2020 Volunteer and Giving Opportunities with Horizons at Warner!

What does Horizons at Warner need? How can you help?

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to volunteer with or sponsor us!

Individual Volunteering

During the 30-day program, volunteers are always needed in our workshops in which children are educated in self-chosen research topics and skills like music, art, robotics, civil rights, fashion, and more. Students benefit most from having positive role models to volunteer in the classrooms; share your talents, hobbies, and interests! Each day students have an opportunity to choose sports, wellness and hobby activities in which to take part. Many of these activities are instructed by volunteers who share a passion for that activity.

Volunteer Benefits

Horizons at Warner water bottle, backpack, and T-shirt.

Hands on learning in the field.

Volunteer experience for resume building.

Networking and building social skills

Volunteering makes you happy! By measuring hormones and brain activity, researchers have discovered that being helpful to others delivers immense pleasure. Human beings are hard-wired to give to others. The more we give, the happier we feel.

Volunteering increases self-confidence. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity. And the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to have a positive view of your life and future goals.

We also utilize our volunteers in the Resource Room, helping the administrative staff with data and organizational work. We are always in need of someone to organize a collection, swimsuits, books, towels, backpacks and school supplies.

Are you interested in new media and communication? We always have a need for pictures and content! We have a regular need for photographer and writer volunteers during the six-week program for our social platforms, newsletters and blog posts.

And so many more volunteer opportunities available!

  • Come enjoy a lunch time with us.
  • Sharing a book with a classroom is a great way to get involved.
  • Is there a sport or fitness/wellness activity that you could teach?
  • Is there an outdoor activity that you are interested in teaching?
  • Do you know someone who performs or likes to teach the arts and performance?
  • Do you know a young adult interested in education, who needs service hours, or is working toward a special certification (such as Eagle Scouts)?

Corporate Giving and Sponsorship

We have a need for businesses to collect new books, nonperishables, and school supplies.

We have a family dinner, each grade has a school year event, and we do a carnival each summer. We need corporate sponsors for this.

Are you interested in mentoring youth, presenting in our job/life skills program or sharing a special talent?  We have programs for all of this.

And we have plenty of opportunities for corporate sponsorship as well!

Every year our t-shirts are worn by approximately 200 children and adults every Friday out in the community during our weekly field experiences, with the logos of our sponsors for that year are displayed on the back. For just $250 you can have your business’s logo featured on the back of every single one of these t-shirts.


Mystery Monday provides our students with a mystery treat after lunch. This gives the students the opportunity to try foods that they normally would not have access to and the excitement of guessing what the treat will be each week! This program was implemented to boost attendance after the weekends, when many Horizons at Warner students go home to inconsistent homes, often unsure of when and where their meals will be coming from. Since beginning this program two years ago, we have seen significant improvement in our attendance on Mondays.

We serve treats to approximately 150 children and teachers as part of our Mystery Monday incentive and are always looking for restaurants or food vendors to donate for Mystery Mondays. Some local businesses that have donated in the past have been Tom Wahl’s, KPB Foods, Eat Me Ice Cream, and more!

Wish List:

  • Food and snack donations are always needed! Also needed are:
  • Bathing Suits (all sizes)
  • Towels (new or gently used)
  • Books (new or gently used)
  • Stamps (to mail our birthday greeting cards)
  • Birthday Cards (blank with envelopes)
  • Plastic Storage Containers (large with the lids)
  • Gift Cards for snacks and perishables (Walmart, BJs, CostCo, Tops, Wegmans)
  • Paint and paint brushes (non-toxic)
  • Sketchbooks and canvases
  • Lined notebooks
  • Board and card games (for ages K-8th)