Barbara Vallone*


Nursing has been a lifelong passion for Barbara “Buzzy” Vallone*. From her first position in the
intensive care unit to serving as a nurse manager in the medical outpatient department,
she has nurtured her own talents and those of the nurses she worked with in countless ways.
“She is a true visionary leader who invested in us,” said one of those nurses.

Recently, this nurse leader invested in the future of education by endowing two School
of Nursing scholarships in memory of her late husband: one to benefit undergraduate nursing
students, and the other for graduate students who aspire to become nursing faculty.

“I believe that if you are going to change someone’s life, you need to provide them opportunity, and this is my way to be a part of that,” she said. Barbara used outright gifts that maximize her
charitable deduction and support the Barbara and Romanio Vallone Nursing Scholars now, and
charitable gift annuities that provide her with tax benefits and guaranteed income for life.
She also provided for her scholarships in her will, ensuring a permanent legacy of life-changing
opportunity for nursing students and the patients for whom they care.