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A key mission of URnano is to provide University of Rochester faculty and researchers with access to nanofabrication tools, and to train current and future generations of technologists.

For faculty and researchers we offer:

Trained and qualified users will find that URnano not only offers a unique set of tools for lithography, deposition, etch, and characterization, but is dedicated to maintaining and calibrating those tools to maximize uptime. Special emphasis is given to understanding the fundamental properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures.

For students we offer:

To learn more, contact us:

Nicholas P. Bigelow, Director
(585) 275-4344

Brian McIntyre, Director of Operations
(585) 275-3058

Alex Mann, Laboratory Technician
(585) 275-2471

Sondra L. Anderson, Assistant Chair of Physics and Astronomy
(585) 275-4352