From the Director

Superintendent Shaun Nelms walking down the hallway with a group of students

From the Director

Thank you for visiting the Center for Urban Education Success (CUES)!

At CUES, we believe in equity and excellence for ALL students. In order to meet this demand, we must consider questions such as: Who will begin to change systems so this work and accountability is shared? And, under what conditions can this change take place? At CUES, we work daily to explore innovative approaches to tackle persistent challenges which hinder educational systems.

CUES is guided by a sustained focus on designing schools for, by, and with the people we serve. Together, with students, their families, and other members of school communities, we will redefine how school systems can support marginalized communities.

Our theoretical approach to system redesign is made practical through the operation of the University of Rochester Educational Partnership (UR-EPO), a joint partnership between the University of Rochester, Rochester’s philanthropic community, the Rochester City School District, and the New York State of Education Department. The UR-EPO was designed to oversee East High School, a challenged high-school that faced drastic state action after failing to meet state standards, a challenge experienced by many District’s throughout our nation.

From our learning and practical applications, CUES, has emerged as a research center designed to inform the University’s work at East and act as a clearinghouse of research for similar initiatives nationally.

We encourage you to engage with this work as we endeavor to create pathways of success for equity driven school systems.

Shaun Nelms

William & Sheila Konar Director of the Center for Urban Education Success