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Global Engagement


Engineers can study abroad

Kenneth Imade '16 of electrical and computer engineering climbed the Great Wall of China while studying abroad in Hong Kong.
Read his story and learn more about study abroad opportunities at the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The future is calling in the South Pacific

Anthropologist Robert Foster began visiting Papua New Guinea as a doctoral student in the 1980s, when long lines at payphones were the norm. When he returned in 2010, he found a familiar place transformed.

Catching some gamma rays in central Mexico

Physicist Segev BenZvi and scientists at an ambitious observatory are using simple but groundbreaking tools understand the workings of cosmic and gamma rays in the Earth's atmosphere while also contributing to the search for dark matter.

India Baja team gets ride of their lives in Rettner Hall ‘fab lab’

Rochester's Baja team served as host ambassadors to Team Helios Racing, in town for the Society of Automotive Engineers race. “They love Baja, we love Baja," says UR Baja president Alycia Abbott ’16. "To be able to sit with them and discuss how they approach this crazy thing we dedicate our lives to is a great opportunity.”