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Vol. 65, No. 2

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Class Notes--Im Memoriam


Editor's note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation in notifying us of someone's death. Please write to the Alumni Association, University of Rochester, 685 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. The e-mail address is

Elizabeth Barr Walden ’23, May 2000
Ivy Wickings Gaines ’28N, June 2002
Florence Knope Freeman ’30E, March 2002
Stanley P. Rudnicki ’32E, April 2002
Margaret Livingston Robertson ’34, March 2002
Challice Ingelow Weiss ’35, July 2002
Thomas W. Finucane ’36, May 2002
Everett P. Hall ’36, June 2002
Donald A. Barnes ’37, June 2002
Lucille Boughton ’37, July 2002
Leona Edelstein Germanow ’37, April 2002
Frank W. Jones ’38 (Mas), March 1996
Donald H. Ross ’39, April 2002
Ruth Miller Brody ’40, ’42N, ’46 (MS), June 2002
Doris Erskine Hoot ’40, June 2002
Albert Neri ’41, July 2002
Lloyd S. Rogers ’41M (MD), June 2001
Raymond A. Russell ’41M (Mas), ’51M (PhD), May 2002
Arthur J. Drucker ’42, May 2002
Miriam Tabor Standen ’42E, May 2002
Thoedore J. Altier ’43, June 2002
Barbara Balcom Covert ’43, June 2002
Arthur P. Darling ’43M (MD), December 2000
David D. Robinson ’43, November 2001
Agnes Lin Sze ’43, June 2002
M. Arline Camassar Schoenberg ’45E, ’47E (Mas), June 2002
Frances Lesniak Ewing ’47, May 2002
Dominic F. Bronte ’48, January 2002
William A. Greene ’48M (Res), December 2000
John J. Callahan Jr. ’51, January 2002
Stanley D. Petrulis ’51E, March 2002
Paul W. Taylor Jr. ’51M (Mas), ’53M (MD), October 2000
Samuel G. Zizzo ’51 (Mas), December 1998
Josephine Miceli Deni ’53, June 2002
Bernard F. Hochheimer ’53 (Mas), May 2002
Adam R. Miller ’54, ’62 (PhD), June 2002
Ronald D. Ash ’57, April 2002
Joan Croft Heldtmann ’59, June 2002
Donald G. Bushman ’61 (Mas), June 2002
Thomas P. Fenton ’62S (MS), October 2001
Henry F. Stoltmann ’62M (Res), July 2002
Elliott K. Wilk ’63, July 2002
Albert D. Insley ’64N (Mas), May 2002
Harvey D. Preisler ’65M (MD), May 2002
Louis F. Paradysz Jr. ’66 (MS), June 1997
Edna Prinzing Hudson ’67, April 2002
Daniel G. Buersmeyer ’67, October 2001
Zane Olukalns ’70, June 2001
Gwendolyn Veron McKenzie ’77, July 2002
Richard C. Wuerz ’87M (MD), October 2000
Joseph DiFede ’98 (MA), June 2002


Contrary to the report published in the Fall 2002 issue of Rochester Review, Doris Greeno Jones ’43, ’44 is alive and well. We regret the error.


George Berg, professor emeritus of environmental medicine at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, died August 2.
Along with his wife, Berg was a leader of the Rochester Committee of Scientific Information and active in the environmental movement in the Rochester area.
Donations may be made to the Center for Environmental Information, 55 St. Paul St., Rochester, N.Y. 14604.

Morton Kaplon ’51 (PhD), a former chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, died July 4. He was 81.
Kaplon was internationally known for his discoveries in cosmic radiation, elementary particles, and ultrahigh energy interactions. While still a graduate student, he codiscovered the "R-Star" (Rochester Star), which provided the first clear evidence of the production of a large number of mesons in nuclear collisions at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere.
Contributions are being accepted at the Salvation Army.


Walter Fallon, former CEO of Eastman Kodak and longtime member of the University’s Board of Trustees, died July 24. He was 84.
Fallon was elected to the board in 1973. He became a senior trustee in 1989 and a life trustee in 1994. As CEO of Kodak for 11 years, Fallon was credited with leading the company during a period of strong revenue and profit growth.
Memorial gifts may be made to neurology research at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Joseph E. Morrissey ’32, a life trustee who was first elected to the board in 1961, died April 7. He was 90.
A Phi Beta Kappa graduate and a member of Theta Chi fraternity, Morrissey was appointed an honorary trustee in 1969 and a life trustee in 1985.
A longtime employee of the B. Forman Company in Rochester, he started at the company in 1932 as a merchandise trainee and retired in 1975 as CEO.
Contributions may be made to the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 451 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14620.

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