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This policy applies to: All hourly paid staff, including those in Professional, Administrative, and Supervisory (PAS) job classifications. 

I. Policy

All hourly paid staff are guaranteed at least four hours of straight-time pay as compensation for the inconvenience of being called to work other than their regularly scheduled shift.

II. Guidelines

A. Definition

Call-in is defined as being called back to work after leaving the premises, or being called in to work on a day not scheduled for work or scheduled On-Call.

B. Call-in Payments

Staff will receive their regular rate of pay for actual hours worked or the equivalent of at least 4 hours at their regular rate of pay, whichever amount is greater. Shift premiums, holiday premium, and overtime may also apply to the actual hours worked if the eligibility criteria are satisfied. If a staff member is called in to work, but called off before the staff member actually arrives at work (that is, does not actually perform any work), the staff member will be paid the equivalent of 4 hours of pay at the New York State Minimum Wage.

C. Exceptions

The guarantee of four hours of straight time pay does not apply under the following circumstances:

  1. The staff member required to report for work was “on-call.” When a staff member is “on call,” compensation is in accordance with Policy 220 On-Call Pay.
  2. Adjustments in the schedule were arranged for the individual’s convenience, for example, to make up for time lost earlier in that week
  3. A staff member is called in early on a regular workday and then remains at work to complete the regular shift assignment.
  4. A staff member is scheduled to work additional hours and notified in advance as to the schedule change; for example, work four hours on Saturday.
  5. The staff member is a represented employee and the procedure in the applicable collective bargaining agreement differs from policy

III. Procedure

Call-in pay should be recorded via the staff member’s Time & Labor Screen using the appropriate Time Recording Code. Please refer to the User’s Guide to Time & Labor Processing available at the Human Resources Management System website for more detail.

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