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International Payments

The University of Rochester has partnered with Flywire to provide our international students with an easy and secure method to send international payments in your home currency.

Before you begin to submit your payment via Flywire we recommend having the following information ready:

  • 8-Digit UR Student ID Number
  • Amount in US dollars you wish to pay to the University of Rochester (check UR Student for your most up to date balance)
  • Information about the account you are paying from (account number, bank, etc.)

It is very important that the correct 8-Digit UR Student ID Number is entered in Flywire. If that information is incorrect we cannot credit the payment to your account. The funds would be returned to you and your payment may be considered late.

Start your payment on UR’s Flywire portal.

Flywire allows you to:

  • Pay from almost any country and any bank
  • Avoid unexpected bank fees and ensure the best exchange rate with Flywire’s Best Price Guarantee
  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Access dedicated multilingual customer support

Watch a video tutorial in English or Mandarin to see exactly how the process works, or visit for additional information.

The University of Rochester cannot accept direct wire payments. All payments from international sources must be done through Flywire.

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