The Social, Cultural, and Political Sides of China's HIV Epidemic

Presented by: Prof. Elanah Uretsky
Assistant Professor of Global Health, Anthropology, and International Affairs
George Washington University

Thursday, November 3rd 5:00 pm
Bausch & Lomb 106

HIV is clearly one of the biggest global public health threats of the modern era, affecting tens of millions of people throughout the world. Prevention and intervention strategies have prioritized clinical, epidemiological, and behavioral methods. The behaviors that lead to HIV infection and success of the treatments and programs designed to respond to the epidemic are very much grounded in local cultures and even political systems. Elanah Uretsky will discuss the research she has done on the HIV epidemic in China and the central role that Chinese culture, politics, and governance has played in the epidemic.

Sponsored by The Department of Anthropology, The University Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies Health and Human Values Cluster, and the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.

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