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Reports on Diversity, Bias, and Sexual Misconduct Available

The University has released its 2018 reports on Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, and College Bias-Related Incidents to provide more transparency about issues of diversity, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. It’s the first time the reports have been released together, online, and in an easy-to-navigate digital format. Print-ready PDFs are available for download.

“This is part of a year-long effort to continue to build Rochester’s Culture of Respect, and to reinforce our Vision and Values,” says University President Richard Feldman. “Recommendations that came out of the independent investigation’s final report were an important catalyst for how we document and share this information. The reports have been the work of many hands, and I would like to thank all those who worked to create these important documents.”

The University has published an annual Diversity Report since 2007. This is the first time that Title IX and Bias-Related Incident reports have been released publicly.