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Welcome to UCIS!

The primary mission of UCIS is to encourage and facilitate interactions on scholarly topics cutting across traditional boundaries between departments and schools. UCIS clusters should exploit pre-existing and new centers of excellence within the University to develop new areas of scholarship.

UCIS has enriched University activities in both the sciences and humanities for over 25 years. The Provost now funds 21 UCIS clusters in the sciences and humanities with a remarkable range of activities throughout the year (see links).

Clusters submit annual reports that are assessed each year by a standing steering committee. Criteria for successful clusters include the following:

Please contact us if you have an idea for a new cluster.

Jeff Hayes—UCIS Chair Joan Shelley Rubin—UCIS Chair
Biochemistry and Biophysics History College
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Guidelines for Submitting Your Annual UCIS Cluster Report

Guidelines for Proposing a UCIS Cluster