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Top 10 campus pokéstops every new student should know

August 17, 2016

Pokémon Go players returning to Rochester this fall are in for a treat. The University’s River Campus is home to no less than 40 pokéstops and four gyms. Amongst the pokéstops are residence halls like Sue B., Hill Court, and Crosby Hall, as well as campus icons like Rush Rhees Library, the Interfaith Chapel, and Dandelion Square.

Explore the pokéstops on the handy map below, and check out the 10 stops that new students especially should get to know.

Strong Auditorium

screenshot of Pokemon game with Strong AuditoriumHome to the largest auditorium on the River Campus, Strong Auditorium serves as a venue for visiting speakers, concerts, and performing groups, including all of our a cappella groups.


Interfaith Chapel

screenshot of Interfaith Chapel from Pokemon gameThough the University is not religiously affiliated, the Interfaith Chapel is home to many religions from around the world, holding various services and ceremonies throughout the week for students and the community. The stained glass window in its tower allows for one of the best sunset views on campus.


Goergen Athletic Center (GAC)

Goergen Athletic Center screenshot in Pokemon gameOur largest building on campus, Goergen Athletic Center is the size of one full New York City block. Its features include racquetball, squash, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as a half-sized Olympic pool, indoor track, field house, workout room, and more.


Hirst Lounge

screenshot of HIrst Lounge from Pokemon gameA favorite of students, Hirst Lounge not only serves as a hangout and study spot for students in Wilson Commons, it is also houses our international flag display. In this display, flags from around the world represent the various nations and territories that our current students call home.


Todd Union

screenshot of Todd Theatre in Pokemon gameEver wonder where all your mail will get shipped or if there’s a bank on campus? Todd Union houses the Campus Mail Center, a Chase Bank, our radio station (WRUR), television station, and International Theatre Program.


Carlson Library

screenshot of Carlson Library from Pokemon gameBeyond the main campus library, Rush Rhees, the River Campus is home to many subject libraries, including Carlson Library. Carlson serves as a natural sciences and engineering hub with books, academic resources, and research material available to students and faculty.


Fauver Stadium

screenshot of Pokemon game with Fauver StadiumMany of our athletic teams call Fauver Stadium their home. Recently renovated with an up-to-date turf field and news box, Fauver is the only location on campus that can hold all 5,000+ Rochester undergraduates.


Eastman Quadrangle

screenshot of Eastman quad from Pokemon gameThe academic quadrangle for the River Campus, Eastman Quadrangle is bordered by academic buildings and Rush Rhees Library. Overlooking the students studying outdoors and groundhogs scampering about is a statue of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak Company and one of the University’s main benefactors.


Dandelion Square

screenshot of Dandelion Square in Pokemon gameBe careful here! Rochester legend says that if you walk under the Clock Tower in Dandelion Square, you won’t graduate in four years. (Disclaimer: This is a gym, not a pokéstop, but important nonetheless; the real feat is holding the gym more than 20 hours.)


Rush Rhees Library

screenshot of Rush Rhees Library from Pokemon gamePerhaps the most iconic landmark on the River Campus, Rush Rhees Library serves as an invaluable resource to students, housing over a million books and other academic resources including, but not limited to, outreach librarians, study spaces, and the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.

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