Meeting Notes 12/16/15

Attending: Paul Burgett, Rich Feldman, Grant Dever, Anne Nofziger, Linda Chaudron, Guylda Richard, Gail Norris, LaRon Nelson, Myra Henry, Carin Cole, Nancy Ares, Vivian Lewis, Nick Bigelow, Anthony Kinslow

Guests: Lori Packer,

  1. Town Hall Plans:
    1. URMC: 1/6 4:00PM (graduate students), 1/18 6PM (medical students), 1/25 12-1:30
    2. SON: 1/19 12:00 noon
    3. Simon 1/25 4:30PM
    4. ESM: 1/12 6:30PM
    5. Warner: 1/20 2:00PM
    6. ASE: later in January (graduate and undergraduate)
  2. Commission meeting schedule:
    1. We will not meet over the next two weeks.
    2. We will resume weekly meetings the week of January 4th.  Those who cannot be here in person can teleconference in.
  3. The bias-related incident reporting: website is now live (, language is being refined for clarity. Matt Burns will be reaching out to the deans of the other schools with information and to request a school specific contact.
  4. Forum on Yik Yak:
    1. Transcription is now posted on Box, also on the commission’s website.   The Yik Yak background document is also available on the website.
    2. Paul shared an overview of the event.
  5. Work Plan: developed from our charge.  Draft shared.
    1. Data: institutional research is on board to help. Data will be assembled for review over the next few weeks.
    2. Quality of student life: assemble information from town halls, climate surveys, senior exit surveys, focus groups, and alumni engagement.
    3. Inventory programs that have strengthened the climate. Each unit should build a comprehensive list and post it in the Box folder titled “inventories” prior to 1/11/16.
    4. Assessment of programs