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Inspiring. Building. Transforming.

Horizons at Warner is a six-week, tuition-free, summer academic enrichment program serving over 150 students in the Rochester City School District grades K-8th from low socioeconomic households. One of 60 Horizons National affiliates, Horizons at Warner was the first to be located on a university campus. For the past nine summers, Horizons at Warner has been located at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. 

We Believe in the Promise of Opportunity for All Children.

Nine consecutive summers of enrichment and learning.

We commit to our students from the time of their enrollment in kindergarten through 8th grade and beyond as employees of the program, setting them on the path to successful academic and professional careers.

University campus experience.

Our location on the University of Rochester campus provides students access to important resources such as labs, libraries, faculty members and students, coming together to create a plentiful and safe space for Horizon’s students to learn and transform.

New authentic learning experiences.

Students are offered numerous opportunities for growth through enrichment activities, including swimming, art, music, STEM, athletics, and others, that maintain current skills, lessen the achievement gap, break down barriers to success and cultivate creativity, confidence, and leadership.
Young girl in safety glasses looking through an illuminated magnifying glass in the workshop in Rettner Hall.

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How We Shine

& Job Skills

Horizons at Warner dedicates itself to offering continued and lasting support to existing Horizons students and their families, which is why we have extended programming to fit the needs of our graduates, their families, and our community at large.

& Retention

We continuously engage and have meaningful relationships with families as well as consistently provide a welcoming and familial environment at the University of Rochester, a dedication that shows in our student attendance and return rates.

Academic Achievement

Horizons at Warner alleviates the achievement gap that our student demographic faces using quality, authentic classroom instruction by NYS certified teachers that is sensitive to student needs and gives them new-found confidence in their academic abilities.

Swimming Lessons
& Safety

Due to their urban background, many students come to Horizons at Warner unable to swim and afraid of the water. Horizons at Warner provides Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons twice weekly with phenomenal swim teachers and lifeguards.


Our Return Rate from Summer 2017 to Summer 2018


Our Average Daily Student Attendance in 2018


Families We Currently Serve From Marginalized Communities in 2018


Number of RCSD Students We Served in 2018


Lunches and Snacks Served in Partnership with FoodLink in 2018

What They Say...

“We meet children where they are, and make sure they get what they need…. Our motto here is if children don’t want to do something, or feel that it’s impossible, we help them figure out how to do it in a positive way. Because of course they can with the right teacher.”
Lynn Gatto, Co-Founder of Horizons at Warner