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Meet the Team

Leadership Board 2017-18

Tobi Abubakare

Abubakare, Tobi, Class of 2018


Hello, My name is Tobi Abubakare and I am the current president of URDU. My major is Language and Brain Development (a really cool interdisciplinary major I created myself that combines neuroscience, linguistic and disability related courses together) and a minor in biology. Prior coming to UR, I only debated in five tournaments over the course of 2 and half years due to the high costs of high school debate tournaments. I was ecstatic to find that debating in URDU costs virtually nothing for me and since my freshman year I have debated in Policy and BP debate. Outside of debate, you can find me playing violin in the UR Chamber Orchestra, doing research, or sleeping (maybe?). I am very excited to meet our new novices and show them the great world of debate!
Cedric Bonsol

Bonsol, Cedric, Class of 2019

Policy Captain

Cedric is a Psychology major and Spanish minor from East Los Angeles, California. He began competing in Policy Debate during the summer after his freshman year of high school, and is about to continue his sixth year of debate as a junior. Cedric looks forward to introducing novices to the extremely dynamic range of (unconventional) possibilities that Policy Debate has to offer in terms of argumentation. If you find him enjoying his leisure time, he’s probably singing, playing his ukulele, or dancing.

Kelvin Ferreiras

Ferreiras, Kelvin, Class of 2020


Kelvin Ferreiras is a Sophomore, majoring in Computer Science. He was first exposed to debate at his high school in the Dominican Republic. In 2013, Kelvin won the Dominicana Debate tournament, the first high school debate tournament in the Dominican Republic, what led him to participate in the international tournament Foro Internacional de Debate en Español (FIDE 2013) in Irapuato, Mexico. In college, Kelvin joined URDU in his Freshmen year. He judged for Huber Debates at the University of Vermont, and finished as finalist in the Spanish Division of the Cornell Novice Nationals. As the Webmaster for this year, Kelvin is excited about working on new technical tools and platforms to make URDU’s academic and research resources more accessible to all of our debaters. In his spare time, he enjoys to read and watch shows on Netflix.

Dan Gomez

Gomez, Dan, Class of 2018

External Publicity Manager

Dan Gomez, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a double-major in Business and Statistics and a double-minor in Psychology and Computer Science. Having no debate experience prior to URDU, Dan now competes in both the Policy and Worlds formats. This year, Dan is excited for team bonding and seeing how everybody progresses in debate throughout the year. Outside of debate, Dan enjoys eating tasty foods, sleeping, and playing video games.
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McGuire, Graeme, Take 5 - Class of 2019

Worlds Captain

Graeme is a double major in Linguistics and Computer Science, with a minor in Russian Language, and began his debate career in his freshmen year at UR. On the team, he loves competing and judging in tournaments, doing research, and over-applying case studies from the collapse of Yugoslavia whenever possible; off the team, he mostly reads, plays video games, ambles around and studies foreign languages at the expense of his social life. He’s particularly excited about making URDU more accessible to and supportive of ESL speakers in the coming year, as well as refining his judging chops.
Andres Ollarvez

Ollarvez, Andres, Class of 2019


Andres is a Computer Science major from Maracaibo, Venezuela — the land of the beloved sun and the ever-lasting storm, where the weather is as contradictory as its people. Unless you count arguing constantly with his brother, Andres had no prior debate experience to URDU and now competes in the Worlds format. Andres is excited to be the scribe this year, but more importantly is excited to publish pro-capitalist memes in the minutes. Andres also is involved in Student Government and has written two articles in the Campus Times.
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Stillman, Gabby, Class of 2020

Vice President

Gabby Stillman is a Computer Science major from Jupiter, Florida. Her first debate tournament was with the Rochester Debate Union in Fall 2016, and she feels so thankful to have a team that is welcoming to members with no high school experience. Last season, Gabby competed in the Worlds format, and this year she is excited to continue Worlds and potentially try Policy. Gabby is most excited to get to know the new group of novices this Fall and watch them become part of our community. Outside of debate and school, Gabby enjoys going to the beach and swimming.

Bri Terrell

Terrell, Bri, Class of 2020

Internal Publicity Manager

Bri is a sophomore from Centennial, Colorado double-majoring in Political Science and American Sign Language. She is entering her sixth year of competitive debate, from Lincoln-Douglas debate in high school to British Parliamentary/Worlds for URDU (though she has also experimented with Policy). This year, Bri is excited to increase the campus involvement of URDU and the publication of student voices on the team. If Bri isn’t debating, she is probably hiking, biking, attempting to write poetry, or jamming hardcore to Hamilton the musical.