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educDirector of the UR Nano N. Bigelow, S.G. Lukishova (The Institute of Optics) and P. D’Alessandris (Monroe Community College) were awarded a National Science Foundation grant for the project  “NUE:  Development of Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education Program at the University of Rochester Integrated Nanosystems Center.”

The primary goals of this project are:

In collaboration with MCC  we are developing  reproducible hands-on experiments for both lower-division, general-education and STEM-major MCC students that can be carried out at community colleges. STEM major MCC students carried out  an additional nanometrology lab at the UR.  MCC students participate in URNano facility tours and labs including the class 1000 cleanroom (~2,500 sq. feet).  See more details on this collaboration.

 A separate program is created for the UR undergraduate students specializing in different areas of nanotechnology, with a Certificate in Nanoengineering and Nanoscience being issued upon program completion. To complete this program, students have to pass through the new Nanometrology Laboratory course, two other courses which are already offered at the UR, and either a research or design project involving an industrial partner. See more details on the Certificate Program.