University of Rochester Student Advocates

Founded 2014

Statement of Purpose

The University of Rochester Student Advocates (URSA) aim to support students during the judicial process and to foster understanding of the judicial process by increasing student awareness and involvement. Student advocates will support students throughout the entirety of the judicial process, from informing students of their rights during the various stages of the judicial process, counseling students, preparing with students before hearings, serving as the student’s adviser during the hearing, and assisting students with the appeal process if necessary. By fulfilling their mission, Student Advocates will create a stronger, more inclusive University community and make our campus ever better.

Code of Ethics

  1. No Student Advocate shall willfully misrepresent information nor instruct another student to do so.
  2. Student Advocates will not discriminate against anyone based on their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, academic standing, political views or affiliations, or for any other reason.
  3. Student Advocates shall remain completely and entirely confidential as relevant to judicial cases.
  4. No Student Advocate will violate any school regulation in their capacity as a Student Advocate.
  5. No Student Advocate shall willfully mislead another student or member of faculty.
  6. No Student Advocate shall accept a case where a conflict of interest or extenuating circumstance will inhibit their ability to adequately perform their duties in relevance to a case.
  7. Student Advocates will execute their duties relevant to each case to the best of their abilities.

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