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1098-T Statements for 2020

The 1098-T tuition tax statements are now available in UR Student for Calendar Year 2020.  All students may view/print their 1098-T by selecting the “Finances” icon and then clicking the 1098-T “View” or “Print” options that appear. Students may also find these options by typing “1098-T” in the search bar in UR Student (students may need to then select “More” for the 1098-T options to be visible).  Paper 1098-T statements will be postmarked and mailed by January 31st to those students who did not opt in for e-delivery. For more information, click here.


How Students Grant Third Parties Access and Make Payments in UR Student

Access for Others

UR Student allows students to authorize friends, family, or other third parties access to the system. Currently the access allows a combination of any one, two, or all three of the following:

  • Make a Payment via ACH /direct debit payment from a checking or savings account.
  • View Account Activity. This provides up-to-the-minute transaction level detail.
  • View Student Statement. Generate a snapshot in time PDF or printout of the activity on a student’s account for an academic period / semester you select.

The student has full control of who has access to the above items and may grant or rescind access at any time directly in UR Student. Once the process to grant access is completed by the student the third party will receive a link and other information by email. The third party will then need to complete a very brief confirmation process to finalize their access. Note: Students should notify in advance anyone they plan to authorize so that those family members and friends know what to expect and the authorization email isn’t lost or discarded. Step-by-step instructions on how to add a 3rd party delegate are available.

Making Payments and Getting Direct Deposit Refunds in UR Student

UR Student enables you to save banking information so that you can:

  • Make payments through UR Student
  • Receive refunds via Direct Deposit

Note that this is available only for checking or savings accounts at US-based banks and does not include credit cards. Third parties who have been granted access to make payment on behalf of a student and who have completed the authorization process may also complete this task (but only to make payment; Direct Deposit refunds aren’t available to third parties at this time). Banking information is not visible or otherwise shared between students and authorized third parties.

What you’ll need: the routing number, account number, and account type (checking or savings) of the account you will be using.

Please note that after you’ve entered your banking information and clicked OK you must check your Inbox in UR Student and complete an electronic authorization form. You won’t be able to make payment using the account information you entered until the authorization form is completed in UR Student.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up payment elections are available.




Can I change my payment plan?

Payment plans work a bit differently in UR Student. If you’re paying in full you don’t need to let us know, you just need to make your payment before the Due Date every semester. To pay your balance in installments you’ll need to enroll in a payment plan in UR Student. The payment plan selection no longer remains in effect from semester to semester; you need to complete the simple UR Student enrollment process each semester you want to pay in installments.

Fall – Payment plan enrollment begins when Fall charges appear on your UR Student account and ends on October 10th.

Spring – Payment plan enrollment begins when Spring charges appear on your UR Student account and ends on March 10th.



I’m an international student and last year my due date for Spring was February 10th.  Why is the due date January 10th this year?

While the due date is January 10th, as an international student, you will not be charged a late fee in January if payment is not received by that date.  Please be sure you remit payment by February 10th to avoid future late fees.



Why do I have a “financial hold” on my account?

A financial hold is placed on any account with a past due amount of $100.00 or more. Until cleared by the Bursar’s Office, a financial hold prevents:

  • Registration
  • Transcript release
  • Housing lottery participation
  • Diploma release

Past due balances must be resolved immediately. Contact the Bursar’s Office now to avoid further collection activity.



Why do I have health insurance on my bill? I’m already covered by a health insurance policy, and don’t want to pay for this.  

For answers to this question and any others related to health fees, please visit the University Health Service website.

What is the Comprehensive Fee?

For undergraduate students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering, the Comprehensive fee represents services to students that include health care, transportation and the use of a campus mailbox.  This is a mandatory fee for full-time students.

For Eastman students, the Comprehensive Fee supports student technology, activities, accompanying, instrument maintenance, practice spaces, recording, and resources for collaborative music making both in facility and virtually.  It is a mandatory fee charged to all students taking 3 or more credit hours per semester, whether studying on campus or remotely.



I don’t want to borrow the loan that is listed on my bill. What should I do?

Notify the Financial Aid Office of your decision by e-mailing your Financial Aid Counselor.  If you change your mind later, a Federal Direct loan can usually be reinstated through the end of April of the academic year. Federal Nursing, and University loans are subject to availability of funds and sometimes cannot be reinstated at a later date.



When will I receive the first bill for the spring semester?

Charges for the spring semester have been assessed for all full-time undergraduate students and all other students enrolled in courses for spring 2021.  Students receive email notification to view the student account 25 and 14 days before charges are due.  Be sure to review your charges carefully and to contact the Bursar’s Office if you feel any charges are missing or charged in error.  Student account activity is updated in real-time, however, please allow 24 hours for some updates including financial aid disbursements and changes.

How do I view and pay my statement?

To submit payment via wire transfer, visit Flywire. Please have your 8-digit University of Rochester ID number available.  Note:  the University of Rochester cannot accept direct wire payments.  All wire payments must be submitted via Flywire.

Use this quick reference card to view steps on How to View a Bill, View Financial Aid and Pay a Bill.

To submit payments to the University via U.S. mail, including 529 plan payments and scholarship checks, send to:

University of Rochester
Bursar’s Office
330 Meliora Hall
PO Box 270037
Rochester NY 14627

 The anticipated credit amount for the Federal Direct loan is slightly less than I thought I was borrowing. Why is that?

An origination fee is paid to the Federal government for your Federal Direct loan. The amount shown on your bill reflects the net amount anticipated to be disbursed to your account.

 Why isn’t work study anticipated on the bill?

Students receive work study in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck. It is not credited directly to the student’s bill. For information on how to find a job on campus, visit Student Employment.


The Bursar’s Office is responsible for student billing and cashiering operations. Questions or comments regarding this site? Contact the Bursar’s Office .

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