Get Involved

Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved and support Horizons at Warner!  Please take look below and see what’s right for you.

Also, feel free to reach out to Julia Postler, our Executive Director, for volunteering or to discuss your interests and ideas for Horizons at Warner!

Julia Postler
Executive Director
(585) 721-5409

Our Assistant Program Director, Lisa Singletary, former Horizons and RCSD teacher and current Warner School of Education PhD student, spearheads our Critical Friends Mentoring Program. Teenage students who have graduated from Horizons and are entering our Teacher Assistants in Training (TAIT) program are connected with mentors in the Rochester community.

The Critical Friends Mentoring Program is committed to empowering Rochester City high school students to successfully transition to high school, graduate, and attain admission into college or a skilled training program.

Every Horizons at Warner graduate is matched with an adult mentor to provide meaningful encouragement, support, and guidance throughout high school,  in order to give them a path to graduating on time and developing future goals. Mentors and mentees are in contact via text, email or phone at least once a week and we host three Critical Friends mentoring events three times a year.

As a non-profit organization we benefit from the support of our advisory board, donors, partners, and friends in the Rochester Community. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at Horizons at Warner events, in group educational settings, and through the various programs we provide.

Key events include our annual Family Kick-off Dinner in June, where we provide dinner for our families, T-shirts and books to our students, and come together to celebrate the beginning of summer as a program.

During the 30-day program, volunteers are always needed in our theme groups and workshops that alternate each afternoon in which children are educated in self-chosen research topics and skills. For example, one of our Horizons Advisory board members volunteers twice per week for our Crocheting workshop, where students are able to learn to crochet an item of their choice, such as purses, scarves, or gloves.

Our Teacher Assistants in Training program is in need of volunteers from the community to present on relevant job and life skills, ranging from resume building, advice on securing letters of recommendation, applying to colleges and job positions, and much more, in accordance with their workforce preparation curriculum. This could be teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and more!

Children gathered around volunteer on a couch who taught them how to crochet

Making a real difference…

Behind every under-resourced child who improves his or her reading and math skills, learns to swim, gains confidence, and discovers a whole new world of possibility through Horizons, there’s someone like you who has made it possible.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and in memoriam. If you would like to donate in memory of a loved one’s birthday, a special anniversary, or a loss of someone important to you, please contact Julia Postler, who will take the utmost care in dedicating your funds properly and ensuring that they are used to strengthen the Horizons at Warner program experience.

Here are some of the ways we put gifts to work…


School Supplies for One Classroom

In order to create rich academic environments for our students, we provide each classroom with their own cart containing an abundance of school supplies including markers, pencils, highlighters, tape, journals, colored paper, and more!


Set of Classroom Books

It is important that students at Horizons at Warner are provided with choices in selecting reading materials. Each classroom has a library with theme-based materials from every genre! There is also a larger, central library housed at the Warner School of Education for students to choose materials from.


A Mystery Monday Treat

In order to improve our early week attendance to the program, we have a Horizons at Warner tradition of providing every student with a special treat with lunch each Monday! The students not only get excited for the treat, but for solving the mystery as well.


Our 2019 Horizons T-Shirts 

Part of our culture at Horizons at Warner is our bright yellow t-shirts. Every Friday, the entire Horizons staff and students take part in a field experience in the community, to which they wear their shirts. Becoming a Horizons at Warner t-shirt sponsor is a great way to advertise your business all around Rochester on our backs!


A Theme-Relevant Presentation

In order to introduce our theme each summer, we have presenters come in each day of the first week of program. For example, in 2018, we had the Zoo Mobile and the Reptile Guy visit, each provided by a private donor, to present in accordance with our Amazing Animal Theme.


A Friday Field Trip Experience

Each Friday, students embark on a theme-relevant field experience around the Rochester and upstate New York area. These experiences are valuable in directing independent student research and making real-life connections aligning with their project-based, theme-relevant curriculum.


The End-of-Summer Celebration

We warmly call the celebration held on the last day the “Hullabaloo,” where we take time to celebrate student achievements and the end of summer together as a community. We have games, water slides, a dunk tank, ice cream, and more. It is important that our staff and students celebrate the relationships they have formed and the progress they have made throughout the program.


A Graduation Celebration for Our 8th Graders

Previously, the 8th graders were provided an overnight trip as a celebration of their graduation from Horizons at Warner, but for financial, staffing, and safety measures, we have transitioned to providing a team-building day trip and dinner banquet for parents, staff, and 8th graders to come together and recognize the student’s achievements.

Older students guiding younger ones in dancing.

Wish List

We would greatly appreciate donations of the following items:

Bathing Suits ( all sizes, mens, womens, teens and children) 

Towels (new or gently used)

Books (new or gently used)

Stamps (to mail our birthday greeting cards)

Birthday Cards (blank with envelopes)

Plastic Storage Containers (large with the lids)

Gift Cards (Walmart, BJs, CostCo, Tops, Wegmans)