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Health Care Originals Positioned for Growth

Rochester-based Health Care Originals (HCO), is a leading digital health startup, integrating IoT technologies to empower everyone through improved understanding and management of their health and medical conditions. HCO’s current wearable solutions are optimized for respiratory system applications, providing revolutionary, actionable insight into illnesses like asthma and COPD, respiratory syndromes, research, health & safety and competitive sports.

Health Care Originals has licensed and is commercializing patented University of Rochester technology. HCO’s first product, ADAMM-RSM, is a three-part solution providing enhanced insight, efficiency and cost savings for research in respiratory diseases for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. ADAMM-RSM is also suited for remote patient monitoring, and incorporates a new Telemedicine feature, which the company launched at MEDICA, the largest medical device show in the world, in Dusseldorf, German in November. This new feature adds telemetry to the telemedicine experience, and allows virtual replication of the experience of being in the physician’s office, allowing the physician access to the same data that would be gleaned from an in-person visit. HCO’s second product, ADAMM is also a three-part solution, intelligent asthma management — automating management, increasing adherence and identifying precursor symptoms much earlier – giving caregivers peace of mind and improving asthmatics’ quality of life. HCO plans to bring this product to market next year.

Since the Spring of 2018, HCO has been a resident of JLABS @ NYC. The life sciences incubator is a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Innovation, New York State, and the New York Genome Center. In addition to providing operations management and education, the JLABS model presents a unique opportunity for HCO to network within the digital health community and grow the partnerships necessary for their success. Startups enrolled in the JLABS program can participate in JPals, a mentoring program in which Johnson & Johnson employees lend their expertise to program participants.

As HCO prepares to grow the market penetration of ADAMM-RSM, and bring ADAMM to market, they have expanded their Board of Directors to include Eric Allyn and Dr. Bradford Berk. Mr. Allyn, former Chairman of the Board of Welch Allyn, and Dr. Berk, former CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center, share HCO’s vision for healthcare and bring a wealth of experience and insight to the Board.

This is an exciting and busy time for Health Care Originals. With their acceptance into JLABS @ NYC, and new participation on their Board of Directors, HCO is well positioned for their next phase of growth.

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