein `61*
Dennis S. Soter `72S (MBA) and Evangeline Soter
Theodore Spall Jr.
Charles H. Speirs
Howard R. Spindler `81E (MA), P`14
Catherine L. Spragins `60, `61N
Lyn R. Springut and Jeff Springut
Eric Stahl
Peter D. Standish `64 and Lenore Standish
Elizabeth M. Standow `80
Joann C. Stang
Dr. Malcolm T. Stark Jr. `81
Eva M. Stauffer and Dr. Donald W. Stauffer `41E, `42E (MM)*
Dr. Roy T. Steigbigel `66M (MD), `68M (Res) and Sidonie A. Morrison PHD
Dr. Robert C. Stemsrud `64M (MD)
Dr. David H. Stern `73 and Abigail R. Stern `73
Dr. Michael Stern `81
Dr. Richard J. Stoll `74, P`06, P`09, P`13 and Dr. Catherine L. Troisi `74, P`06, P`09, P`13
COL John P. Storz, DMD `74 and Del Baker-Robertson
David B. Strong `52, `64S (MBA) and Grace S. Strong*
Lester D. Strong Jr. `64
Dr. Gerald L. Strope `74M (MD) and Christine S. Clark
Earl B. Stroup `53
David M. Sturges `54
Joseph M. Sullivan Jr. P`05, P`10 and Marilyn Sullivan P`10
Robert M. Sutherland `66M (PhD), P`85 and Karen Webb Sutherland `61N (DPL), P`85
Nancy M. Swank `03N (MS)
Charles E. Symington `80, `81S (MBA) and Margaret Symington
James A. Symonds `53 and Beverly C. Symonds*
Dr. Karl C. Sze `77M (Flw), P`00, P`10 and Kay Sze P`00, P`10
Dr. Hechmat Tabechian `61M (MD), `64M (Res), P`94, P`03 and Marjorie Tabechian `60W, P`94, P`03*
Dr. Pamela P. Talley `91M (MD)
Beth G. Tallman `84S (MBA) and Dr. Ellis W. Tallman `85 (MA), `88 (PhD)
Dr. Edwin J. Tan `02 (MS), `11 (PhD) and Andrea Lambert
Dr. Mark B. Taubman and Lois B. Taubman
Dr. Natalie Teich `70M (PhD)
Dr. Judith Temperley `57
Dr. Frederick H. Tenney `53 (PhD), P`76* and Dr. Lillian Tenney `49M (MD), `52M (Res), P`76*
Dr. Thomas A. Tesoriero `81M (MD)
Lisbet Thew `45E* and Warren Thew `49E*
Scott A. Thomas `92S (MBA)
Sandra N. Thompson `94S (MBA) and Bruce Thompson
Helene M. Thompson-Scott `96N (MS), P`11 and Andrew L. Scott P`11
Elizabeth J. Thomson*
Suzanne M. Timble `67
Michael G. Tiner `77E
Robert W. Titus `69, P`11
Linda N. Toole `77N
Sandy Toole
Thomas J. Toomey `83 and Dr. Kay A. Toomey `82
Dr. Yasunari Tosa `79 (MA), `81 (PhD)
Jane M. Tripp `54 and Dr. Marenes R. Tripp `56M (MS)*
Susie Truesdell `97S (MBA) and Stephen L. Gates
Karen Jonasse Tucker `73 and Neil Tucker
Dr. Mimi A. Tutihasi `77M (MD)
Dr. Jane I. Tuttle `79N, `84N (MS) and Doug Blue III
Sue S. Tuxill and Dr. Thomas G. Tuxill `67M (MD), `75M (Res)*
Jeff Tyzik `73E, `77E (MM), P`01E and Jill A. Tyzik P`01E
Walter R. Uhrman and Joan Uhrman*
James R. Ullom `51 (MS) and Nancy Hageman Ullom
Eugene D. Ulterino `63, P`91 and Gloria L. Ulterino `62, P`91
Joyce Underberg
Roger R. Valkenburgh `69 and Virginia A. Valkenburgh
Dr. Eugenia Vanek `74W (EdD) and Dr. John A. Vanek `74M (MD)
Patricia C. VanKouwenberg `62, `69W (MA)
Dr. Robert C. Varney `66 and Dr. Sandra Varney `66
Richard Vetuskey
Carol Vigren and David L. Vigren*
Joseph W. Wall `80
Ilene Wallmueller `74N, `82N (MS)
Gary S. Walter `72
Margaret E. Ward `52E
Paul R. Ward
Dr. Patricia Ward-Baker `55, `57 (MA)
Jo Anne Watters
George C. Watterworth `57 and Patricia S. Watterworth
Elizabeth A. Webster and Peter Z. Webster
Jane Wedemeyer and Richard A. Wedemeyer `58*
Ann D. Weintraub `60W, `69W (MA)
Dr. Lowell R. Weitkamp `62M (MD) and Sally Weitkamp
Tracey T. Welch
Robert O. Welk
Dr. Thelma J. Wells
Dr. Esther H. Wender
Shirley M. Wersinger
Dr. Alan L. Wertheimer `68, `74 (PhD) and Judith Jacobson Wertheimer `69W, `73W (MA)
Judy-Ann West `77, `82W (MSE)
Leah A. Westmoreland `62 and Dr. Larry L. Westmoreland
Patricia A. Westwood `58
Dr. Nancy A. Weyl `90M (MPH), `90 (MA), `91 (PhD)
Mykel Whitney `77E and William R. Whitney
Ralph R. Whitney Jr. `57, `73S (MBA) and Dr. Fay Wadsworth Whitney `60, `61N
Dr. Howard J. Wilcox `66 (PhD)
Elizabeth Wild `78W (MSE) and Robert Wild
Ethyl Will `74E
Janice M. Willett `78S (MBA), P`15
Joseph T. Willett `75S (MBA), P`15
Dr. James H. Willey `61E, `63E (MM), `72E (PhD)
Dr. Mark N. Wind `69
Allan R. Winn `66 and Susan S. Winn `66
Dr. Nathaniel Wisch `55, P`96 and Helen Wisch P`96
Catharine J. Wise
Helen Wolcott `55 and Dr. Oliver Wolcott `55M (MD)
Christopher L. Wood `89 and Kristin Wood
H. Ross Wood `79E (MM), `80E (DMA) and Steven M. Sayers
Dr. B. Ann Wright `63, `66 (MA), `77 (PhD) and Willard A. Wright*
Dr. Peter D. Wright `61E (MA), `65E (PhD) and Alice M. Wright
Dr. Robert G. Wright `54M (MD), `59M (Res) and Anne W. Wright
Robert Wyman
Dr. Steven P. Wyner `69
Mary Ann Yates `71
Christina Young `73
Dr. Matt Young `62, `67 (PhD) and Deanna Young `66 (MA)
Paul M. Yu P`11, P`11E, P`16E and Eileen C. Yu P`11, P`11E, P`16E
Beverly Yudkofsky and Dr. Paul L. Yudkofsky `63M (MD), `66M (Res)*
Robert Zavaglia and Nancy Zavaglia
Martin P. Zemel `63, `65W (MA), P`02 and Laura L. Fulton P`02
Alan R. Ziegler `60 and Emily Neece
Anthony J. Zollo `66
Honor Name
Anonymous (34)
Joy Abbott*
Dr. Jean M. Abramson `51E (MM), `65E (DMA)*
Dr. Robert H. Ackerman `64M (MD)*
Lena H. Adams*
John V. Adkin `50* and Lavonne A. Adkin `79S (MBA)*
Dorothy D. Aeschliman `49N*
Dr. Cameron Ainsworth `49 (PhD)*
Marie M. Aklin*
Julia M. Albertalli `59W*
Carol T. Aldridge `45E, `50E (MM), P`74E, P`75E*
Anna J. Allen*
Mary Y. Allen*
Sandra S. Allen*
Donald W. Allton `36E, `38E (MM)* and Mary E. Allton `38E (MM)*
Margaret R. Ames*
Carl E. Amt `37E (MA)*
Alicia P. Anderson `46N, P`77* and Robert L. Anderson P`80, P`88*
Carol H. Anderson*
Dr. Elaine Anderson*
Velma P. Anderson*
James D. Andrews* and Ruth Mary T. Andrews*
George M. Angle P`90* and Alva H. Angle P`90*
Dolores A. Anthony*
Dr. Dominick Argento `58E (PhD)*
Thomas H. Armstrong `50* and Jeanne Armstrong `50*
Charles G. Ashe*
Laura B. Ashman `88*
Dr. Marilyn J. Aten `65N*
John F. Atkinson `54* and Mrs. Mary Haskins Atkinson `55*
Dr. Edward C. Atwater `50* and Ruth P. Atwater*
Mary M. Avoli*
Dr. Stuart A. Babcock `64M (MD)*
Clara D. Baird*
William C. Baird* and Mary-Edwards N. Baird*
Abe E. Baker* and Charlotte K. Baker*
Mary Elizabeth Baker `45*
William Balderston III* and Ruth Balderston*
Dr. David S. Baldwin `43, `45M (MD), P`71* and Halee Baldwin `44, P`71*
Richard E. Baldwin `43, `51W (EdM)* and Janet L. Baldwin*
Richard R. Ball `52*
John R. Balling*
Jane Barager `36* and Joseph R. Barager `46, `47 (MA)*
John L. Barg `46* and Doris M. Barg*
Maeluise Barkin*
Donald M. Barnard `49, `56 (MS), `77S (MBA)* and Janet C. Barnard `73W (EdM), `78W (EdD)*
Dr. John B. Barnell*
Margaret Barnell*
Alice J. Barnes `48*
Ruby E. Barnhill*
Hazel S. Bastian `38*
Warren B. Bastian `53*
Bruce B Bates*
Alice M. Battaglia*
Christopher Battaglia*
Suzanne A. Bausch*
Robert Baustian `42E, `48E (MM)*
Dr. Myron C. Beal `42* and Esther Beal `45*
Nancy B. Becker `59E*
William E. Beeney `38*
Harry R. Beilfuss* and Nancy B. Beilfuss*
Richard G. Bennett* and Ruth H. Bennett*
Eva Berk*
Philip R. Berk*
Betty R. Berman `32*
Ruth Berner `39* and Robert F. Berner*
Alan Bernstein Jr. `63*
Beatrice Bibby `30, P`65*
Herbert Bieber*
Robert D. Billett `45*
Mary Lee Monroe Birmingham `50* and John M. Birmingham Jr.*
Dr. Charles W. Bishop `46M (PhD)* and Dr. Beverly Bishop `46 (MA)*
Doris Schostal Blaisdell* and Dr. Lowell L. Blaisdell `44 (MA)*
Jeanne E. Blaze*
Geraldine Blazey `61W (MA)*
Lena C. Blossom*
Ruth Blumberg*
Phyllis A. Boccella*
Mildred T. Bohrer*
Barbara Boname*
Virginia S. Booth `50E, `58E (MM)*
Phyllis R. Borsky `67*
Allen C. Boucher*
Beverly T. Bowen*
Ben C. Bowman* and Marion H. Bowman*
Charles E. Boyer `63*
Alfred G. Boylan P`78* and Mildred C. Boylan P`78*
Dr. William E. Brandt `48E (MM), `50E (PhD)* and Janet E. Brandt*
Charlene F. Brendler `69E (MM)*
Rev. Joseph P. Brennan*
Arnold E. Briddon `47 (MA)* and Renee Briddon*
Arlene C. Bristol*
William L. Bristow `75, `78 (MS)*
William C. Britton `48*
Alma Jean Brodell P`79, P`81, P`83* and Dr. Harold L. Brodell `54M (MD), P`79, P`81, P`83*
Harold J. Brown*
Keirn C. Brown `39* and Jane S. Brown `39*
Nicholas E. Brown `28* and Jean Brown*
Pauline H. Brown*
Richard R. Brown*
Jean P. Browning* and Dr. Francis E. Browning `52M (Res), `56M (Flw)*
Lee W. Brumet `51, `52N*
Allan Brunke*
Roy T. Bruno Jr.*
Gwendolyn M. Buchanan `59W*
Beatrice Buck `41E*
Vivian F. Bucknam `45*
Genevieve Buckovich*
Jerald D. Bullock `45, `47 (MS)* and Barbara Bullock `46*
Norman A. Burgess `52, `60W (EdM)* and Eleanor H. Burgess*
Elton J. Burgett `29*
Dr. Paul J. Burgett `68E, `72E (MA), `76E (PhD)* and Dr. Catherine Valentine*
Albert L. Burnett `68*
Carolyn Keith Burr `78N (MS)*
Robert N. Burr `39*
Austin R. Bush*
Dr. Harold L. Bushey `54M (MD)*
John H. Bushfield `35*
Anne M. Buxton `54E*
Frances J. Buxton `41E (MM)*
Dorothy Calingaert `55E (MA)*
Lucile G. Calvert*
Marilyn L. Camera*
Daniel J. Cannon*
Michael L. Cantisano Sr.*
Theresa J. Carbonneau*
Dr. Thomas E. Cardillo `47, `51M (MD), `55M (Flw)* and Valerie P. Cardillo*
Shirley J. Carey*
Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci `58E (DMA)*
Margaret J. Carnall*
Dr. Hoyle D. Carpenter `32E (MM)*
Clark E. Carroll*
Ellen Jean P. Carver `61*
Donald S. Cary `46*
Joann Casey*
Emily Cassebeer `53*
Eunice Cassorla*
Frances L. Castle `34*
John P. Celentano `37E, `41E (MM)* and Mary B. Celentano*
Lila Celentano*
Phil M. Chamberlain `38* and Caroline C. Chamberlain*
Ernestine M. Chandler*
Janice Chapman `56* and Dr. Derek D. Chapman `62 (Flw)*
Mary H. Chase*
Annette B. Cheek `51E, `53E (MM)* and John A. Cheek*
Philip M. Chenoweth `42*
Doris J. Cherry `43*
Dr. Virgil D. Cheyne `38, `40M (PhD)*
Mary W. Clark P`69*
Phyllis Clark*
Rae A. Clark Sr. `45* and Esther S. Clark `46*
Dr. Robert L. Clark `62M (MD), `70M (Res)*
Dr. June M. Clase*
Merritt A. Cleveland* and Marjorie S. Cleveland*
Dr. B. Otis Cobb `43M (MD)*
Theodore Coffin* and Dr. Helen K. Coffin `32M (MD)*
Gerald S. Cohen `65*
Dr. James M. Cole `44, `46M (MD)* and Marion S. Cole `44N*
Mabel Coleman*
Dr. Elizabeth F. Colson `85 (HNR)*
Prudence E. Cometa*
Dr. John J. Condemi* and Carol R. Condemi*
William P. Condo*
William L. Connellee `46* and Ann B. Connellee*
William P. Connolly `36*
Sylvia M. Conroy* and Howard M. Conroy*
Marion E. Constable `45E (MA)*
Dorothy R. Coombs, Living Trust*
Beverly R. Coope `52*
Alan J. Cope `46E (MM)*
Helen S. Corsa `37E*
Albert R. Cosimo*
Blair P. Cosman `41E (MA)*
Earl W. Costich `42*
Lillian A. Courtheoux `40*
Roberta K. Courtman `50*
Edwin T. Cox Jr.*
Dr. Thomas D. Coyle Jr. `52* and Janet Coyle `52*
Dr. Kenneth M. Coyne `36, `40M (MD)*
Wilmot R. Craig* and Jean M. Craig*
David Craighead* and Marian R. Craighead*
Jeanne A. Crandall `42N* and Dr. William D. Crandall `38M (MS), `41M (MD)*
John S. Crandall*
Rev. Richard G. Creadick `48* and Mary K. Creadick*
Leon J. Creek*
Dorothy H. Crim `50, `51N* and William D. Crim Jr.*
Albert C. Crofton `69S (MBA)*
James F. Crum `56*
Donald N. Curtis `45, P`74* and Elizabeth S. Curtis `50*
Carl W. Cutler*
Dr. Rose Dagirmanjian `54M (MS), `60M (PhD)*
Adrienne Frances Dahl*
Erling A. Dalaker* and Marguerite M. Dalaker*
Dr. Roswell G. Daniels `47M (MD)*
Stuart J. Daniels `51*
R. Bruce Davey `51* and Linda W. Davey `53*
Dr. Richard J. Davey `69M (MD)*
Dr. C. Jane Davis*
Sylvia Davis*
Stephen F. De Nagel `61, `63 (MS)*
Lois A. Debes `52*
Tony H. Dechario `62E, `63E (MM)* and Gill R. Dechario*
Homer Deffenbaugh `45, P`87, P`95* and Betty Deffenbaugh `48N, `58*
Dr. Erwin Delano `56 (MS), `66 (PhD)*
Alice M. Delucrezia*
Della W. DeMarle* and James DeMarle*
Charles P. Deneef `40, P`67*
Carl Dengler*
John H. Dengler*
Dr. Vernon R. Dennis `49M (Res)*
Thelma Densmore*
Viola DeReu Est.*
Grace C. DeRuyscher*
Eleanor DeWald* and Dr. Paul A. Dewald `45M (MD), `52M (Res)*
H. Jane Dibble `48*
Dr. Robert H. Dicke `39, `81 (HNR), P`67* and Annie C. Dicke*
Esther Dickey `33E*
Ann Carlton Dickinson `43, `45 (MA)* and John E. Dickinson*
Evelyn Z. Diehl*
John M. Dieterle `49*
Rev. Jean A. Dimond `50*
John O. Dineen*
Sally S. Dineen*
Peter S. DiPasquale `52*
Dr. Morris S. Dixon Jr. `51M (MD)* and Jill Dixon*
Helga Doblin*
Mary Nicol Shenk Dodd `50E, `53E (MM)*
Dorothy M. Dodds `49N, P`72* and Dr. Alexander E. Dodds `48M (MD), `51M (Res), P`72*
Shirley Dodenhoff `48* and William Dodenhoff `50*
Edward C. Doerner*
Dr. David W. Doner Jr. `69M (Res)*
Dr. Brewster C. Doust Jr. `50, `52M (MD)*
Fayette Dow*
Francis J. Drago `54*
Donn P. Drake* and Leaf E. Drake*
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss*
Emma-Jane E. Drury `63*
Erma Dugan*
Charles G. Dumont*
Alexander D. Dunbar `26*
Beatrice F. Duncan Trust*
John M. Eargle `53E*
Dr. Marjy Ehmer `59 (PhD)*
William H. Eilinger `42*
Dr. Lynne Elkin `67*
Marcia P. Ellis `44* and Robert Ellis*
J. Elizabeth Engan `47N, `47*
Jack A. Erdle* and Norma Erdle*
Elinor Evangelist*
Marian Evans `57* and Neil K. Evans `58*
Gisela Evitt `50, P`75*
Dr. Matthew E. Fairbank `30, `35M (MD)* and Ruth Fairbank `31*
Ionia R. Fallwell 37E (MA)*
Richard E. Fang `43* and Virginia K. Fang*
Margaret Farish `39E, `46E (MM)*
Theodore Fehlner* and Madeline Fehlner*
Dr. Frederick Fennell `37E, `39E (MM), `88E (HNR)* and Elizabeth Ludwig-Fennell*
Albert O. Fenyvessy* and Ruth H. Fenyvessy*
Michael Ferrauilo Sr. P`87, P`89* and Anita E. Ferrauilo P`89*
Joanne M. Fiaretti `56N* and Donald Fiaretti*
Guy S. Fifield*
Robert A. Fine*
Aldo F. Fioravanti P`75, P`78* and Anne J. Fioravanti P`75, P`78*
Gloria Fish `47*
Dr. Dean H. Fisher `44M (MD)*
Cyril B. Fitch*
Mary Eleanor Flatley* and Dr. F. Joseph Flatley `54M (MD), `59M (Flw)*
Barry W. Florescue `66*
Toni A. Foglesong `48* and James S. Foglesong `50E*
Janet P. Forbes `40, P`75* and Charles H. Forbes P`75*
Suressa H. Forbes* and Richard Forbes*
Thelma J. Ford `40*
Dr. Alice Foster `45, `48M (MD)* and Dr. James J. Foster `48M (MD)*
Dr. Donald M. Foster `50M (MD)*
Thomas S. Foulkes `66S (MBA)*
Dorothy L. Fox*
Dr. Arthur R. Frackenpohl `47, `49E (MA)*
George K. Fraley Jr.*
Bud B. Frame `53* and Peggy M. Frame*
Jean R. France*
Dr. John P. Frazer `39M (MD)* and Doris Frazer*
Theodore C. Frazeur `51E, `56E (MM)*
William C. Frederick `40, `47 (EdM)* and Myra Frederick `48 (EdM)*
Dr. Martha M. Freeman `44, `45N, `51M (MD)*
Jane V. Frey*
Bertha Friedlander `35* and Sam Friedlander*
Margaret Friedlich*
Dr. Richard C. Friedman `66M (MD)*
Dr. Stanford B. Friedman `57M (MD)*
Donald S. Frost `33* and Jane Burr Dailey Frost*
Alice P. Frugoni*
Marion Fulbright*
Ronald A. Furman*
John N. Fuyuume `48E, `50E (MM)* and Setsuko H. Fuyuume*
Edward J. Gafney*
Katherine R. Gamble*
William C. Gamble `50* and Ann Gamble*
Anne L. Gardner `59N (DPL), `83N* and Dr. John H. Gardner III*
Duane Garner* and Carol B. Garner*
Evelyn J. Garufo*
Margaret J. Gast Trust*
Dr. J. William Gavett `44*
H. William Geil `51* and Joan B. Geil*
Robert P. Giddings `37*
Mary A. Gietz*
Dr. Richard S. Gilbert `52M (MD)*
Dr. Robert J. Gill `48M (MD)*
Clara Gilman*
Jane L. Gilman `41 (DPL), `42N, P`77, P`85* and Philip F. Gilman P`77, P`85*
Charles A. Gilmore Jr.*
Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel `44, `46 (MA)*
Carol M. Ginsburg `43*
Zachary L. Girard*
Dr. Hillel J. Gitelman `58M (MD)*
Catharine Gleason `36E, `41E (MM), `00E (HNR)*
Michael C. Glover `59E, `63E (MM)*
Helen Goff `38E*
Dr. Joshua N. Goldberg `47* and Gloria Goldberg `49*
Dr. Lawrence G. Goldberg `66*
David G. Goldstein `38, P`67, P`77*
Dr. Louis A. Goldstein `32M (MD), `37M (Res)*
Faye Gonsenhauser*
Susan P. Goodrich*
Shirley P. Gordon*
Thomas H. Gosnell* and Georgia P. Gosnell*
Helen F. Gowen*
Clarence Granata *
Barbara J. Granite*
Dr. John M. Grant `58M (Res)*
Samuel Greenberg*
Marianne Gregory `51N* and F. Gilbert Gregory `54M (MD)*
Theodore R. Grimes `54E*
Jean E. Groff*
Louis J. Gross* and Anna B. Gross `69 (MA)*
John C. Groth-Juncker `88 (MA)* and Dr. Annemarie Groth-Juncker*
Dr. Adrian W. Grubs `59M (MD)* and Shirleyann Grubs*
Wilma Gruenauer `39*
Dr. William B. Guenther `50 (MS), `54 (PhD)*
Laura J. Gunby `85*
Jane H. Gunter-McCoy `59E*
Ruth I. Gustafson `58E (MM)*
Dr. Brett B. Gutsche `61M (MD)*
Paul S. Guzzetta `60E* and Rita A. Guzzetta*
Ruth E. Hagger `45*
Dr. Robert J. Haggerty `51M (Res)*
Sally G. Hahn `57*
Richard R. Haig `44, P`72* and Edith R. Haig*
Martha C. Haines `51*
John D. Haldane Jr. `42E, `46E (MM)*
Eleanor Hall `61N (HNR)*
Anne L. Haller*
David A. Haller Jr. `48*
Stanley A. Hamilton `49* and Joyce W. Hamilton*
Dr. Stanley Handelman*
E. Pauline Handy `48*
Henry M. Hansen* and Dorothy E. Hansen*
Dr. Peter S. Hansen `35E (MA)*
Dr. David A. Hanson `59*
Jack D. Harby `37* and Josephine S. Harby `39*
Dr. Donald P. Harnish `48 (PhD)*
Sue Anne Harnish*
Edward Harris* and Jacqueline Harris*
Harry J. Hart `41* and Jean Hart `42*
Horace Hart* and Joan Hart*
Karen Hart*
Margaret M. Hartwell*
Eleanor W. Haupt*
Dr. Patricia Hayden `53M (MD)* and Dr. Ralph N. Hayden `53M (MD)*
Cecil Hayes Est.*
Dr. Clyde A. Heatly*
Peter B. Heinrich `60*
Dr. Donald W. Helbig `61M (MD), P`80, P`89*
H. Lawrence Helfer* and Joanne S. Helfer*
Peter H. Helmers `75*
Dr. Louis H. Hempelmann Jr. `55M (HNR), `55M (Res)*
Burton Hendershot*
James T. Henderson `46, P`77, P`79* and Mary Ann Henderson*
Dr. Atlee B. Hendricks `39M (MD)*
Edward R. Hendrickson `38* and Alice Hendrickson*
Harold A. Hennessy*
Howard H. Hennington `35* and Hildegarde M. Hennington*
Isabel C. Herdle `27*
A. Arlene Hershey `38E*
John E. Heselden* and Ethel Heselden*
Gerald D. Heveron `52* and Jane G. Heveron*
Warren H. Hewes* and Mary Ann Hewes*
Charles E. Heywood* and Phyllis Heywood*
Harold J. Hickey* and Ruth H. Hickey*
Thomas F. Hicks*
Dr. Isabel H. Higgs-Bolinger `55E, `62W (MA)*
Ruth S. Hilborn*
Roger A. Hilfiker*
Dr. Robert J. Hoe `44, `51 (MS)*
Dr. Robert Hoekelman* and Ann Hoekelman*
Elaine Hoffman*
George W. Hoffman*
Anna D. Hogan*
Paul D. Hogan*
Elizabeth Hoke `45, P`72*
Frances H. Holdren*
Arthur M. Holtzman Jr. `43*
Ann M. Horning*
John R. Horvath*
Gloria B. Horwitz*
Marilyn J. Houser*
Walton L. Howes `48*
Dr. Donald R. Huene `59M (MD), `67M (Res)*
Doris J. Hults `41E, P`65*
Dr. David S. Hungerford `63M (MD), `64M (Res), P`87*
Jeanette R. Hunt `47*
Irene M. Hunter `34E* and Maxwell W. Hunter II*
Thelma Hunter `47E (MA), P`84E, P`98E*
Gwyneth D. Hunting*
Kent C. Hurley `65 (MA)*
Dr. Robert E. Hyatt `46, `49M (MD)*
Ray P. Hylan Est.*
William C. Ingersoll `50*
DR Marylou Ingram `42, `47M (MD)*
Virginia R. Insley* and Dr. Donald R. Insley `32M (MD)*
Ms. Mary Sue Jack `85N (PhD), `80N (Flw)*
Winefride Jacobs*
Ruby M. Jefferson*
Anastasia Jempelis `46E, `48E (MM)*
J. Arthur Jennings* and J. A. Jennings*
Paul S. Jessup `47E*
Halford B. Johnson `52, P`85* and Georgine Johnson P`85*
Dr. James W. Johnson* and Nan H. Johnson `60 (MA)*
Dr. Jean E. Johnson*
Dr. Lawrence S. Johnson `65M (MD)*
Margaret Johnson `55E, `72E (MM)*
Charles A. Jones*
Margaret K. Jones*
Mary Lou Jones*
Stephen Jones `45* and Doris R. Jones `47*
Martin M. Josephs `35*
Catherine Joynson `52*
Rosa D. Julstrom `46, `47E (MA)* and Dr. Clifford Julstrom `35E (MM), `48E (PhD)*
Robert O. Kahse `39*
Albert D. Kaiser Jr. `39* and Margaret J. Kaiser*
Marthabelle Kalbfus `35*
June Kamm*
Ronald S. Kareken `74S (MBA)*
Lee Donald Kauffman*
Janet T. Kaufman `52*
David T. Kearns `52* and Shirley Kearns*
Margaret R. Keck `45, P`77, P`83* and Dr. James C. Keck P`77, P`83*
James Keighley `41* and Barbara Keighley `42*
John M. Keil `44* and Barbara Keil*
Richard W. Keldorf* and Barbara Keldorf*
Harold C. Kellogg Jr. `51*
Dr. Ralph H. Kellogg `40, `43M (MD)*
Joyce E. Kelly*
June E. Kelly*
Dr. Nyla C. Kelson `51M (MD)*
Thelma M. Kenison `35E*
Kent W. Kennan `34E, `36E (MM)*
Duncan C. Kennedy* and Nancie R. Kennedy `79E (MM)*
Jeremiah M. Kennedy* and Nellie D. Kennedy*
Mary A. Kent*
Doris M. Kerber `49*
M. Frances Kerr*
Dorothy D. Keziah `45E, `46E (MM)*
Morton C. Kimball*
Grace A. Kime*
James E. Kincaid `55*
Dr. Richard L. King `57M (MD)* and Lois D. King*
Jean O. Kinney `38*
Dr. Robert Kirkwood `56 (PhD)*
Eileen M. Kissel*
Dorothy Kitzing*
Dr. John C. Klahn `57, `60M (MD)* and Mona F. Klahn `60, `77S (MBA)*
Steven Klausz P`12*
Sherris M. Kleinstein*
Ruth Rickers Klemmer `48* and Edmund T. Klemmer*
Gertrude M. Kloos `36N* and Dr. Edward K. Kloos `38M (MD)*
Ann D. Knapp `56* and Richard Knapp*
Dr. J. Walter Knapp*
Ila M. Knauf*
Frances P. Knoll*
Kathryn Koehler `49E, `53E (MM)* and Ward L. Koehler*
Dr. James E. Koller* and Marianne T. Koller*
Sheila Konar*
Eleanor N. Kordt*
Florene L. Kraai*
Louise E. Kramer `52* and C. David Kramer*
Ronald J. Kransler*
Hannah C. Kraus `31*
Marion A. Krause*
C. Richard Kriebel `44* and Marjorie W. Kriebel `44*
Ernest V. Kubanka* and Mary M. Kubanka*
Wilma F. Kujawski `36*
Martha B. Kurchyn*
Joel H. Kuznik `63E (MM)*
Frank A. La Cava `52E* and Janet La Cava `52E*
John M. La Montaine `42E*
Mary A. Ladowsky*
Ruth C. Lakeway `44E, `47E (MM)*
Edward M. Lamont Sr.* and Camille B. Lamont*
Mary F. Landrum `50E (MA)*
Geraldine Lane*
Judith A. Lane*
Janet R. Langdon `50* and John L. Langdon `50*
Dr. Edward A. Langhans `44, `49 (MA)*
Sumner P. Lapp `41, P`69*
Kriss A. Larsen*
Carl Lasky*
Roger D. Lathan `54, P`83, P`84, P`85, P`88* and Joan M. Lathan P`83, P`84, P`85, P`88*
Dr. Paul A. Law*
John L. Lawless* and Ramsay C. Lawless*
Dr. Robert M. Lawrence `49M (MD), P`73, P`81*
Richard C. Lawton* and Eleanor C. Lawton*
Joseph Lazard*
Carol Leblanc* and Richard Leblanc*
Celia Lechna*
Helen C. Lee `46E*
Richard R. Leger `57*
Hilda Lehmkuhl `27H (DPL)* and Henry Lehmkuhl*
Charlotte Lenkowsky `44E*
Ronald M. Levinson `56* and Edith Shapiro*
David M. Levy*
David H. Lewis*
Eric H. Lewis `30E* and Dolores L. Lewis*
Nathalie J. Lewis*
Igor Limansky `45* and Marguerite R. Limansky `45*
Dr. Harvey L. List `50 (MS)*
Joan M. Listman*
Dr. J. Russell Little `56M (MD)* and Dr. Katharine Little `54M (MS), `57M (PhD)*
Wm. A. Little*
Jack Lodico*
Beverly J. Longbine*
Margaret Lorince `50E (MM)*
Evelyn Lovejoy* and Dr. Frank W. Lovejoy Jr. `40M (MD)*
Arthur M. Lowenthal `11* and Helene Lowenthal*
Frank E. Luellen Jr. `52, P`84* and Cricket F. Luellen P`84*
Dr. William C. Luft `52, `56M (MD)*
Richard D. Lunt*
Judith A. Lurie*
Dr. Evelyn M. Lutz `55N, `63*
Walter J. Lutz* and Adeline P. Lutz*
Peter R. Lyman `47*
Ida W. Lynch `25* and Gerald F. Lynch*
Myrosia Lytwyn*
Dr. Jean Macfarlane `48M (MD)*
Dr. Joan M. Mack `49E, `62E (DMA)*
Jacqueline Mahar*
Dr. Robert C. Manchester `30M (MS), `32M (MD)*
Jeanne E. Mandel*
James F. Mangan* and Nancy S. Mangan*
Dr. Edward J. Manwell `30M (MD)* and Dr. Claire Manwell `30M (MD)*
Christiane Marks*
Harold S. Marsh*
Henry J. Martens `31* and Dr. Edith M. Lipphardt `42M (MD), `45M (Res)*
Frances Y. Martin `53* and Dr. Robert B. Martin `53 (PhD)*
Tessa-Anastasia L. Martin `59W*
Elizabeth Master Est.*
Ronald F. Masucci `56, `62S (MS)*
Richard J. Mautz*
Frances May `42, `43N, `54 (MS)* and Bruce A. May*
Walter H. May `43* and Marie May `52N, `58*
Gerard A. Mayer*
Dorothy C. McCarty `46* and Dr. Lewis V. McCarty `45 (PhD)*
Stanley McClellan `38*
Gilbert G. McCurdy* and Katherine McCurdy*
Eileen M. McEvoy `45, `46 (EdM)*
CDR Alan R. McGarry `39*
Mary A. McGovern*
George S. McIsaac `61S (MS)*
Lionel W. McKenzie* and Blanche McKenzie*
Phyllis F. McNelly `64* and Donald P. McNelly*
Marian McPartland `07E (HNR)*
Carolyn McPherson `55, `58 (MA)*
Genevieve McQuillin `64N (MS)*
Brenda Meehan `70 (PhD)*
Sallie Melvin `51*
Winona Merlin*
Howard S. Merritt P`85*
Thelma Mertz Trust `43H (DPL)*
Robert Metzdorf `33*
John M. Meyers `58*
Dr. Walter J. Michaelis `64*
Dorcas J. Michaels*
Archibald Miller*
Dr. Charles I. Miller `35, `38M (MD)* and Gertrude Miller `48*
Ellen J. Miller `55*
Hilda I. Miller `51*
Lillian L. Miller*
Marilyn B. Miller* and Dr. Aaron Miller `50M (MD)*
Paul S. Miller `52* and Marilyn Miller `52*
Violet L. Miller `42E, `47E (MM)*
M. Harriet Mills `42N*
Michael Missiras `94E (MM)*
Mary L. Mitchell `47*
Dr. Tapan Mitra `73 (MA), `75 (PhD)*
Martha Moody `42* and Dr. E. Albert Moody `43M (MD)*
Charles L. Moon `54E (MA)*
Roger D. Moore `50*
Verne H. Moore `50*
Dr. John Moran `71M (Res)*
Dr. Germaine L. Morgan*
Helen N. Morgan `35, P`73* and Mac R. Morgan `40E, P`73*
Mary Morgan `47* and Gerald Morgan Jr.*
Webster S. Morgan* and Elizabeth M. Morgan*
Christine C. Morrell `80, `84W (MS)*
Sam F. Morrell P`80, P`84* and Eileen Morrell P`80, P`84*
Isaac A. Morris* and Marjorie Morris*
Dr. James F. Morris `48M (MD)*
Shari Morris*
William H. Morris* and Eleanor Morris*
Winifred C. Morrissey `44* and Leonard E. Morrissey Jr. `46*
B. Kathleen Morse Est.*
John W. Morse* and Patricia M. Morse*
Annabel Muenter*
Barbara T. Mugnolo*
Ann Mowris Mulligan*
Mary S. Mulligan `39E*
Edna Muntz `33, `99N (HNR)*
Elise H. Murdy* and Richard Murdy*
Dr. Catherine Murphy `45E (MM)*
Rowena H. Nadig `52, `53N*
Daropadi Nangea*
COL Ethel A. Nelson `50, `53N*
Karl E. Nelson `59*
Dr. Dan Neuberger `54 (PhD)*
Dr. Margaret Neuman `40M (MS), `43M (PhD)*
Marion W. Neun `32, P`63*
Hans G. Neureuther* and Klara E. Neureuther*
Mary Newill `34*
Bernard J. Newmark `52*
Benjamin P. Nicolette*
LTC William Robert Nolan `44, `48 (MA)* and Jane M. Nolan*
Ruth H. Noonan* and Dr. Thomas R. Noonan*
Julia A. Northrop*
Faith Barnum Norton `39, `40N*
James F. Norton `48 (MS)*
Jean L. Norton* and Paul L. Norton*
Wayne G. Norton `41* and Elizabeth Norton `75*
Frances B. Nostrand `34*
Constantina Noun*
Adele H. Nusbaum `40*
Dr. Marvel-Dare F. Nutting `38M (PhD)*
Dr. Ruth P. Oakley `37, `41M (MD)*
Do Not List*
Dr. Susumu Okubo `58 (PhD)*
Dr. Eric Oldberg*
Ira Olsan `14*
Henrietta Olsen*
S. James O'Reilly* and Nancy E. O'Reilly*
Dr. Gifford P. Orwen `30, `31 (MA)* and Mary R. Orwen*
Nora Osness*
Elma G. Oster `40N*
Virginia I. O'Toole `50*
Elsie G. Ouellette*
Percival D. Oviatt Jr.* and Anne L. Oviatt*
William S. Pac `72*
Dr. Gilbert A. Palmer `70W (EdD)*
Patricia S. Palmer `47, `48N*
Thomas E. Pammenter `40, P`66*
Mary Jane Papastrat*
John S. Parke*
Donald G. Parker `64W (EdM)*
Dr. John H. Parker `61, `68M (PhD)*
Pauline P. Parks `40, P`64* and Nathaniel G. Parks*
Dr. Keith W. Parry `66 (MA), `72 (PhD)*
Jerome P. Pavia*
Dr. Raymond Pearson `43M (Res), `48M (Res), `50M (Flw)* and Dr. Ann M. Pearson `48M (Res)*
Dr. Donald P. Pederson `46, `50 (MS), `51M (MD)*
Wallace L. Pensgen `45, `50 (MS)* and Marjorie Pensgen*
Dr. G. Porter Perham `60M (Res)*
George W. Peters `52* and Elizabeth Tompkins Peters*
Marjorie A. Petzold*
Marjorie C. Pfaudler `43, `44N*
Dr. Harry S. Phillips `40, `43M (MD)* and Jean Phillips*
James W. Phillips `37*
Maryann E. Pierleoni `59N (DPL), `59*
Dr. John N. Pike `58 (PhD)* and Margaretta H. Pike*
John W. Pimkowski*
Dr. Ronald J. Pimpinella `60M (MD)*
Deloris Piotter*
Robert W. Place `54, P`86, P`92* and Patricia G. Place*
Dr. Joseph B. Platt `37* and Jean Platt*
Dr. Alan P. Poland `66M (MS), `65M (MD)*
Carroll W. Potter `39, `48 (EdM)*
Judith Potter*
Kenneth Potter* and Mary Potter `72W (MA)*
Mary Potter `72W (MA)*
Tom R. Potter Jr. P`03*
Lillian S. Price `56 (MS)*
Thomas C. Pryor `40*
Harriet F. Purdy `99M (HNR)*
Marie P. Quagliata* and Joseph V. Quagliata*
Rhoda Rabin `48E* and Dr. Marvin J. Rabin `48E (MM)*
Martha N. Rakita `43*
Phyllis B. Ramsay*
Dr. Martin F. Randolph `43M (MD)*
Adelbert W. Ransom `56*
Martha Rao P`74*
Glenn R. Rapalee*
Joseph F. Rapp*
Dr. Dorothy M. Rathmann `44M (PhD)*
Hilda Raymer*
Barbara C. Rayson `45, P`71*
Virginia Redfern `35* and Richard B. Redfern*
Edgar Reeve*
Christopher J. Regruit `00S (MBA)*
Dr. Paul F. Reich `35*
Jean M. Reid*
Mary M. Reimann*
Dr. Richard P. Reinertson*
Emelia T. Reinhart* and Shirl T. Reinhart*
Dr. Eric Rennert `67M (Res)*
Mary F. Repert `48*
Mary G. Reynolds*
Verne Reynolds* and Shirley G. Reynolds*
Dr. H. Norman Richardson `54M (MD)* and Barbara N. Richardson*
Mary C. Riley*
Dr. Henry G. Ring*
Robert Ritchie* and Helen Ritchie*
Phyllis S. Ritterson `55M (MS)*
Dorothy R. Rittler*
Do Not List*
Dr. Helen Anne B. Rivlin `49*
James P. Rizzo `45*
Daniel H. Robbins* and Nancy S. Robbins*
Barbara J. Robinson `38* and Charles F. Robinson*
Linda D. Robinson `57*
John F. Robson `53E*
Diane R. Rock `51* and C. Thomas Rock*
Dr. Dale L. Rockwell `86W (MSE), `89W (PhD)*
Helen S. Rockwell `37*
Barbara Rogers*
Howard F. Rogers `36*
Sally Rohrdanz `45*
Dr. Henry D. Rohrer Jr. `75D (Den)* and Eleanor D. Rohrer*
Margot Romberg `58E*
Rose M. Romeo*
Anna C. Roodenburg* and Dr. Andries Roodenburg*
Doris M. Roosevelt*
Dr. Robert A. Rosevear `39E, `43E (MM)* and Clara H. Rosevear*
Dr. Seymour Rothchild `48 (PhD)*
Barbara L. Rubin `51, P`74* and Dr. Philip Rubin P`74*
Dr. Mitchell C. Ruda `73 (MS)*
Norbert G. Ruf*
Joyce G. Rumpf `77*
Nathaniel P. Rutter*
Forrest S. Sanders `40E* and Betty L. Sanders*
Julia L. Sauer `14*
Ruth Scales*
Margaret W. Scandling `44* and William F. Scandling*
Dr. Franklin H. Schaefer `45M (MD)*
Dr. Hugh F. Schaefer `46*
Joyce B. Schaefer `64N, `64*
Anne J. Schaff*
Kathleen A. Scheuerlein*
Barbara Ann L. Schiff `44*
Hans M. Schiff `43* and Muriel H. Schiff*
Dr. Bernard N. Schilling* and Susan E. Schilling*
William J. Schinstine `45E*
Jane E. Schmitt `43*
Margaret B. Schneider*
Dr. Raymond A. Schneider `48, `52M (MD)*
Mona R. Schoen*
John Schottmiller `53, P`84* and Anne H. Schottmiller P`84*
Matthew Schultz*
Laura A. Schulz `86E*
Phyllis Schwartz* and Dr. James F. Schwartz `55M (MD)*
Paul L. Scipioni*
Marilyn G. Scott*
Do Not List `15*
Rev. Elbert L. Scrantom `37*
Mae Sears*
Dr. Mary E. Sears `47, `50M (MD)*
Emma M. Senz*
Marguerite E. Sewell `48N* and Dr. John H. Sewell*
Donald B. Shaw Jr.*
Harold A. Shay* and Margaret Shay*
W. Warren Shelden* and Virginia D. Shelden*
Mrs. Barbara Hall Sheppard `59*
Dr. Thomas B. Shipley `42M (MD)* and Dr. Margaret S. Shipley `42M (MD)*
Otto Shults Est.*
Milton Shurr `32*
Laura Sias `47E*
Thomas F. Siebert `50* and Carol F. Siebert*
Dr. William J. Silva `78M (MD)*
Beatrice Simon*
Germaine Simonse*
Adalene Simpkins `28, `35 (MA)*
Robert J. Sinnott `49*
Dr. Theodore O. Sippel `48*
Anna R. Skalny `53*
Gordon P. Small* and Edith Small*
Ruth F. Smith Est. `40N* and Dr. Frank P. Smith `40M (MD), `48M (Res)*
Charles D. Smith `50* and Carol M. Smith*
Lorraine O. Smith `40, `41 (MA)*
Louise S. Smith `36, `38N* and Dr. Harry F. Smith `38M (MD)*
Ruth R. Smith `31* and Robert H. Smith*
Wayne T. Smith*
Dr. William H. Smith `41, `44M (MD)*
Violet G. Smithers `45*
Eli Sokol `33, P`63, P`66* and Mildred Sokol*
Dr. Robert G. Sommer `59M (MD)*
Laura Spall*
John P. Spare `65*
Nelson W. Spies `38, P`65* and Grace Spies*
Robert Spiess*
Dr. Burton Spiller*
Dr. Howard A. Spindler `35, `38M (MD), `43M (Res), P`73, P`81E* and Barbara H. Spindler `42N, P`73, P`81E*
Louise M. Spivack*
Dr. Robert L. Sproull* and Mary L. Sproull*
Andrew Stalder `48*
Mildred R. Stalker `33, `34E*
Theodore E. Stanin `43*
Vincent J. Stanley Sr.* and Evelyn M. Stanley*
Jane W. Steinhausen `38, `39N*
Jane M. Stellwagen `47, `58 (EdM)*
Mary T. Stephens `59*
Marian Stephenson `60, `61N*
Claire A. Sterling `54*
Dr. John D. Stewart* and Henrietta Stewart `28M (MS)*
Dr. Philip B. Stoddard `62M (MD), `71M (Res)*
Alfred Stoick Est.*
Dr. Julius Stoll Jr. `40, P`74* and Ann T. Stoll `41*
Dr. Muriel Straetz `45M (MD)*
Muriel H. Streitle Trust*
Harmon V. Strong `38*
Eleanore Stuart*
Helen Suhr*
Nancy J. Sullivan*
Nancy S. Summers `51E (MA)*
Martin L. Suter `59* and Suzanne S. Suter*
Marion Sutherland `56E (MM)*
Dr. Clifford E. Swartz `45, `46 (MS), `51 (PhD)* and Dr. Barbara Swartz `48, `51 (MA)*
Nellie Swink*
Reverend J. Richard Szeremany `54E* and Muriel H. Szeremany*
Bertha H. Taft*
Dr. Stephen Tamor `50 (PhD)* and Jeanne Tamor*
Mari Taniguchi `41E, `61E (MM)*
Jean D. Taylor*
Dr. Jean M. Taylor `56M (MS), `59M (PhD)*
Katherine S. Taylor*
Mary Jane Taylor*
Philip Teicher*
Gaylord B. Thayer Jr. `66*
Joan Theodor*
Dr. Henry A. Thiede `45, `56M (Res)*
Dr. Garth J. Thomas `55M (HNR), P`73* and Mona Thomas P`73*
Louise Thomas*
Anne Thompson `46*
George G. Thompson*
Jean Thompson*
Dr. Herbert L. Tindall `36, P`65*
John C. Tipping*
Paul E. Titus*
Edwin L. Tobolski*
George L. Todd*
Charles E. Torrey* and Mary W. Torrey*
Rosamond A. Tota `62*
Stephen M. Towner*
Grace Trebert `33E, `41E (MM)*
Robert V. Troiano `76E (MM)*
Anthony A. Tuffo*
John B. Turner `52* and Carol L. Turner `55*
Dr. Lloyd D. Tuttle `42M (MD)*
John J. Tydings*
Dr. Norma B. Utley `26, `29M (MS), `31M (MD)*
Barbara B. Vallone `71N* and Romanio E. Vallone*
Rose T. Van Nortwick*
Dr. Theodore F. Van Zandt `46, `49M (MD)* and Joanne D. Van Zandt*
Roy E. VanDelinder Jr. `56, `63W (EdM)*
Dr. David D. VanHorn `42* and Mary Jane VanHorn*
Dr. Hendrick C. VanNess `45, `46 (MS)*
Martha VanZile `52*
Jeanne M. Verkey*
Jeanette A. Vincent-Rapp* and William F. Rapp Jr.*
Helen S. Vishniac P`76*
Dr. Henry S. Vyverberg `43*
Ruth Waggershauser `39*
Bethyne Wagner `43* and Wallace J. Wagner*
Helen Wahl*
Elizabeth Walden `23*
Dr. David D. Wallace `52, `56M (MD)*
Donald R. Walsh*
Dorothy P. Walton*
Edward H. Walworth Jr. `37* and Nancy Walworth*
Ethel S. Walzer*
Clarence R. Warrington*
Dr. Ruth T. Watanabe `52E (PhD)*
John J. Waters*
Dr. Jean D. Watkeys `32, `36M (MD)* and George B. Gardner `35*
Jane C. Watkin `44, `45N*
Margaret J. Webster `31*
Carol B. Weed*
Edwin R. Weeks, Sr.*
Bernard B. Weiskopf `75*
Dr. Leonard Weisler `34, `36 (MS), `39 (PhD)*
Dr. Bernard Weiss `53 (PhD), P`82*
Howard A. Weiss*
Mark W. Welch Trust*
Anne S. Wells*
Walter H. Wells*
John F. Welter `50*
Roger S. Welton `53* and Barbara M. Welton*
Dr. Edward T. Wentworth Jr.* and Ruth D. Wentworth*
Barbara A. Werner*
Charles E. Werner*
John L. Wesley Jr.* and Anna M. Wesley `56E (MM)*
Hinda Westphal P`77E*
Dr. George B. Whatley*
Anne L. Wheeler `60*
Carolyn E. Whitney `47, `48N*
Dr. Janice F. Wiesman `80, `84M (MS)*
Dr. Leland W. Wight Jr. `62M (MD)* and Janet Howell Wight*
Edwin S. Wiitala* and Dorothy S. Wiitala*
Dr. Lucinda Wilcox `62, `79W (MSE), `89W (EdD)* and Dr. Lowell E. Wilcox `65, `66 (MS), `70 (PhD)*
Dr. Virginia L. Wilhelm `51M (MD)*
Lois E. Will `27E, `35E (MM)*
Lois Williams*
Dr. J. Henry Wills Jr. `41M (PhD)* and Dr. Ruth E. Wills `50M (PhD)*
Elizabeth D. Wilson*
Joseph C. Wilson `31, P`65, P`73, P`76* and Marie C. Wilson P`65, P`73, P`76*
Ransford B. Wilson `38* and Margaret M. Wilson `41*
Dr. G. Milton Wing `44, `47 (MA)*
Frances R. Wischerth `59*
Annette Witka* and Dr. Thaddeus M. Witka `53M (Res)*
G. Robert Witmer Jr. `59, `20 (HNR), P`95, P`00, P`10* and Nancy W. Witmer P`95, P`00, P`10*
Frederick L. Witt `39* and Betty Witt `41*
Roger Wohlschlegel*
Robert B. Wolf* and Mary Alice Wolf*
Clara Wolfard*
Frederick J. Wolff Jr. `41, `53 (MS), P`81* and Virginia Wolff `41 (MA)*
A. Jean Woodbury*
Robert A. Woods `42, P`70* and Ruth Woods `44, P`70*
Marcia J. Woodworth*
John T. Wright Jr.*
Chauncey R. Wright Jr.*
Doris B. Wright*
Simone O. Wright*
Dr. Wilbur H. Wright `40*
Ruth E. Wurster*
Dr. Lyman C. Wynne* and Adele Wynne*
Bernadette Wyrough `49E*
Lucille Yarka*
Myles G. Yerden*
Barbara Yim `54N* and Dr. Bernard J.B. Yim `52M (MD), `56M (Flw)*
Dr. Herbert F. York `42, `43 (MS)* and Sybil D. York*
Fred A. Young Jr.* and Lois H. Young*
Dr. Michael A. Young*
Dr. Philip C. Young `50M (MD)*
Dr. Paul N. Yu `48M (Res), P`79, P`80* and Dr. I. Ling Tang Yu `50M (MS), `46M (Res)*
Dr. Leo A. Zabinski `64*
Alexander Zavelle*
Dr. Donald N. Zehl `63M (Res)*
Lewis Zeitler*
Zvi Zeitlin* and Marianne L. Zeitlin*
Gerald B. Zornow `37*
Jerome J. Zukosky `52, `57 (MA), P`97*
Dean C. Zutes*
Daan M. Zwick* and Janis T. Dowd*

Updated July 2023