Ed and Agnes* Ackley


If I hadn’t gone to the Simon School, I never would’ve had the confidence to start my own company,” says Ed Ackley ’53, ’64S (MS). “Our gifts help other students gain that same kind of confidence.”

Mr. Ackley and Agnes Ackley ’54* have created opportunities for students by making generous annual gifts and longer-term investments at the University. Their charitable remainder unitrusts grow in the University’s endowment, while providing the Ackleys with a stream of income. Ultimately, the unitrusts will become funds that benefit students of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of Arts and Sciences. The couple also has an endowed professorship at the Simon Business School to bolster its world-class entrepreneurship faculty.

“If it weren’t for the generosity of others, I wouldn’t have been able to go to college,” says Mrs. Ackley. “We’re investing in the future of young people, just as others invested in us long ago.”

—Agnes Ackley ’54* (11/29/1932-02/08/2019)