Mission Statement

The Teaching Center collaborates with the Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E) teaching community to promote the adoption of effective, evidence-based, inclusive teaching that results in meaningful and measurable student learning.


The Teaching Center serves instructors who are currently teaching AS&E students, as well as graduate students serving as teaching assistants or preparing for future teaching. Our services are free and confidential.

For instructors, the center offers programming for both individual instructors and groups of instructors. Individual instructors can request:

Instructors can find community through group programs organized around pedagogical techniques, course types, and departments, as well as more informally through the online Teaching Center Discussion Forum and topical workshops.

The center also provides grant and fellowship funding to support the development and implementation of evidence-based teaching.

Graduate students can access the same services as any instructor when they are teaching courses enrolling AS&E students. In addition, the Teaching Center supports training for graduate student teaching assistants and future faculty.