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Program Assessment


Educational Effectiveness at the College

Educational effectiveness is promoted at the College using comprehensive and cohesive plans. The establishment of College-wide committees, that include representation for both curricular and co-curricular programs, serves to support continual improvement of educational offerings and achievement.

The College Committees for Educational Effectiveness (CCEEs) and the College Advisory Committee for Educational Effectiveness (CACEE) will provide collaborative forums for:

  • Grounding the practice of teaching and learning in scholarship and growing the culture of assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning experience.
  • Providing information and expertise and encouraging the exchange of ideas including setting learning outcomes and curriculum goals to support courses, programs, and the College experience.
  • Providing input and assistance for the design and implementation of assessment strategies-formative/summative, direct/indirect across educational initiatives to support outcomes achievement.
  • Guiding the selection of appropriate data and findings for sharing among stakeholders.
  • Providing useful information concerning expectations for assessment including those related to regional and discipline-specific accreditation across the College at the University of Rochester.
  • Ensuring assessment of processes occurs periodically to inform continual improvement in infrastructure and protocols.