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Rochester hits record number of Fulbright semifinalists

February 13, 2019
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A record 27 University of Rochester students and recent alumni have been named semifinalists in the prestigious Fulbright US Student Grant Program, the government’s flagship international educational exchange program. The program is sponsored by the State Department and offers opportunities to pursue advanced studies, conduct research, and teach English language and American culture abroad.

Final award offers will be announced on a country-by-country basis over the next few months. This year’s semifinalists include 23 from the College and four from the Eastman School of Music. Thirty-seven candidates applied through Fulbright review committees on the River Campus and at Eastman.

Rochester has been recognized as a top producer of Fulbright student grant awardees three times in the past five years.

Here are the semifinalists, with name, major, country of application, and type of grant sought. Two semifinalists have requested that their names not be published at this time:

Eastman School of Music

Colin Crake ’19E (applied music: saxophone); France – study/research: studies in saxophone performance and French saxophone style and repertoire

Jasmine Daquin ‘19MM (performance & literature, oboe) France – study/research: performing artist diploma studies, with a focus on post-war and contemporary classical repertoire

Hannah Dick ‘19E/19 (applied music: percussion and brain & cognitive sciences); Sweden – study/research: studies in percussion performance, improvisation, and pedagogy

Benton Gordon ‘19E (applied music: flute); Taiwan – English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)

Arts, Sciences & Engineering

Sophie Aroesty ’18 (psychology and English: Language, Media & Communications); Macedonia – ETA

Angela Benson ’19 (anthropology and public health: health, behavior & society); Taiwan – ETA

Lauren Bolz ’17 (chemistry and economics); United Kingdom – study/research: master’s degree in education policy

Jonathan Campanaro ’18/19W (Spanish, M.S., TESOL); Mexico – ETA

Elise Catania ’19 (mathematics); Hungary – study/research: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics-Rényi Institute program

Jason Cherin ’19 (biology); Portugal – ETA

Jerome Dent ‘GS (Ph.D. candidate, visual & cultural studies); Netherlands – study/research: critical studies in art, representation, race, and culture

Tiffany Dias ’19 (computational biology and international relations); New Zealand – study/research: development of gene markers for disease resistance in the kakapo species

Madeline Hoey ’19 (biochemistry); Denmark – study/research: applications for LPMO enzymes in photobioreactors for conversion of biomass to ethanol

Alexander Johnson ’18 (physics); Belgium – study/research: carillon science, history, composition, and performance

Emma Luke ’19 (biomedical engineering); United Kingdom – study/research: master’s degree in biomedical engineering; traumatic brain injury research

Daria Lynch ‘18/T5’19 (history); Turkey – ETA

Graeme McGuire ‘18/T5’19 (linguistics and computer science; Georgia – ETA

Scott Mistler-Ferguson ’18 (political science and English: Creative Writing); Argentina – ETA

Allison Morningstar ’19 (neuroscience); Germany – study/research: characterization of microglial actin cytoskeleton regulation over the course of Alzheimer’s disease pathology

Nicole Naselaris ’19 (optical engineering); Spain – ETA

Emily Radford ’19 (psychology and gender, sexuality & women’s studies; Argentina – ETA

Andrew Russo ‘GS (Ph.D. candidate, history); Morocco – study/research: archival research on Morisco communities following their 17th century expulsion from Spain

Siobhan Seigne ’19 (Russian); Russia – ETA

Jacqueline Tran ’18 (anthropology); Jordan – study/research: social practices of Islamic call to prayer smartphone applications among youth in Amman

Rachel Yang ‘18/T5’19 (microbiology); South Korea – ETA



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