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Green Campus

tree with pink flower petals at the base.

Our campus grows greener every day.

Sustainable Features Map

Explore sustainable features located across the University of Rochester campuses on this interactive map, including hydration stations, outdoor recycling containers, bike racks and more!


It's not just what you eat, but how far the food travels that matters at the Rochester. More than 10 eateries—from a full-service restaurant to our sushi bar and pizza place—provide food that is not only fresh and tasty, but, whenever possible, locally grown. In recognition of Dining Service's commitment to buying locally, the University was named the first college member of the Pride of New York program. Read more...

Residential Life

EcoReps educate the students in their halls on environmental issues like waste reduction and energy conservation by planning dorm activities and events. Read more...

Green Space
Green Space is special interest housing available to students who want to live green. Located on the first floor of Burton dormitory, GreenSpace houses 17 students in a mix of singles and doubles and is open to nonresidents too. GreenSpace is designed as an incubator for green living ideas ; its members launch initiatives that spread awareness and decrease environmental impact. For information on GreenSpace contact Ann Breed at

Green Living
Residential Life has long been at the forefront of promoting green campus living at the University of Rochester. ResLife was first to begin conversion to CFLs and employs energy saving lighting systems throughout its halls. Showers have been retrofitted, dripless faucets installed , water fountains are equipped with bottle refill spouts, and front loading washers are in place to foster water conservation. Reuse and recycling programs collect and process old furnishings, electronics, materials and metals. For more information on UR green living contact Randy Poole at

Sustainable Campus Facilities

From parking and transportation, to heating and cooling, to building construction and renovation: University Facilities has made environmental sustainability a guiding principle in its work and activities across our campuses. Read more...