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This policy applies to: All hourly paid staff, including those in Professional, Administrative, and Supervisory (PAS) job classifications.

Table of Contents

I. Policy

Hourly paid staff required to be on call will be compensated for the inconvenience.

II. Guidelines

A. Definition: On call is defined as being readily available to come to the University upon being summoned. A staff member on call agrees to both of the following:

i. Provide a telephone number where he or she can be reached.

ii. Be prepared to come to the University within approximately 30 minutes of the request.

B. On-Call Payments: Staff in all Divisions except Division 50 (SMH) who are on call for periods of 8-11 hours (Short Call) will be paid $12.50 for the period. Staff on call for periods of 12-24 hours (Long Call) will be paid $18.50 for the period. Staff in Division 50 will be paid $16.00 for periods of short call and $24.00 for long call. Individual departments may have department-specific on-call policies that provide for different rates of pay when employees are on call. The department specific rates of pay for on-call shall apply in lieu of, and not in addition to, this Policy.

C. Pay for Hours Worked: Staff called to work while on call will receive their regular rate of pay for actual hours worked (or at least the equivalent of 4 hours at New York State minimum wage) in addition to the appropriate on-call pay. Shift premiums, holiday pay, and overtime may also apply if the eligibility criteria are satisfied. Staff who are “on call” are not eligible for Call-in Pay as described in Policy 214.

D. Staff who are called in to work while on call for a particular shift with such frequency that their non-working time may not be used effectively as their own, may apply to the departmental administrator who may decide, in consultation with the appropriate HR Business Partner and the Human Resources Department, that the employee should be paid for the entirety of the on call shift.

E. Staff may not be on call for more than one department at any given time.

F. Departments with represented staff should consult the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

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