Meeting Notes 12/9/15

Attending: Vivian Lewis, Charlisa Goodlet, Linda Chaudron, Tony Kinslow, Guylda Richard, Anne Nofziger, Myra Henry, Carin Cole, Grant Dever, Paul Burgett, Richard Feldman, LaRon Nelson (by phone), Donna Brink Fox, Nick Bigelow, Andrew Winslow, Gail Norris, Nancy Ares

Guests: Lori Packer, Paul Hagenloh

  1. Forum on Yik Yak scheduled for Friday, 12/11
  2. Bias-related incident reporting plans:
    1. Expanded CARE system ( now includes bias-related incident and community concerns reports
    2. Reports will allow us to report, track and follow up on issues
    3. Commission members should consider how we bring this to each of the units.
    4. The expanded student focused reporting option is now live and will be promoted to undergraduates starting early next semester.
  3. Commission webpage and communications needs:
    1. Lori Packer demonstrated the Commission webpage, which is now live (  The page is linked from the president’s site; commission members can ask their units to include links to the page.
    2. We have created a Box account for the Commission.
    3. Group email is
    4. Paul, Rich and Emily receive emails sent to the public address.  Each email receives a response.
  4. Inventory programs that have strengthened the climate (school by school and University-wide):
    1. We are focused on students as our first priority.
    2. Members should develop inventories for their units. (Further discussion of this at upcoming meetings.)
  5. Open discussion:
    1. Scope of charge
    2. Implicit bias training
    3. Identification of the common themes
  6. Next steps:
    1. Friday forum, with Yik Yak discussion to follow at the next meeting of the Commission.
    2. Units should select dates for town hall meetings.  President Seligman would like to attend as many as possible.  Please work with his scheduler, Elisabeth Kennedy (, x59340) to confirm his availability.
    3. Identify common themes.