Research in Progress

Research in Progress

Basile, A. (ongoing). YPAR dissertation.

Borasi, R. (Redesigning instruction for remote teacher: Collaborative development of a model leveraging online technologies.

Choppin, J. et al. (in progress). Creating a model for sustainable ambitious mathematics programs in high needs settings: A researcher-practitioner collaboration.

Cole (in progress). CHAMPS.

Duret, E. (ongoing). Dissertation pilot study.

Endo, A. (in progress). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Read 180 study.

Larson, J. (in progress). UR East High: Transforming an urban high school through a unique university partnership.

Larson, J. (in progress). Hip Hop as Curriculum Focus.

With partial funding from the Spencer Foundation and a year-long sabbatical, Dr. Joanne Larson began a long-term ethnography on the UR/East EPO in 2014 and continues today. Ethnography is characterized by prolonged engagement and participation in the everyday life of a setting. Data collection includes participant observation in which field notes are the primary data collection method. In depth interviews are recorded and transcribed. Documents produced by people in the setting are collected, including digital products. School wide demographic, attendance, and achievement data are also collected.

After recruiting 25 teachers and administrators as study participants, Larson began a rigorous observation and interview schedule. During spring 2016, she co-taught with three of her teacher participants in a 9th grade English class and videotaped regularly. While the study is ongoing, the current data corpus includes field notes of participant observation in classrooms, leadership and staff meetings, hallways, cafeterias, auditoriums, full day shadowing of key participants, and a co-teaching experience in a 9th grade English class (~250), formal (~25) and informal interviews (~200) of officially consented study participants (N=25), school wide administrative data, emails (~3800), documents (including lesson and unit plans, newspaper articles, meeting minutes, etc.) (~1000), video of the co-teaching classroom (~24 hours), research and teaching memos (~40), photographs, and surveys of teachers, staff, students, and families.

In ethnography, data analysis occurs during the study and is ongoing throughout. Currently, five strands of analysis have emerged: 1) distributed leadership, 2) critical literacy, 3) methodology, 4) the partnership itself, and 5) the role of sarcasm in pedagogy. This work in progress is reflected in conference presentations or manuscripts for submission to journals.

See Dr. Larson’s Year One full ethnography report here.

Marsh, V.M.,Lammers, J.L., & Conroy, E. (in progress). Literacies of power in a high school journalism class.

Schools in underserved districts experience pressure to improve achievement outcomes, trapping curricula, teachers, and students in a skills-driven literacy framework, repeatedly reinscribing a racist pedagogy. Although the research community recommends resisting skills-based literacy, researchers often neglect to commit to a research-practice connection, whereby they work closely with teachers in classrooms. Consequently, students have little or no opportunity to engage in research-supported literacies, learning how to advocate for change in their communities.

Our study addressed these inequities by forming a research-practice collaboration to design and redesign a unit of instruction implemented in a 12th grade Journalism class in which students researched a local issue and advocated for change. Initial inductive analysis reveals challenges to unit implementation, real-time unit iterations, as well as long-term iterations, both designed to expand students’ literacies of power.

American Educational Research Association 202o Conference Presentation

American Educational Research Association 2021 Conference Presentation Proposal

National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research 2021 Conference Presentation Proposal

Meuwissen, K. (in progress). Thinking: A design study.

Occhino, M. (in progress). Veteran urban science teacher identity in the midst of university governance: A case study.

Yussman (in progress). Promoting a culture of resilience at East: A multimodal approach