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For Faculty

College Observation Week

College Observation Week is back! Mark your calendars for February 25 - March 1, 2019! Registration details to follow...

College Observation Week  gives AS&E instructors the opportunity to open their class to observer instructors, sign up to observe the classes (that are 3 or more credits) of host instructors, or both. Fostering instructor interaction will promote discussion about teaching, disseminate pedagogical ideas, and highlight teaching as part of AS&E culture.  At the end of the week, CETL will host an informal reception to bring participants together to talk about their experiences, share thoughts, and generally engage around good teaching practice. 

How will it work? Host Instructors (HIs) will open their classrooms once or more during this week to observation by a pre-selected number of their AS&E faculty peers.  Each HI will designate the number of observers that the HI is comfortable having in the class. CETL will issue an open call for observers and maintain a sign-up for the HI-designated number of observer slots.  CETL will connect each HI with the class observers by email prior to the class in case the HI wants to share information (such as handouts, PPT slides, articles that will be discussed in class).  We will also distribute an observation handout to observers to encourage them to focus on different aspects of teaching.

For further information, contact Jenny Hadingham and Rachel Remmel