Experimental Drug Boosts HIV Therapy’s Effectiveness

An experimental compound boosts the effectiveness of HIV drugs so they may only have to be taken once or twice a year. The developers say the drug, which is not a cure, could make compliance with HIV treatment easier.

The virus that causes AIDS has a number of ways to survive in human cells despite treatment.

One mechanism involves disarming a biological process known as autophagy. Under normal circumstances, autophagy allows cells to sweep away debris, including viruses; but, by suppressing this function, HIV is able to keep on infecting white blood cells, eventually leading to a breakdown of the protective immune system.


Adarza BioSystems Closes on $17 Million Series C Financing

Adarza BioSystems, Inc., a leading next generation innovator in label-free, multiplex assays, announced today that it has closed a $17M Series C financing.

Proceeds from the financing will be used to further expand production capacity in its St. Peters, Mo. manufacturing facility and fund final development and commercialization of Adarza’s first immunoassay product consumable and instrument platform.

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